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Gunnery Sergeant Richard Wayne

Name Richard Timothy Wayne

Position Platoon Sergeant

Rank Gunnery Sergeant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 39

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2
Weight 213lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color brown
Physical Description Richard is poster boy for the military. He was blessed with great genes that granted him his good looks and crazy fast metabolism that most envy. He works hard to maintain his physical, mental, and skill sets ready for anything.


Father Charles Wayne
Mother Barbra Wayne

Personality & Traits

General Overview Richard is a very straight forward person. He wears his emotions on his sleeve and is not a hard one to read. He lives by a simple code that guides his life. Work hard, Respect Others, Be better. Those three pillars are what drive his everyday life
Strengths & Weaknesses +By living by his code he becomes a natural leader to those around him. As he pushes himself he pushed those around him
+He is in peak physical and mental shape due to a combination of great genes and hard work

-Some times his drive can boarder line on obsession
-He is very hands on and sometimes lacks the ability to step back and see the bigger picture.
Ambitions His ambitions is simple be better then he was yesterday. He does not want rank, fame, or power. He just wants to make himself and those around him better then the where.
Hobbies & Interests Reads philosophy, listens to heavy music while working out, he has a very thirsty competitive spirit and will make almost anything a competition.

Personal History Richard was born in 2123 outside of Chicago in a small farming town. He was raised on the family farm where taking care of the crops and animals was the name of the game. From a very early age Richard started helping his father with the daily chores that would start at sunup and go till sunset.

Richard learned his first pillar of his code- Work Hard from his father. If they didn’t work hard every day the farm could fall apart. The family and the community relied on them to work hard each and every day. This was just the way he was raised to think.

Barbra was the one that instilled – Respect others. While the world had united quite a bit since First Contact there where still evil people and not all the hate that had filled people’s hearts where extinguished. She made sure Richard was raised to Respect others and earn the respect of others through his actions.

Be Better was something that came to Richard in High School through Coach Bear. He was gifted with great athletic ability naturally and through out his schooling years he never had to try hard to do well in sports. He figured Sports was fun and not work. That all changed when Coach Bear got ahold of him. Coach say the untouched potential inside him and pushed and pushed to the breaking point to get Richard to truly apply himself. When he did, he found he was not just good but, in some cases, great at sports and that fueled his competitive nature.

After school was over Richard went back to the help on the farm full time. He liked the long days and hard work but he really lacked being pushed each day to be better. That had become some much a part of his life that working the farm felt like groundhog day every day. Two years out of school Richard and some friends made a trip into Chicago for the day. While there he ran across a MACO recruiting office they went in and with very little selling they enlisted and shipped off to boot camp.

Once on the ground at boot camp his drive, determination, and natural athletic talent took over and Richard excelled. After boot camp was over and he had to choose his MOS he decided to go into the Corrections field. Something about it called out to him.
His First assignment was Fort Leavenworth. What Richard found was out of his three pillars to his life code, Respect Others, is the one that served him the most while inside. Many Correctional Officers see the Offenders as scum of the earth and treat them as such. Richard found that starting off with they where people first and foremost and treated them as such was way more effective. He was seen as ‘soft’ by the corrupt officers but over time those that worked with him adopted his style and method and the powers that be saw this and encouraged him in the more leadership role.

Living by his code was what put him in position for promotion. While he had no real desire to make a certain rank, he did feel that as he moved up the ladder, he was given more responsibility and able to be better each day. As the Xindi conflict broke out Richard got his first real taste of space as he was promoted as a squad leader and assigned to the USS Avenger NX-09. He enjoyed this a lot and really enjoyed the exploration side of things.

As the Romulan War broke out he was transferred to SB-6 to work in the brig. He again continued to let the leadership side of him start to grow and manifest more and more. When the Romulans made a direct assault on the base he was moved to lead a front-line defense squad. After a long bloody battle, they were able to repel the attack and remain in control of the base.

For his heroics in the battle and his service record in general he was promoted again and this time assigned to the USS Artemis as the Platoon Sergeant.
Service Record 2143- Enlisted MACO bootcamp/AIT
2145- Camp Leavenworth- Correction Officer
2153- USS Avenger NX-09- Squad Leader
2156- SB6- Squad leader- Brig unit
2162- USS Artemis NX-14, Platoon Sergeant.