Episode 1 - The Hunt Begins

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Rear Admiral Declan Ford arrives at Starbase 104 and finds the Artemis in dock and without a crew. He quickly assembles the best of the best in their fields. This starts with the command team of Captain Marc Kidd and XO Kayleigh Harper. The trio must act quickly and assemble the rest of the crew, for every moment they are in dock, is another moment that attacks on the Federation are executed.

The Artemis' crew comes aboard and gets to know each other in this the Pilot episode of SCIU: Artemis.

Start Date Thu May 28th, 2020 @ 4:48am

Mission Posts

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Title Timeline Location
Listen to your heart
by Ensign Reyna Vaquera & Ensign Thomas Rivera
MD002 1800 hrs Bunk Bed Area
Paths Cross Again
by Captain Marc Kidd & Gunnery Sergeant Richard Wayne
MD001- 1300 hrs Captain's Ready Room - Deck 1 - Artemis NX-14
Mind Games
by Commander Kayleigh Harper & Lieutenant Logan Burnett
MD001 1200 hrs Mess Hall
Meeting the captain
by Captain Marc Kidd & Lieutenant Logan Burnett
MD001 1100 hrs Ready room
The unpleasant things
by Ensign Thomas Rivera & Lieutenant Logan Burnett
MD001 0900 hrs Sickbay
Arrival with a smile
by Ensign Sophia Tremane
MD001 0900 USS Artemis
by Rear Admiral Declan Ford & Captain Marc Kidd & Commander Kayleigh Harper
MD001 0830 hrs Admiral's Office - Deep Sapce 04
What a Beauty
by Commander Kayleigh Harper & Lieutenant Logan Burnett
MD001 0800 hrs Airlock 1
Respect is earned- Backstory
by Gunnery Sergeant Richard Wayne
MD000 May 2 2161- 1400hrs Brig- SB6

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