Episode 2 - Patriot Games

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While en route to Andorra with the Federation President, Starfleet Commander Ray Trapp dies of an apparent stroke after having lunch with the President. Despite the efforts of the President's personal medical team the Commander dies. The Artemis intercepts the President's ship half way to Andorra. Trapp was tasked with keeping the defense codes to Earth's planetary defense systems. He was to stay at the President's side during the trip. The crew of the Artemis must investigate this mysterious death with an apparent link to an assassination attempt on the President, all before the assassin strikes again.

Start Date Wed Nov 11th, 2020 @ 5:56am

Mission Posts

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Title Timeline Location
Looking her up
by Ensign Arabella Sandoval & Ensign Carter Jensen
MD001 1700 hrs Mess Hall
by Captain Marc Kidd & Commander Kayleigh Harper
MD001 0800 hrs Ready Room
Working The Problem
by Captain Marc Kidd
MD001 0330 hrs Captain's Quarters - Deck 5

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