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The unpleasant things

Posted on Fri Jul 24th, 2020 @ 7:24pm by Ensign Thomas Rivera & Lieutenant Logan Burnett
Edited on on Fri Jul 24th, 2020 @ 7:25pm

Mission: Episode 1 - The Hunt Begins
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: MD001 0900 hrs
907 words - 1.8 OF Standard Post Measure

"Hello Doctor, just stopping by for my physical check in." Thomas said, as he walked into Sickbay. He had a data pad in hand. On it was his service file, and his medical file. Deep in Thomas thoughts, was why did going to sickbay, make him feel very unpleasant?

“Thank you,” Logan replied with a smile. He wasn’t a stick in the mud doctor, who came across all serious and made his patients nervous. He took the padd and started looking it over. “Anything you want to tell me.” He said when he was finished. “That might not be on here?”

"Never felt better, just sign my papers, and I will get out of your hair." Thomas said, with a big nervous grin on his face. He hated going to sickbay. They always wanted to poke and prod ya, and for what? To find out your healthy.

“It doesn’t work that way,” Logan shook his head. “I need to run some scans and tests. Have a seat up here.” He pointed to the exam bed. “And you will be on your way in no time.”

"Really?" Thomas replied, as he hoped up on the bio bed, a little relunctant. He knew that he had no choice, but to comply.

Logan shook his head. “What’s the issue anyway? Tell me one thing about a physical that is painful or difficult compared to early medicine?”

"The physical headches you get from the psychological effects, to name one." Thomas pointed out to him, with a big grin on his face. He meant that more to be funny, than factual.

Logan ran his reply through his head a couple times and then grinned. “It would help to eliminate that to just get it done with instead of giving yourself a headache by unwarranted concern.”

"What are you suggesting doc? Rrun a scan of my brain, for a little headache?" Thomas asked, as little surprised by his response. He hoped this doctor was not over reacting.

"Not at all," Logan replied with a frown. "I simply meant it's better to get a physical over with than give yourself a headache stressing over it is all." He shook his head as he continued his examination. "I don't believe in unnecessary testing."

"You must be the first doctor in Starfleet that feels that way." Thomas suggested, with a grin on his face. He meant that to be comical, and not taken seriously.

Logan laughed at his reply. "Aren't you the lucky one then? I am the mad doctor in the fleet." He liked Thomas' sense of humor. He ran another scan and waited for his reply.

"The mad doctor, nice!" Thomas said, as he cracked out a smile on his face. The man was clearly comical, which he appreciated.

“Someone needs to lay claim to it,” Logan said with a smile. “I am a bit of a rebel, I tend to smile and try to put my patients at ease rather than be all serious about everything.

"Being a mad doctor, would have the opposite affect, would it not?" Thomas said, he was teasing. Picking on him a little bit, for calling himself a rebel.

"You're right," Logan grinned. "Maybe I should change that to the Rebel Doctor. I don't conform to the standard staid and boring physician. What do you think?"

"Depends, what do you hope to accomplish with this rebel doctor persona you are trying to convey." Thomas asked. "Are you trying to win over the ladies, with having a rebel bad boy image?" Thomas asked, curious to hear, why he wanted to do this?

“My goal is to not breed the fear of a medical exam into them,” Logan explained. “Everyone looks at the doctor like he has two heads in fear they may have to have a physical.”

"Sometimes though, its good to have a little fear. We need fear to live." Thomas pointed out to him. Fear in itself was not a bad thing. Caving into your fear, and allowing it to cripple you, was a bad thing.

“So your saying I need to put the fear into you all then,” Logan grinned. “Make you all drag your feet all the way here.”

"Yes we need fear, we need pain we need to feel that pain. It's who we are, its what defines us." Thomas said, hoping Logan understood.

Logan thought for a moment and shook his head. “I have looked at this all wrong, I will give in to the expectations of the crew and be the most dreaded department on board.

"Well this has been an interesting talk, but I have to go soon. Do you need anything else from me Doc?" Thomas asked, with a smile on his face. He saw his opening to leave, and he was going to try to take it.

“Not at all,” Logan said with a laugh. “You passed your physical and I learned a lot, it is a win win for us.”

"If nothing else, I will take my leave." Thomas said, as he ready to get out of sickbay as fast as he could.

A joint post by;

Lieutenant Logan Burnett
Chief Medical Officer, Artemis
Starfleet Criminal Investigations Unit

Ensign Thomas Rivera
Assistant Chief Control Flight Officer, Artemis
Starfleet Criminal Investigations Unit


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