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Holodeck Mystery Part I

Posted on Tue Jun 25th, 2024 @ 1:50am by Lieutenant Commander Faith Benson & Ensign Nala Rider
Edited on on Tue Jun 25th, 2024 @ 8:28pm

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Mission: The Sins of History
Location: Holodeck 3 - Deck 5 - USS Artemis
Timeline: MD003 2000 hrs

Nala nervously fiddled with her outfit, a royal blue sparkle number that was cut in the 20s style for a mystery adventure with Lt. Commander Faith Benson.

Nala had asked Lieutenant Commander Benson to come for a holodeck fun time as she'd heard from a little birdie the Commander was into mysteries.

Given that Faith hadn't really been given any information about why. She didn't bother to change into something more immersive, still in her uniform. She stopped to look at the holodeck panel outside of the doors. Checking it was the right one, raising an eyebrow at the name of it. Nala was in there, so, Faith stepped inside and looked around.

Nala turned at the sound of the doors opening, and grinned.

"Hi Commander Benson! Glad you could come!" Nala held her hand out, not quite sure how informal or formal she should be in this case.

"Well hi there," Faith smiled, taking the hand and shaking it. "So, what are we getting into, Nala?"

"Well, I thought a little 'who dun it' from the 20's would be fun...only problem's I don't know what the computer picked, I just told it to pick a mystery," Nala hunkered down a little bit, worried Faith wouldn't want to play without knowing the end game.

"20's huh? I'm going to assume the 1920s, since that's pretty popular among the fleet. Given the Enterprise's problems with their holodecks and Admiral Picard's Dixon Hill program specifically." Faith smiled, "Now wear. You know what, I think it would depend on the role we're going to play."

"Oh...that don't sound good. Well...we're the detectives...and I am absolutely clueless as to the female detectives of that time period...if there were any at all. All that keeps sticking in my head are Nancy Drew and Jessica Fletcher... neither of which were in the 20s. [Shoot! Can't you even...aaaa! Don't do that to yourself!]" Nala chided herself for chiding herself.

"I was thinking of a 'who killed the scientist who was about to have a breakthrough of a something'?" Nala stuttered a little.

"Okay, that could be fun. There really weren't many at all, and the ones that were, were fictional most of the time. However, there were some that usually were helping behind the scenes. But....a handful," Faith smiled. "Could always play around with Jack the Ripper copy cat, 20's London. Or...was it a copy cat?"

"What do you mean...'Or was it a copy cat'?" Nala gulped a little...then laughed.

"What about a mix of both?" Nala asked curiously.

"Well the real one started in 1888, so 1920s, so 30 years isn't impossible for it to have been the real one still." Faith smiled lightly again, moving to bring up 20's clothes to look at. "Both could be interesting."

"Ah...that makes sense. Ok. This is going to be so fun!" Nala was getting excited again!

Nala hit a few buttons, and the Holodeck morphed into a smoky lounge.

"Whoa..COOL!" Nala's eye's grew round at the scene around her.

Faith crinched her nose a little bit, "Not so much if I turned the authentic smells on."

"Opsi! Computer, dial back on the smells please," Nala asked.

"Unable to comply, please restate the request," The computer answered. Nala hit her head.

"Make the cigar smoke go away!" Nala said slowly, spacing out each word to ensure the computer got it.

"Acknowledged," The smoke disappeared. Nala took a deep breath.

"Sorry about that," Nala said sheepishly.

"Well good evening, ladies! What'll you have?" The bartender asked.

"Faith?" Nala invited the Lt. to go first.

Faith tilted her head and gave a curious look, "Well I specifically put not to have those... and um... I'm not sure why the computer isn't responding." Giving a side glance to the bartender. Turning around and calling for the arch.

"Unable to comply during program," The computer responded.

"Um...what does that mean?" Nala asked...worry creeping into her voice.

"It means...we have a mystery on our hands and we're stuck at the moment," Faith tried her comm badge, "Benson to Engineering."

"Unable to use communication badges during program," The Computer responded.

"Um...did did I do something when I made the smoke go away?" Nala asked, liking the situation less and less.

Nala walked back to the bar, suddenly experiencing a dry mouth.

"Twizzle Montelmet please," Nala asked.

"Coming right up, Rose," The bartender winked. Nala blushed.

" name's 'Rose' for this story, or is he just being sweet?" Nala asked Faith.

She shook her head, "I have no idea at this point. I think we've got a ghost in the machine."

"Terrific! As if this story wasn't scarry enough being a murder mystery!" Nala huffed angrily, shivering as if she could feel said ghost breathing down her neck!

"Here ya go, My Rose," The bartender smiled as he set a glass of peach colored liquid on the bar.

"Ththanks," Nala sputtered, taking the cup and lifting it to her lips. Nala's eyes widened, and after making like she'd taken a sip, she carefully set the glass back on the bar.

"Faith? We've got a teeny tiny problem...that drink he gave me's poisoned!" Nala whispered, trying to keep her fear under control.

To Be Continued...

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