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Checking In

Posted on Wed Jun 12th, 2024 @ 2:29pm by Lieutenant Christopher Blake & Lieutenant Siadra Molaur
Edited on on Wed Jun 12th, 2024 @ 8:31pm

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Mission: The Sins of History
Location: Bridge - Deck 3 - USS Artemis
Timeline: MD007 1500 hrs

After the briefing, Siadra immediately made her way to the bridge in hopes to see Chris there. She had the transponder code that they would need to find Vamcet. She at first was unaware of something happened to the ship until she caught a scent of something, like the ship had been caught in a battle. Could she be wrong? She didn't think she was wrong. However a lead in could help out.

"Hi Lieuitenant Blake, I've got a code for you to help track down Vamcet, also did something happen while I and the away team was gone?"

Chris was still coming down from the high of the dog fight when Siadra approached him. He let out a breath and nodded as he accepted the code from her. "Just a scuffle with some Cardassians who wanted the target as well."

Chris frowned. If there was a code to track him, that meant they didn't have him. "Take it there were problems down below too." He punched in the code to his console and it began to calculate the bearing so he could identify a decent route.

"There was definitely some trouble. I had left to follow a person of interest to a nearby diner, the one I put this tracker on. When I got back to the bar where the others were at, there was a fight going on, guns ablazing, Abe had shown up just in time to help us out, only to get shot and the same for Griffin. Abe.... Abe will be transfered to another ship to be taken to a medical facility and the same for Griffin." she drew in a shaky breath, not wanting to break down in tears on the bridge. "Abe and I- make that Abe and Keema er Molaur.. knew each other for a long time. We had reconnected when I joined the ship and now though, it has been abruptly broken." feeling herself start to become angry, it was a mixed bag of emotions she was feeling.

"Sorry to hear that about your friends." Chris was new to the ship and aside from Kaida he didn't really know anyone else here. But he was all too familiar with loss. "Don't worry, we'll find the target and get them back."

Siadra gave a brief nod of acknowledgement. "Thank you." a thought had come to her mind, remembering something. "How have things been for you since our er odd first meeting." What Siadra was refering to was when he caught her singing and dancing in the shuttle bay.

Chris thought back for a moment and then nodded. "Yeah, things have... calmed." He let the computer begin processing the tracker information as he turned to Siadra. "I think I'm getting more comfortable here. Still can't sing and dance as well as you though."

Siadra chuckled warmly, "You must have thought me daft when I did that. Just that the acoustics were so lovely there..." she stopped, " And there I go on a tangent again, wait, you have been learning to sing and dance?" looking rather intrigued at that very thought.

"Oh, not at all." Chris chuckled in spite of himself. "I haven't danced since my wedding night." He bit his tongue as soon as the words were out of his mouth. Too much. Too much. "That... was a lifetime ago." A lifetime, a crash, and a set of papers ago really.

Siadra had a smile then it faded away. "I am sorry if I brought up a painful memory. As it is.. I am more careful of where I dance now." then giving a wink. "I save the old soft shoe for my quarters." she turned towards the front of the bridge. " I really hope we find Vamcet and bring him to justice."

Chris was about to speak up when the console beep. "We've got a trace." He said as he turned his focus to the console. "Course laid in."

"Thank you." Sierra replied. "I probably should get going, and change out of this outfit. I am feeling a bit grimy. And maybe a bit ripe." Giving an apologetic smile.

"Thank you for the tracker. Let's get this guy." Chris said with a smile as she began to walk away.

"Indeed we shall" Siadra looking back towards Chris giving a thumbs up, before she stepped into the turbolift.

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Lieutenant Siadra Molaur
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Starfleet Criminal Investigations Unit

Lieutenant Christopher Blake
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Starfleet Criminal Investigations Unit


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