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Saying Goodbye

Posted on Tue Jul 2nd, 2024 @ 1:55am by Lieutenant Siadra Molaur & Lieutenant Commander Viessa Kenobi
Edited on on Tue Jul 2nd, 2024 @ 9:04pm

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Mission: The Sins of History
Location: Sick Bay - Deck 9 - USS Artemis
Timeline: MD008 1700 hrs

Siadra made her way to Medical, after giving Lieutenant Blake the transponder code. She looked around for Viessa, feeling an urgency in her heart. "Viessa, would it be alright for me to see Abe and Griffin?" she called out.

Viessa looked up from her desk, her console hadn't moved in over 20 minutes and she had just been staring at it endlessly. She had lost people before, people she loved, people she didn't particularly care for but this was different. Abe and Griffin were just in stasis, in between life and death, in limbo.

Things with Abe had taken an upturn before this happened, now he was suspended in time.

"Sure." Viessa replied absentmindedly. "Won't make much difference to them..." she gestured to Siadra so she could get by.

Viessa led Siadra to another room where the boys were in pods. They looked restful, just sleeping but in truth their injuries kept them close to death.

"Thought I'd ask before just marching on in here." Siadra taking a look at the two men there, stifling a gasp when she saw them, she stepped forward and placed her hand upon Abe's pod, "oh Abe...." was all that she could muster, bowing her head.

"No, no... I appreciate you asking." Viessa said softly. "I don't know why its affected me so much this time but two people I can't help has, and Abe... well, it's not just not right."

Siadra turned to face Viessa, "It isn't right, for what happened. I barely got to reconnect with Abe and now... this. And from what I am thinking, you and Abe were on the path of becoming close."

"We were starting something, had a nice dinner in his quarters. He had so much going on in that head of his that I so wanted to find out." Viessa sighed as her eyes watered slightly. "Life is far too fragile to wait, and sometimes as an El Aurian I forget that for some, there isn't all the time in the universe."

Siadra gave a solemn nod, putting an arm around Viessa's waist. "I agree with you there, and I had hoped to engage in some fun discussions with him as well." she breathed out a sigh. "Too much can happen, in such a short amount of time." she looked at Viessa, "Abe certainly loved to read. How much was he able to share with you about himself?"

"He found command challenging and exciting, different from being in a lab." Viessa said. "His face lit up when he told me that when we shared our first lunch together. He wished he'd had offspring, which I have found that Human males can sometimes find it difficult to admit. He is a sweet man, an intelligent man and I was looking forward to getting to see what made him tick."

"You certainly got a quite a bit out of him, in such a short amount of time." giving Viessa a squeeze, "Something like this certainly makes as person realize that we don't have all the time in the world, even if some of us are more long lived than others. Keema met Abe just before he went into academy, then saw him during it off and on before she had to move. Keema had a nickname for him, it was Archimedes. As he certainly loved to study. He also called me Clotho, as one of the Fates."Siadra stopped "Once more I am prattling away, I am sorry."

"People open up to me." Viessa shrugged. "Both can be a gift and a curse." she nodded. "Why did he call you Clotho?" Viessa arched a brow for a moment as she thought.

"It is due to the fact I know how to weave cloth, much like the youngest of the goddesses in that triad. He thought it fitting, due to that skill. Archimedes loved to read the classics, I didn't mind that he called me that. I found it amusing, though I did tell him that I didn't control the fate of people." Siadra commented.

"Oh I know of the Fates." Viessa replied with a small smile. "I just didn't know you knew how to do that." she added before looking back at Abe. "It's times like this that I think all of us wish we could control fate... just a little." she sighed heavily. "But then again that's too much power for some to wield. No-one would want to be like the Q that's for sure.". It gave her a shiver just saying their name. Saying it too many times can conjure the beast.

Siadra's eyes drifted back towards where Abe lay in his induced repose. "At this time, yes I truly wish I could do that, control fate and just reverse time just a small bit where he isn't injured. And the same for Griffith," giving a woeful expression, "This is just so odd seeing them there, both having been so vibrant." then she gave a huff at where her mind was wandering turning her attention to Viessa.

"Good heavens I feel that I am in some way reciting a eulogy over the two men. however, if I can come back from a near death experience then those two can as well." giving a brilliant warm smile to Viessa and giving an embrace. "You were here for me, and it is the same for Abe you got him, them stabilized. I have hope for Abe even though he were hit by some unknown weapon, Abe will recover and reunite with his brother Thomas, at some point and it will not be a sad affair. I have faith that will happen." Siadra feeling a bit of confidence in her statement.

"I'll be sending on my medical files and some of the research I've started to do onto Starfleet Medical. The researchers there will have more time and resources to solve this far better than I can here." Viessa said thinking that when she set up Starfleet Medical all that time ago that the strong base she'd made would always stand the testament of time.

Siadra nodded quietly, "You definitely have things well in hand." she kissed her hand placing it on the pod that Abe was laying in, "Fair travels my friend, fair travels. Be safe and may you be healthy and strong once this is done. You must be well, and live." she turned to Viessa, "I'll take my leave and thank you for letting me see the two of them before you send them away." one more embrace before she turned to leave. "Lets have a visit sometime soon and you get to see my somewhat cluttered quarters." giving a bit of a laugh.

Viessa smiled. "Soon." she said simply as she watched Siadra leave the medical bay. Sighing Viessa turned to look at Abe and shook her head. "I'll see you again handsome." she finally let out a small smile. "I've got all the time in the universe." she added before placing her hand on the glass and then walking back towards her office.

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