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Posted on Tue Dec 8th, 2020 @ 2:49am by Captain Marc Kidd & Commander Kayleigh Harper
Edited on on Tue Dec 8th, 2020 @ 2:50am

Mission: Episode 2 - Patriot Games
Location: Ready Room
Timeline: MD001 0800 hrs
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The more Marc thought about it the more that he wondered why his ship was being sent it for this escort mission. They were at warp and safely en route to the rendezvous. He asked the XO to meet with him in an effort to see if she could shed some light on what the heck was going on. When she arrived he indicated the seat she should take and offered some coffee or something else.

Kayleigh did not know it, but she had the same thought as her new captain. A man that she was still unsure about. Especially after his earlier remarks. She was doing her best to let that go. "Commander Kayleigh Harper, reporting as ordered sir." Kayleigh said, as she stood at the position of attention. She was centered to his desk.

"Have a seat Commander, we have a lot to go over. Not the least of which is why the heck are we even on this mission. This ship is unlike any other out there in that we are not tasked with exploration or diplomatic missions. We investigate crimes and prosecute offenders. And yet here we are en route to a diplomatic mission. I wondered what you thought about it, and if you had anything that can shed some light on to the reasoning for our mission." Marc began, his reputation for being straight to the point proved to be true here.

"We still are a starfleet vessel, and my guess were probably the closet ship to the system." Kayleigh calmly pointed out to him. Keeping her feelings out of this. She could see his point, but he did ask her for alternate reasons. So she provided him one.

Marc was not one who wanted to be argumentative. However, he thought that bouncing ideas off the XO was the best way to come to some sort of consensus. "Do you think we are the closest to the Presidential caravan?" His voice trailed off as Marc's deductive reasoning took over. "Is it possible that they believe something is going to happen to the new President?"

Kayleigh was not sure if she was being tested. This seemed like a trick question to her. She paused for a moment, before responding. "As a general rule, I try not to speculate on things. The what if's of universe is vast and a dangerous slope to play in." Kayleigh pointed out to him.

She had a valid point Marc thought. However, he also believed that speculation was a big part of the job, and right now he had a need to come up with some sort of answer that made sense. "Hypothetically speaking what reason would they have to send the Artemis half way across the known galaxy for an escort mission. Something that is not in our mission profile. The only answer that I can come up with is that they are worried that something will happen. So they want us there ready to go."

"I think the best thing we can do, is place every safety precaution measure we have, to make sure we are ready as can be expected. Incase anything does arise." Kayleigh suggested to Marc. Even though she did not like to speculate, they could take extra steps to ensure the President's safety while on aboard the Artemis.

Marc nodded in agreement. "Agreed, it would just make things a lot easier if we knew what to prepare for."

"I can see to that personally, Captain." Kayleigh said, wanting to take some of the pressure off her captain. She may not like him yet, but that would not stop her, from following his orders. Or offering to assist him. She took an oath to serve him and Starfleet.

"Very well see what you can come up with." Marc responded. He wondered how long it would take for for the First Officer to warm up to him. Or more accurately how long it would take for him to recover from putting his foot in his mouth.

"Thank you Captain. I will endeavour to make this a top priority for me." Kayleigh pointed out to him. She wanted him to see, she could work with him.

"Very well Commander if there is nothing else. You are dismissed." Marc said with a smile.

"Thank you Captain." Kayleigh said, as snapped to the position of attention, and did a direct about face and left his office.

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