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Working The Problem

Posted on Wed Nov 11th, 2020 @ 8:59am by Captain Marc Kidd

Mission: Episode 2 - Patriot Games
Location: Captain's Quarters - Deck 5
Timeline: MD001 0330 hrs
613 words - 1.2 OF Standard Post Measure

Marc lay out on the bed in his quarters. He was happy that the bed lay under the window so he can watch the stars go by while the ship was at warp. He never realized why but it always seemed to help him think. Right now thinking was what he needed to do. It was an ungodly hour, and Marc’s parents always said that nothing good happened at an ungodly hour, and this was no different.

The conversation that the newly minted Captain just had with the head of the President’s security force was not a pleasant one. It seemed that Commander Ray Trapp has died of an apparent stroke. Marc has been ordered to proceed at maximum warp, as it is believed that what killed Trapp was meant for the President. Up until now, Marc had questioned why his ship, his unit was being sent in to escort the President and now he saw why. “Alright Kiddo, you are surrounded by some of the most elite minds in Starfleet. Let us put them to good use. Run the gauntlet who, what, when, where, why, how.” He spoke to the empty room.

The first question who, well that is easy but broad; Marc began as he thoughts took hold. It could be the Klingons, rebel Andorians anyone. At the moment, he leaned toward the Andorian idea, as the President was en route to Andorra at the time. It is believed that Commander Trapp suffered a stroke secondary to poisoning, and that poison was meant for the President. Trapp and the President had lunch together that would be the logical place for the poison to be planted.

Therefore, we have some ideas as to who, we know the what, when, and where. The next question would be why. Is this an attempt at a political coup, or is that simply a red herring. Any litany of things could be the reason for this. Marc lay back and fell into a meditation of sorts as he contemplated all of this and watched the stars whizz by. This is certainly going to put the unit to the test. If the case is solved the Starfleet Criminal Investigations Unit would be on the map, however, if they botched this everyone could be busted down in rank so low they would be scrubbing warp nacelles until they died.

What really ate at Marc right now was why someone would want the President dead. He had not been in office long enough to make any enemies of meaning. All members of the Federation were stronger together than apart. Even Vulcans admitted that. Then all at once, it hit Marc like a ton of bricks that fell right on his head. Commander Ray Trapp was responsible for keeping the codes to the newly installed Earth planetary defense system. It could be the President that was the red herring….

Marc sat up in bed with a shot. “Trapp was the intended target and an attack against Earth is the reason for it all.” Now that it had all clicked, Marc knew that he had to get some sleep so that he could explain all of this to his crew. He also knew that sleep would not come, at least not while this hung over his head. With a silent thank you to the stars for helping him think, he donned his uniform and headed for the mess hall. He was going to have to wake Kayleigh and Asher there was a lot planning to do.

Captain Marc Kidd
Commanding Officer, Artemis
Starfleet Criminal Investigations Unit


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