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Paths Cross Again

Posted on Wed Jul 1st, 2020 @ 5:47am by Captain Marc Kidd & Gunnery Sergeant Richard Wayne
Edited on on Wed Jul 1st, 2020 @ 5:49am

Mission: Episode 1 - The Hunt Begins
Location: Captain's Ready Room - Deck 1 - Artemis NX-14
Timeline: MD001- 1300 hrs
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Richard was taking it all in as he made his way down the halls of the Artemis. It was an impressive ship and it sure was nice to be off the Starbase. He was dressed in his full uniform and made sure this morning before boarding his pants were bloused over his boots just right and that everything was in detail. He made sure he made the bed one last time before coming on the ship. He wanted to make sure this day went off right. He was on a mission to meet the ships CO. He had not gotten word yet who the Platoon Commander would be but he wanted to make a good first impression with the ships CO because this was his home and he was the king of that home. As he made his way in front of the ready room door he hit the door chime and waited.

Marc had had a bad day thus far. His private meeting with the Admiral had riled him up a bit. Ford always scared the beegezes out of him. To make matters worse he practically insulted his XO when he met her. Marc still had not found the time to pull himself out of his doldrums to go over the crew manifest. He sighed heavily as he sat at the little desk in the Ready Room, his hand ran through his hair and then closed over his mouth. His anxiety worked overtime. The door chime went off, "Great what else can I do wrong?" Marc said to the empty room. "Come on in..." He said to the door.

As the door slide open Richard stepped into the room to see the Captain behind the desk. "Afternoon Cap, Gunnery Sergeant Wayne reporting in. As we don't have a MACO Commander yet I figured this would be the best option to check in." He rambled off as he strode across the room and offered his hand.

Marc took the hand offered and shook. "Welcome aboard the Artemis Gunny. Admiral Ford and I are still in the process of selecting a crew. So for the time being it would be best if you took command of the MACOs as they come aboard. Also coordinate with Commander Harper and make sure that the prison deck is ready to go." He figured that a MACO would want his orders and get straight to work, then he thought better. It must be the stress it is making me a bit short. Kidd thought. "Actually Gunny where are my manners. I am Captain Kidd, I hope you found the Artemis easy enough."

"Yes Sir, I did." Richard answered back. "I will work to get everyone squared away until and after your staff finds a suitable commander." He offered. The switch in attitude had thrown Richard off a bit so he decided to just keep things on point.

"Sounds good!" Marc began and then he realized that Wayne may not be aware of what was being asked of him on this ship. "Gunny, you do know that the work here is not the same as your standard MACO fare. Right? I mean there will be plenty of chances to lead boarding parties and the such. However, your day to day work will be operating as prison guards."

"Officers, Sir." Richard instantly regretting correcting the simple mistake the Captain had made but it was a sticking point with anyone that ever worked corrections. "We prefer the term Prison Officers as opposed to guards, Sir. And I am very aware of the mission and figured with my background was why I was picked for this assignment." He hoped he explained himself well enough to not get kicked off the ship already.

Marc immediately hated his choice in words. "My apologies, prison officers. You are correct that is why you were chosen. However, I wanted to check on what your impression would be. We have received a lot of requests for transfer to the Artemis from people who are not too sure of the work that we do. That said your record does speak for itself. I am sure that whoever comes aboard to command the MACOs will have an easy job with you as the number two. Do you have any questions about the ship or what we do here?"

"Not terrible I am anxious to see the Brig, I hear it is state of the art." Richard let on. "Captain, If I may speak freely?"

"Permission granted..." Marc was a bit wary to grant the permission, but his curiosity was piqued. He wondered what the Gunny had to say.

"You have a face that I am trying to place. Where you on the Avenger in the early to mid 50s?" He said trying to put the face with where he had seen it before.

"Indeed I was. I served there as the Security and Armory Officer. Back when I was a Lieutenant Commander. A great ship, I learned more than I care to admit from Captain Yoshida." Marc replied, although a part of him wondered where the Gunny was going with this.

The smile widened on his face. "I knew I wasn't crazy and had seen you before." He let out a chuckle. I was part of the MACO unit on the Avenger from '53 till '56. I am pretty good with faces." He explained.

"Well then I more than happy to have a fellow Avenger aboard. Glad that you are here Chief. Once you are settled in we can have a chat about the good old days. I wonder what Captain Yoshida and Major Marquez are up to these days?" Marc smiled broadly it was rather nice to have an old crew mate aboard. Perhaps this assignment was starting to look up.

"That does sound like fun. If there is nothing else I will get moved in and start with a training schedule." He replied with a smile.

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Gunnery Sergeant Richard Wayne
Platoon Sergeant, Artemis
Starfleet Criminal Investigations Unit

Captain Marc Kidd
Commanding Officer, Artemis
Starfleet Criminal Investigations Unit


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