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It's a start

Posted on Tue May 4th, 2021 @ 3:47pm by Commander Kayleigh Harper & Lieutenant Logan Burnett
Edited on on Tue May 4th, 2021 @ 3:47pm

Mission: Episode 2 - Patriot Games
Location: Mess Hall
Timeline: MD002 1615 hrs
1659 words - 3.3 OF Standard Post Measure

"Is it me, or did today go by really fast?" Kayleigh asked, with a slight look of concern on her face. She was suprised how fast it went by. It did not really feel like dinner time to her. Yet here it was, dinner time.

“It seemed to me that one minute I was getting up,” Logan said with a smile. “And here we are having dinner.” He looked over at her. “A lot of days have been like this lately.”

"I am not sure, if that is a good thing or a bad thing?" Kayleigh asked him. She did not really expect him to have an answer for that. She wanted someone to hear her vent a little. The day was going by to fast.

“Mine are pretty much filled with physicals,” Logan murmured. “You have anything unusual come up? It must be crazy being first officer with so much going on?”

"I dont mind the crazy, makes the day go by fast." Kayleigh said, with a big teasing grin on her face. The day was just flying by. And he was right, her day was a little choatic. Mainly due to the investigation, plus trying to do her job as first officer. Balancing the two was challenging.

“When I wasn’t doing physicals,” Logan replied. “I was doing some research on some different ideas I had for the case.”

"How is your research coming? Mine is moving at a snails pace, no one wants to appear to talk, so my team is coming through the data, and looking for inconsistencies in their stories, so we can find something." Kayleigh said to Logan. She hoped they were doing better than she was.

“We know he was poisoned,” Logan said. “What I am unsure of is whether it was the Scotch. It doesn’t seem from what we gathered that he drank with any frequency. How would they know he was going to drink that day and what if he had company and they wanted a glass of it?”

"It's a start, we need to narrow down, where the poison came from." Kayleigh said, agreeing with him. What he said, was already listed in the facts of evidence. She needed to find the culprit of the crime. Was it the whiskey. Or was it something else. She was keeping an open mind.

“We need to set a pattern for the weeks before,” Logan replied. “Who he met with, where he went. I know that Ensign Vaquera is going through his emails and calls, I believe that will help.”

"It's a lot of data to shift through, but I heard she is one of the best." Kayleigh said, with a big smile on her face. This crew was handpicked, and most of them leading in their particular fields. So she had no doubt that Reyna, would be able to find something.

“Once she gets done then the tricky work starts,” Logan said to Kayleigh. “I mean if you agree with my idea, that is.”

"I agree, as I said, its a good start. Pour through the data, and see where the evidence points us and pursue it." Kayleigh said, with a warm smile. She trying to be objective. Which was pretty easy for her to do. She had a harder time trying to be empathetic.

“I think if we find nothing conclusive,” Logan continued. “We should comb the presidents life.” He paused. “We don’t know if this wasn’t meant for him or to send a message.”

"We need to be careful with that, we should limit that as much as possible. I hate politics, the more we dig up, the more his political rivals can potentially use against him. And if we do, it could appear that we are favoring one candidate over another." Kayleigh pointed out to him.

“Agreed,” Logan nodded. “But a simple looking at who has visited or contacted him for similarities to our victim shouldn’t be a matter of interstellar security.”

"Are you trying to take my job?" Kayleigh asked, with a surprised look on her face? While she appreciated his response, he was stretching it a bit, by mentioning security. That was her area of expertise.

“No,” Logan said with a smile. “Not at all. I am merely giving you my thoughts on the case. It’s up to you as the lead on the case where you take it from here.” He looked at her. “I didn’t mean to overstep there.” He hadn’t either he was just jumping in like he always did.

"I see. And do you expect me to do the same for you in the medical field?" Kayleigh asked, a little confused on why he was overstepping his bounds. But tring to give him the benefit of the doubt.

“Give advice?” Logan replied with a question then continued. “If you thought I was working a case from a bad angle I would expect you to.” He paused and moved on. “As far as treating someone who needed it, I wouldn’t because I am the trained physician.”

Kayleigh liked his response. Nicely worded, she thought to herself. "That's what I like about you. You are not easily offended." Kayleigh pointed out to him. He would have every right to be. She practically accused him of over stepping.

“That is a good assessment of me,” Logan said with a smile. “And accurate as well. It takes a lot to offend or upset me. I am more laid back.”

"I am grateful that you are, because being a woman working in security and in command, means I have to prove myself to everyone. I have to be twice as good as any man. It's a lot to live up too." Kayleigh suggested to him.

“Society has a hard time letting go off the stigmas between man and woman.” Logan said with a nod. “Personally, I think it’s wrong.”

"I'm glad to hear you say that it'll make our relationship go more smoothly." Kayleigh said with the big teasing grin on her face.

Logan smiled. “Just being honest. I think most men are scared women will do so much better than they have instead of working side by side for the good of us all.”

"So you would have me believe that men's insecurities the reason why we're being held back?" Kayleigh asked. Well she did agree with him, however she didn't want to tell him that because I wasn't really fair today male race and she wanted to be a fair first officer to the entire crew of the Artemis.

“I’m honest to a fault,” Logan replied. “That is a big part of it. There are many many centuries of male dominance, it doesn’t go away overnight. Men have to change

"Is that a bad thing? I am referring to the honesty thing. The whole male ego thing is pretty standard response." Kayleigh asked with a big grin on her face. In her eyes, that was a very sexy trait to have.

“I don’t think so,” Logan said with a smile. “It is so much easier to just be honest and tell the truth.”

"I could not agree more, I think its why I like you. In a lot of ways, you share the same values as I do." Kayleigh said, sounding like a broken record. She felt like she was just repeating herself.

“It’s a good thing too,” Logan said with a smile. He decided to change the subject. “Did we decide what we wanted to do after dinner?”

"I don't believe we have, which is odd for me. I typically like to plan things out." Kayleigh pointed out to Logan. She liked to be in control, but it was strange feeling for her, not to be. And around him, she liked it.

“Do you have anything in mind you would like to do?” Logan asked her. They had enjoyed themselves on the base and he was trying to think of something interesting on the ship that she would like.

"Not a thing on my mind, beyond sitting here with you at this very moment. I am very comfortable, where I am at." Kayleigh said, with a big warm smile on her face. She was stalling, trying to think of something to do.

“How about dessert and a cup of coffee?” Logan asked her. It would give them some time to come up with what came next.

"Two ideas, that I really like." Kayleigh said, with a big grin on her face.

“Anything in particular you want?” Logan asked her. “I am thinking peach pie.”

"I am more of a peach cobbler type of gal myself." Kayleigh said, thinking to herself, atleast he got the peach part right.

“I will go get us our desserts and be right back,” Logan smiled. “Would you like coffee?”

"Yes please." Kayleigh said, as she slide to him the coffee cup she was drinking from.

Logan got their desserts and then their coffee. He brought them back over and placed hers in front of her and then his down, sliding the tray away. “This looks really good “

"So it does." Kayleigh said, waiting for him to put the plate down on the table. She had every intention on stealing a bite.

Logan set the plate down as he sat on his chair and smiled at her. “This was a good idea.”

"Agreed, we should this more often." Kayleigh said, with loving eyes. As she started eying his pastry dish.

Logan grinned at her. “I see what you are doing over there.” He sat back and waited to see what she would do.”

"Good." Kayleigh said, as the scene starts to fade away.

Logan waited a moment and then took a bite of his pie. It wasn’t anywhere as good as his grandmother used to make but it was better than nothing at all.


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