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Posted on Tue Jul 27th, 2021 @ 7:04am by Captain Marc Kidd & Commander Kayleigh Harper

Mission: Episode 2 - Patriot Games
Location: Commander Kayleigh Harper's Quarters
Timeline: MD002 2330 hrs


It had been days since the incident and Erin Goss had been debating what she should do with the knowledge that she had. She was greatly afraid for her own life. However, the murder in the President's inner circle had investigators spinning their wheels. They had to be told that this had nothing to do with the President. Erin had spent the past two days learning all she could about this new Criminal Investigations Unit and the people assigned to it. She finally came to the decision that she would reach out covertly to Commander Kayleigh Harper. From all she learned something told Erin that Kayleigh would understand. So the channel was opened to the Artemis, that is after it was routed through a dozen different sites so it could not be traced.

The Ensign at the Communications Station cocked an eyebrow at the message on his screen it was quite odd. However, despite the hour it was marked urgent and for the XO. He opened a channel: "This is Ensign Lixfield to Commander Harper." He really hated having to wake the Commander up, but there seemed to be no choice at the moment.

Kayleigh Harper was not expecting a call this late at night. She instantly wondered what was wrong? She still sitting on her sofa, trying to finish the chapter of the story she was on, when she walked over to her desk, to answer the call. "Harper here, what is it Ensign?" Kayleigh asked in a calm voice. She was slightly annoyed, but doing her best to hide it.

"Commander my apologies for disturbing you at this late hour. But there seems to me an incoming message for you from Earth. It is Erin Goss a woman claiming to be a secretary for the Director of Presidential Security. She states she will speak to no one except you." Lixfield relayed the message as he wondered what this was all about.

"Route the call to my quarters." Kayleigh said, wondering what a secretary of a director wanted with her? And how did it tie into the case she was working on? Or did it relate at all? Kayleigh was not sure, but she was not going to get any answers on her sofa. She walked over to her desk, in her quarters and waited for the call.

A moment later the screen changed and showed the face of the woman she knew as Commander Harper. Erin was worried that the channel was being monitored. But her clearance did not grant her a secure channel. "Commander my apologies for contacting you so late in the evening. However, I was worried that something would happen before I could get in touch with you."

Kayleigh was a little surprised by her tone. That was not a typical way to start a conversation. She just looked at the young ensign. Then spoke out. "It's quiet alright, what can I do for you Ensign?" Kayleigh asked, wondering what this was all about.

"Commander, in short I fear for my life for just reaching out to you. But it is something that I feel needs to be done. It took some doing but I have learned that you are one of the people investigating the death of Commander Ray Trapp. I am contacting you to tell you that not everything here is what it seems. As you know I am the secretary for the Director of Presidential Security..." Erin's voice trailed off as she took a drink of water to steady her nerves. "...I have heard things. Things that I may have overheard may have put me in danger." She looked around to make sure that no one was watching her and then suddenly spoke again. "Is this channel secure?"

"Yes it is, I do want you to know that we are recording the call on our end. We are doing this because we are investigating on behalf of the president." Kayleigh said wondering what was going on. She could see that the ensign was scared.

"Over the past few weeks I have overheard the Director talking with unknown individuals. They seemed to be speaking about retooling the powers that be within the Federation. Making things bend to their will. I feel that Commander Trapp may have either known about this conspiracy or been a part of it and that is why he was killed. I am not sure, the only thing I am sure of is that someone is manipulating everything to keep the ball rolling and the evidence away from them." Goss replied in rambling tone. She tried to say as much as possible in as little time as possible.

"I assume, you begun to take down some notes." Kayleigh started to ask. Hoping that she had more than just hearsay to go off of. She could sense that the young officer was scared, and she wanted to help her, but first she needed the evidence. Just incase she was right.

"I am going to send you what I have in an encoded message. I have seen some communication logs that can be construed as highly suspect. As I said I overheard the conversation myself. I mam not exactly sure who could be in league with this conspiracy. However, one of the communication logs shows that someone on Orion." Erin replied. She leaned in conspiratorially as she spoke for no other reason than she felt it appropriate. More than once during her chat with Kayleigh, Erin could be seen looking over her shoulder. She kept expecting someone to come in and cut the channel.

"Can you make it to the Embassy or Medical Facility building?" Kayleigh asked, knowing those would be two buildings that could potentially help this young woman out. She could tell that the young officer was scared, and needed to get out of harms way.

"Yes I think I can make it to the medical quarters, although they would probably want to know why I was there." Erin did not want to have to tell anyone this, she already felt that she was going out on a limb to tell Harper. For a moment she worried that Kayleigh was going to ask her to do something else to further the investigation. Erin was not ready to do more than she had already done.

"Complain of a headache or something. While you are you doing that, I will take a shuttle to meet you, and bring you back to the Artemis, once you are here. You will be safe." Kayleigh told Erin. She wanted to get her to safety as soon as possible. The best way of doing that, was to get her inside a large building with a lot of people around.

Now that would take some doing. Having to explain why she was going to the Artemis that is. However, Erin felt that question would be best answered a little later. She was tempted to tell Kayleigh that she would not go, that she would take her chances where she was. However, since Erin got this ball rolling she would have to see it through to the end. "Yes I can get to medical with a justifiable reason. Just tell security that I have been requested to assist in the inquiries and that is why you have come to retrieve me. That should keep most people from questioning."

"The important thing at this moment, is your safety." Kayleigh said. She knew that Erin would talk more freely, if she was not worried about a knife in her back. Kayleigh had a lot of questions, and wanted some answers. She could see in Erin's current state of mind, she would not get very far.

"Very well... I will get to medical and await your contact. Until then..." Erin said and then she quickly cut the channel.

"Be safe, will talk soon. Harper out." Kayleigh said, as she looked to the monitor. The channel was now closed. She knew what needed to happen next. She walked over to her replicator, and ordered a drink, as she set plans in motion.

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