Helm Officer Reporting

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Mission: Episode 2 - Patriot Games
Location: Ready Room
Timeline: MD003 1130 hrs


Ret wasn't thrilled to be assigned to a human Starfleet vessel. He hoped that he would have gotten one of the Andorian ships. However, it didn't matter who he complained to, Ret was given the same answer. 'Don't like it, resign.'

He'd worked to hard to get through academy to simply throw it all away, so he decided to bide his time and wait for an Andorian ship to come available so he could transfer. Now, he needed to report to his new commanding officer.

He press the door chime to the Captain's office and waited for permission to enter.

"Come on in..." Marc called to the door. The tone of his voice a bit absent minded. His thoughts were on the case as they always were when he had a conundrum. He had always been compared to a dog with a bone when he was on a case.

The Andorian strode confidentially into the Captain's office and stopped before turning to face the Captain. "Ensign Tyv th'Qarret, reporting for duty, sir."

"Ah Ensign yes welcome. At ease please. My apologies for being slightly distracted we are already on a case and had to leave dock without a helmsman. So I am glad you found your way here. Have a seat. Can I get you anything?" Marc spoke a little rapidly as he caught up to what was going on and took his head out of his thoughts.

Ret felt uneasy, he wouldn't have been offered a seat and a beverage on an Andorian vessel. "I'm fine thank you, sir." He replied before taking the offered seat.

"You will find that I do not stand on ceremony here. I prefer to have a crew of friends then a crew of subordinates. As for the mission that the ship is on. You will be asked at times, well... Most times you will be asked to play detective as well as be a helmsman. When we are a assigned a case I expect the whole crew to chip in as best as they can to help solve it." Marc explained and took a sip of coffee that was on his desk.

The Andorian's antenna went backwards slightly with surprise as the Captain stated he wanted a crew of friends. Ret quickly regained composure and straightened them up. "Of course, sir. I'm here to do my job and my duty. May I ask why we are playing detective?"

Marc wondered briefly if the Andorian had read the mission brief, and the scope of the unit he was joining. "This ship forms the Starfleet Criminal Investigations Unit. It is our job to pursue and apprehend the most heinous of criminals. It is for that reason that we will have to play detective from time to time."

'Perhaps I should have read the mission brief.' Ret thought to himself. "Of course, I understand that. However, I'm a pilot, my job should be solely focusing on that job. It keeps everyone safer than splitting myself into two."

Marc smiled and remembered that not all of the member races believed in synergy the way humans do. "Yes of course your focus will be piloting the ship, managing the rest of the helm officers as well as overseeing the maintenance of the flight systems. However, everyone's ideas are important and as such you will be asked for your input on things that may not pertain to your main field. Add to that if you are piloting a team on a forensic mission you may be asked to assist." Marc was having a hard time relating to the new officer. It could be because he had not dealt with an Andorian before now, but he hoped things would get better.

Ret took in what was said to him and nodded. "I'm not sure if I'll be much help, however, I will do anything I can to assist the mission. May I ask what the current mission is?"

Marc smiled and leaned forward placing his hands on the desk. "Right now we have quite the conundrum. It seems that Commander Ray Trapp has been murdered. Commander Trapp was responsible for bearing the codes to Earth's defense systems where ever the President went. There are many questions here. Not the least of which was who committed the crime. But we must learn who was the actual target. Was it Commander Trapp or the President?"

"Or both." Ret offered. "Was Trapp killed after he revealed critical defense codes or information regarding the president who will be targeted at a later date?"

Marc smirked as he realized that the Andorian had a point, what was more was it was a point that Marc and no one else had thought of. "You see Ensign you are already contributing to sleuthing. You offer another theory of the crime, one that is not only plausible but has not been thought of. Well done."

Ret was surprised that no-one else had thought of it but took the praise with a small smile and nod. "Thank you sir, anything I can do to help the investigation." An attempt on the Federation President's life was a matter which should be taken with the utmost care and caution.

"Well Ensign the helm awaits. My door is always open if you have any further questions." Marc said with a smile that beamed.

"Very well, sir." Ret said as he stood up. "I'll take my station. Thank you for the warm welcome."

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