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Meeting the captain

Posted on Wed Jul 29th, 2020 @ 9:21am by Captain Marc Kidd & Lieutenant Logan Burnett
Edited on on Wed Jul 29th, 2020 @ 9:22am

Mission: Episode 1 - The Hunt Begins
Location: Ready room
Timeline: MD001 1100 hrs
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Logan walked through the ship towards the captain’s office, having been summoned for a meeting. He had been waiting for the call, wanting to get a feel for the command officer and what his expectations would be going forward. He stopped outside the captains ready room and took a deep breath.

“Well, here we go,” He said to himself and rang the buzzer, ready for this meeting that in his eyes meant a move forward in his career.

Marc had summonsed the new Chief Medical Officer, as he wanted to meet the Lieutenant and the Captain was due a physical. He also felt that discussing what was to come would be prudent with the CMO. When the buzzer chimed Marc put on his best smile. "Come on in Doc you're expected."

Logan walked in, a smile on his face. He wasn't one of those serious all the time crew members. "Thank you, Captain." He said in reply. "I am glad to be here."

"Welcome aboard. I hope that you are settling in well. You are no doubt aware that this is not a typical starship. We have a very particular mission." Marc said. Doctor Burnett was handpicked for the Chief position. His experience with criminal investigations in the past made him ideal. So the question was more of a formality than anything else.

"I am," Lucas nodded. "And I look forward to working here. It is the type of mission I was hoping to be involved in one day."

"I am excited to get out there and take care of the worst that our society has to offer. Double duty on a starship is no laughing matter. You are going to be responsible for the health and safety of the crew as well as the medical examiners duties of autopsies and the like. From your record I think you are up to the task. Do you have any questions?" Marc asked as he looked the Doc over. So young for one so knowledgeable. he thought.

"I am more than ready for this," Logan replied. "I will not let you down in any way, Captain." He was already turning over in his mind things to get sickbay more prepared.

Marc smiled, "I have the utmost confidence in you. My suggestion is to get Sick Bay squared away so that we can get the physicals of the crew done quickly. I would like to get out there sooner than later." He looked over at the Doc and thought for a moment, then spoke again. "Just out of curiosity what makes a genius physician want to be involved in criminal investigations?"

“I like figuring out the cause of death,” Logan said honestly. “It gives me satisfaction if I can help solve a case and bring someone to justice.” He smiled then. “Basically I love the work.”

"I feel the same way. You may want to brush up on your linguistics skills as we are going to be dealing with a lot of other races as we run our investigations." Marc replied and then smiled. "Well Doctor if you have no other questions welcome aboard."

“I will do that,” Logan nodded. “And thank you, Captain. I am glad to be here.”

Marc watched as the Doctor left. All business, well that is par for the course when one first boards a vessel. Seems like an interesting guy... he thought. Marc hoped that he could count his crew as friends in the near future.

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Captain Marc Kidd
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