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Arrival with a smile

Posted on Wed Jul 22nd, 2020 @ 2:19am by Ensign Sophia Tremane
Edited on on Wed Jul 22nd, 2020 @ 2:23am

Mission: Episode 1 - The Hunt Begins
Location: USS Artemis
Timeline: MD001 0900
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[Space Surrounding Artemis.]

The Pod would be bringing her and the specialized equipment; she did not trust that Transporter thing so she had made her way to the ship via a pod, the Two duffel bags were heavily padded so to keep the equipment protected.She sat back and watched as the she came into view; she had asked nicely for a bit of a 'spin' around the ship before taking her into the Landing Area. Looking at the ship it looked large; bigger than life, yet she had been on the Avenger for a short stint and knew how small the ship was on the inside.

Still that did not really matter so much; she had a grin across her face as the Pilot brought the POD around and for landing, She made one last cursory check of her gear. She sat patently until all is secure and then disembarked from her ride; passing the Two Duffel Bags then her satchel pack before herself climbing out of the Pod.

Ensign Sophia Tremane reporting." She said with a smile. Permission to come aboard?

"Permission granted Ensign." The Lieutenant JG. replied. "You need help with any of this gear?"

"I carry this much on a day of work." Tremane winked. "But I do thank you for the offer. I figure with it open to occupy you might get your hands full." Carrying her load rather efficiently, it would be a bit of a trek but she had done worst at Crime Scenes. Once she arrived at her deck it is only a short walk to her assigned cabin, walking in she had no window; that could be best as the stars sometimes make her uneasy. Placing her personal duffel and satchel while the third remained slung over her shoulder to head to her lab.

Taking the Duffle Bag she went to the assigned lab she would be using for her Crime Scene processing; the center Island was clear and with a soft touch of fabric to metal surface; unzipping the top of the bag and opened it wide enough to start with the Spectrum analyzer; the biggest of the gear in the bag; it is used in conjunction with the Luminol solution to bring out latent evidence; most effective with humanoid blood. The sensor will pick up the 'stain and the enzymes will help break down the structure of it for analysis. It is a cylindrical detection device; she moved it ovr to a secure corner and activated the magnetic bottom to hold it in place.

She unloaded several metallic thermos style containers and moved to the chemical locker then a second trip for the smaller spray applicators. Making sure the names of the chemicals were out and able to be read before securing them. These were kept in a small locker with environmental controls and seals to keep them and the people working the lab safe. Several dry powder containers were brought out and taken to secure in the chemical locker.

A small smooth metal case 25cm long opened to find two brushed for the dusting of fingerprints. With great care she closed the case and moved to the drawer in tthe center island to place the box at the ready. Two Black light torches and regular ones were also placed in the same drawer. Last was her favorate Tricorder with newly calibrated probe inside.

Zipping up the bag and folding it neatly into a square she placed it in the bottom drawer.

"That should do until the morrow." She smiled and left the office.

Ensign Sophia Tremane
Crime Scene Investigator, Artemis
Starfleet Criminal Investigations Unit


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