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Just Stopping By

Posted on Wed Sep 28th, 2022 @ 12:26pm by Lieutenant Jonathan Corwin & Lieutenant Commander Viessa Kenobi
Edited on on Thu Sep 29th, 2022 @ 8:43am

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Mission: The Hunt Begins
Location: Sick Bay - Deck 9 - USS Artemis
Timeline: MD001 1200 Hrs

Jonathan walked into Sickbay and looked around and walked towards the CMO. He knew what she looked like since he checked the crew roster of all the department heads so he could recognize them if need be. " Hello. Doctor Kenobi? I'm Lieutenant Jonathan Corwin, The lead JAG defense council. I'm reporting in aboard the ship and would like to get my required physical out of the way. Do you have the time at the moment? " He inquired.

The familiar swoosh of Sickbays doors filled Viessa's ear as she catalogued some samples she had brought with her from her last posting. She was always up to something, running a test, trying to cure the new and old.

Viessa heard someone call for her and as she turned she was met with a Human-looking (because you never know) male who was introducing himself. "Welcome Lieutenant. Yes, please take a seat on one of the beds and I'll be right with you." She said with a warm and welcoming smile.

As he sat down Viessa gathered her medical tricorder and walked towards him. "Do you consent to being scanned? She asked before continuing, "How are you feeling? Anything I need to be made aware of?"

" Thank you for taking the time to see me today Doctor Kenobi. Yes I consent to being scanned. I am feeling a little tired as I just got off the shuttle and straight over to the Artemis. It was a long trip from Earth to take this assignment. I have no medical issues that I'm aware of. I do however have an aunt that I believe to be crazy, she keeps spouting off to the men in my family about some superstitious nonsense. " He said with an amused grin. " I believe in the law and what I can see, not some weird mumbo jumbo. "He stated with a shrug.

"I can imagine a trip of that length to be quite tiresome." Viessa smiled as she scanned him. "As to the crazy genes in your family... I'll be sure to keep an eye on that." she teased. "Can't have a crazy lawyer running around the ship spouting nonsense now can we?" she asked rhetorically.

" No we certainly can't. " He stated in a very matter of fact tone. " The closest I've ever been close to a curse was a bad relationship. " He said with a grimace. " So how long have you been serving aboard ship now Doctor Kenobi? "

"Yes, well bad relationships tend to turn toxic after a while if they are continued." Viessa spoke from experience. "As to how long I've been on board... I'm as brand new as you. Came on board a couple of days ago, got myself settled and what not. Where did you come in from?" She asked.

" Before here I was assigned to Star Base Yorktown, But I returned home to Earth to take some leave time and visit family on Earth. My family has had a compound is Salem Massachusetts since the 1690's. It seems my family has always been lawyers and judges for a very long time. Right before my leave ended I received my orders to transfer to the Artemis. It seems that for once the stars aligned and both I and my gear arrived at the same time. Talk about being lucky. "

"Salem? Like witch trials Salem?" she asked intrigued. "I have always wanted to visit. I do not believe in the term 'witch', but I do believe in mystical and powerful energies, spirits and such. I've never gotten around to it yet." she scrunched up her little nose a bit. "I was on the USS Clydesdale, quite a slow mover but still nice people. I've not been to Earth in a long time..."

" Yes, that Salem. And you are correct in speaking of the witch trails. I am named after my many great grand sire who was the chief judge over the trails. Seventeen people were found guilty and were either hung or burned at the stake, I aspire to one day become a judge myself. I also hope to do a better job and help make laws that benefit all members of society, not to be remembered for the main defendant Bridget Bishop. She was the accused ring leader of the witches coven and one who was believed to be able to cast enchantments and curses. " Said Jonathan.

"That is a long family line you follow." Viessa spoke with some surprise. It wasn't often that you could trace a Human's heritage back that far and the lineage of profession remain the same. "I am sure you will make it to where the universe needs you to be Lieutenant. She has a way of throwing curveballs, to use a Human expression, that can make us think twice on the direction we take." she made a note to research some light reading on Salem and the witch trials there.

" As far as I know I am where I am suppose to be. The universe has already tossed me some curve balls and that is how I wound up here. It is better that I am here then back on Earth, I am out here where I can at least do some good and make a difference by being here. If I can help bring justice to the lawless lands and help others find peace and closure in they're lives, Then I say it is time and effort well spent in helping others. "

"I couldn't agree more... I've been a Doctor for over 400 years so I can totally understand the need and want to help others in times of need." Viessa said as she closed the medical scanner. It revealed a clean bill of health as expected. The holo-display at the end of the bed showed a healthy body and mind. One that was fully capable and ready to make the difference that Lt. Corwin had so passionately spoke of.

Jonathan watched as Viessa closed the medical scanner. " So Doctor Kenobi, how are the test results? Am I fit for duty or is there other test that need to be done for this physical? " He asked.

"Fit as a fiddle." Viessa replied. "It is very rare for someone to visit me when joining a new ship that is unfit. Usually I get sent medical files from previous assignments but Starfleet is a stickler for old traditions..." she rolled her eyes slightly.

" Well old traditions aren't always a bad thing, They can give a person a bar to aim for to achieve a goal. On Earth there are many traditions. They range from national, religious, cultural, military, food or even family ones. Heck, in my family we have a tradition of....." He stopped mid sentence and blushed. " Erm... Never mind that one. " He said softly with a sheepish look upon his face. He brightened up. " We do go as a family in the fall to harvest wild berries and make some of the most scrumptious fruit pies around. Of course we also donate a number of them for the church charity bake sale as well. "

"Oh I am not reigning on tradition as a whole. I love a lot of them, such as your Halloween." Viessa smiled at him. "I spent a lot of time on Earth in my 'younger' years, but your tradition does sound quite nice too. I just think the tradition of physicals when coming on board is exhausting for me... there are a lot of people on board and not enough Doctors at the moment."

" Ahh.... So, your staff is most likely that same place as mine right now. I currently have only one Bounty hunter or retrieval officer as we prefer to call them. I still need one or two paralegals depending on the workload and perhaps even a robotic assistant to manage caseloads, meetings, witnesses and statements along with a horde of other information. I assume that Commander Miller is in the same situation I'm in currently with staff as well. So, I guess that means that we're all waiting for Tuesday. : He said with a grin know the old officer joke about deliveries being on Tuesdays and nothing moves until then.

"The Tuesday Limbo club, yes." Viessa sighed. "You would think that Starfleet after running so long they would have better timekeeping and people management. This ship kind of needs medical staff, and investigation staff especially if we are to catch the bad people of the galaxy. Although, I suppose there is no point in moaning about it." she nodded in agreement with herself.

" One would think that, but we know how things are and likely how they'll stay until something major happens." said Jonathan as he listened to the Doctor. "Our gear and people will come in their own good time, but not before everything is filled out in triplicate and the Kv50 dash stroke whatever the number is, is filled out and properly filed and submitted to the gods of logistics and with a hope and a prayer receive what we desire or need."

"Yes, Starfleet does love all the T's crossed and I's dotted." Viessa nodded.

" And yet somehow we manage to do our jobs." Jonathan chuckled. " Well at least they remembered to stock the replicators before we departed. " If I bump into in the lounge sometime, how about I buy you a drink if that is acceptable? I like to get to know the people that I'll be working with wherever I'm stationed at. "

"Yes, that sounds lovely. Thank you." Viessa smiled at him. It was nice to be social and with the content they would be dealing with over their time together, the crew that is, then they would need strong bonds and ways to deal with the negativity of what the galaxy had to offer. "Until then Lieutenant?" she asked rhetorically as their time had come to an end in her sickbay.

" Thank you, Doctor Kenobi." said Jonathan. " I can't recall to many times that I could say that I enjoyed a trip into Sickbay, it has been a pleasure meeting you and I look forward to getting to know you and the rest of the crew better during this mission, I'd best return to my duties, I'll see you somewhere on the ship later, I'm sure. " With that said he got up and walked out the sickbay doors and back to his new life aboard this ship.

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