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Wounded Hunters

Posted on Wed Oct 5th, 2022 @ 4:43am by Captain Marc Kidd & Lieutenant Commander Kelly Miller & Lieutenant Jonathan Corwin & Lieutenant Viessa Kenobi & Lt JG Adalyn O'Rourke Ph.D.
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Mission: The Hunt Begins
Location: Sick Bay - Deck 9 - USS Artemis
Timeline: MD002 1500 hrs


"This is not how we undock!" Viessa yelled over the rumbling of the ship as it shook under the fire of Breen weaponry. The very fact that they had chosen this moment to pick a fight was very much a large inconvenience for the El Aurian. Limited medical supplies, sparse number of doctors, and the nurses? Arriving Tuesday apparently... she always wondered why Tuesdays became synonymous for Starfleets delivery or installation of things.

Wounded had begun to trickle through, and quick triage had commenced.

A woman wearing the teal uniform of the sciences stumbles through the Sick Bay Doors and almost drops the Andorian wearing a gold uniform that she carried. The Andorian had the deep blue blood pouring from the side of his face. The deck plating rocks and jostles as the ship takes another barrage. The sound of the Artemis' phasers lancing out could be heard in the din of noise. "An engine control ODN conduit exploded in engineering, and he got the brunt of it I think its plasma burns... I gotta get back there." The woman shouted to the assembled staff. She hands the Andorian off to one of the officers that she had not recognized, but they wore red uniforms, so she assumed them to be in command.

Jonathan came staggering into Sickbay with a security crewman over his shoulders in a fireman's carry. " I need some help here! I found him in the hallway under a ceiling support beam. He has a contusion to the left side of his head and his breathing is erratic! " Jonathan laid the crewman on the nearest open biobed. " I have academy basic first aid training. I can do bone and dermal regeneration and administer hypos. I'll carry patients or get items that you need. Where do you need me? "

Viessa's head spun around to the door, she knew this was only the beginning and it was going to be a long day. The ship rumbled and she lost a bit of her footing as she guided the injured Andorian in and laid them onto the bio bed. Seconds later another arrived on the back of Lt. Corwin, a man Viessa had met earlier on that day.

She looked at the two officers in red and shook her head at the situation. "Congratulations, you and you come with me. You just became nurses." she said and frowned a little... it felt like deja vu, like those words had been uttered before.

"Cmdr. Miller..." Viessa spoke as she guided her to the Andorian. "He has 3rd degree plasma burns over 35% of his body, localized around the face, arms and chest area." she said as she administered Melorazine to sedate the man before any more work was done. A calm patient, a sleeping patient is easier to work on for both them and the person giving care. "I want you to run the dermal regenerator over the top of the burns. Do it slowly and methodically." She picked up a dermal regenerator and placed a small vial in it. "I have filled the supplementary section with Kelotane. It speeds up the healing process in partial and thick burns. Once they are healed to a sufficient level, the computer will let you know, move them into the recovery room across the hall. I need to triage and bed space is a premium."

"Corwin..." she began as she moved to scan the security officer. "He has the beginnings of a subdural hematoma due to the hit to the head and it looks like some fractured ribs, minor spinal damage." she didn't want to say that moving him was probably going to kill him, the damage to his spine had been exacerbated by the movement of his body to get him to sickbay. If only she'd had more medical staff!

"Fill a hypo with Pulmozine and inject him with it right away. That should regulate his breathing a bit better, but the main problem is stopping the brain bleed before it gets any bigger." she barked as she injected a small dose of Melorazine to lightly sedate him. The right amount had to be done as she didn't want his breathing getting too shallow right now. "You! Get me some Metorapan for his bone fractures, move!" she shouted at a medical technician. She looked flustered as the ship let off a few sparks.

"I'll need a laser scalpel, a neural subdermal clamp and the neural scan... oh thank you." she said as someone threw it up above the man. He was in bad shape and as if the moment could get any worse, he began to convulse and blood began to fly from his mouth, some of which got onto Viessa.

The doors swooshed open bringing in more wounded. "Computer, activate EMH."

"Please state the nature of the medical emergency." It stated.

"Look around and make yourself useful." Viessa scoffed at it. "Corwin, I need help holding this one down!"

Corwin jumped in and held down the man's shoulders and isolating the upper body movement. " Damn that's some strong convulsions he's having, Is there something we can do? " He asked with concern.

"Sick Bay this is the Bridge..." the voice of Captain Kidd came through the garbled communications system. "Stand by for an incoming transport from the Glan'To" he continued. As soon as he finished speaking two Romulan officers materialized on each of two biobeds. One had green blood oozing from a wound along her face and the other had blood squirting from his side.

Viessa heard the Captains hurried tone as she spoke, he had enough to deal with, but she had heard him as the sound of the transporter could be heard in the background. It was then the security officer stopped convulsing, his body now still and the faint sound of a continuous tone could be heard above them. A reminder that life is a fragile thing. Viessa sighed, a little angry and losing someone so young looking. She felt she should have done better. "Computer transport this patient to the morgue."

The computer chirped and the man in yellow sparkled out of sight.

"Corwin, new plan. You said you are good with a dermal regenerator, great! You deal with the Romulan with the facial laceration. Give them a shot of Hydrocortilene for the pain and it'll help stop the inflammation as you heal it." Viessa said as she rushed to the leaky Romulan.

Corwin went to the burnt Romulan with the hypospray in hand and was uncertain on how much to give him. Computer scan the patient and recommend the dosage of Hydrocortilene. "A light beam scanned over the body briefly as the computer complied with the request. =^= for the amount of the burns and inflammation 25Mg dose is recommended. Jonathan set the dosage on the hypo and gently placed the hypo against the neck as the hypo softly hissed. He picked up the dermal regenerator and began working slow and methodically on the plasma burns, he completed the task in twenty-to-twenty fime minutes, he was't sure but it had seemed like hours since he started.

As Viessa approached the sieve of a Romulan, she went to scan her before being pulled in close and shouted at in very rough and abrasive sounding Romulan. The scruff of her uniform was not wrinkled green, well it now went along with the red of the Human. "I'm trying to help you, let me go." Viessa said as she was pulled closer.

"Fix me, now!" she demanded, a flash of her Sum Commander rank glinting in the lights of sickbay. "I need to get back!"

"You're not going anywhere... you're leaking all over my floor. Now let me go, stop moving and I'll help you. If not then you can bleed out on my bed, and I'll move on to my next patient. Choice is yours." Viessa stated quite firmly.

With that there was a short stare between them and Viessa was soon let go.

"Wonderful choice." Viessa said as she scanned the woman. "You have taken the brunt of an explosion and have shrapnel sized pieces of material inside your wound. I'm going to need to remove them before they begin to travel, fix the tissue damage and then seal you up."

"You... will make me..." the Sub Commander winced a little. "A priority?" she asked. Viessa could sense her hesitance. In some way there was still a barrier between their now friends. A distrust almost that eventually the friendship would fade.

"You are the most critically wounded person here at the moment." Viessa said thinking about the man she'd just sent to the morgue. "Plus, you're ruining my carpet." she tried to lighten the rather dark moment with a little levity. "You are my priority, Sub Commander?"


Viessa placed a hand on the woman's shoulder. "I'll get you patched up, Nevik." with a small squeeze and a quick hypospray for pain Viessa and small anaesthetic so she could work, then went off to get some equipment to fix the fallen Romulan.

Jonathan went from bed to bed checking if there were any wounds, cuts, burns or broken bones that needed repairing and set about doing the task that had been assigned to him and kept at it while more wounded came flowing into sickbay. He remembered the words of his first aid instructor in the academy was that =^= Hypos, dermal and bone regenerators were the easiest things to learn in a medical center. That and the ones who can scream can wait to be treated, It's the ones who can't scream that need the help right now.

The doors to Sickbay opened reviewing Adalyn helping a wounded crew member on either side of her. Both had plasma burns, embedded shrapnel, but most concerning to O'rourke, both had suffered falls and potential concussions. Adalyn knew head injuries could appear relatively benign but be anything but, so she insisted on bringing both crewmembers with her. It was frustrating taking so long to find her way to Sickbay, but every time the ship rocked and rolled, she couldn't risk falling herself in becoming a liability to those she was trying to help.

After easing both patients onto a bio bed, she turned and reached for a med kit and a scanner. She knew she needed to announce her presence and offer additional assistance, but she didn't want to abandon her patients now. In short order, she had them sorted and was convinced they were stable enough. Approaching the senior physician, Adalyn spoke, "I apologize for being late to the party, but if you need help, my dance card is wide open."

"You are just in time." Viessa spoke. "If you have any medical training now is a good time to put it to use. If not make people comfortable, help those you can and hopefully this will be over soon."

"Bridge to Sick Bay. What is the status of the Romulan injured. It appears the Glan'To needs one of them back right away." Captain Kidd's voice was heard through the comm channel. The Captain who at times sounded like he doubted himself and others had a strong tone of confidence in his voice.

"I have a few Romulans down here sir. Did they care to specify which one they want?" she asked as she worked on Centurion Nevik. She put up a hand and Viessa knocked it out of the way so she could plug the holes she leaked from.

"Sub Commander Nivek. If you have him get him back to his ship as soon as. Bridge out." Marc had no time to discuss, and he knew that the Doctor understood that.

Viessa was going to correct him that Nevik was in fact a woman, but he was far too quick in closing the channel and she let out a little sigh. "Fix a Romulan. Plug all the holes." she mumbled. "Literally covered in green."

Thankfully she was near enough finished and the final wound healed. Now, the woman would be quite tender and Viessa would suggest her to be careful, but she knew Romulan's were quite stubborn and more than likely she'd prove she was capable out of spite.

Nevik woke and sluggishly started trying to get up. "Are you not going to help me Human?" she asked almost wanting to goad Viessa into an argument already.

"You can manage, and you are healed... for the most part." Viessa said in response. "Your ship is calling you back. Can't keep your CO waiting... and I'm not Human." she added the end as the woman materialized from view.

"Doctor..." The frantic voice of the EMH could be heard over the din in Sick Bay. At the moment the hologram performed emergency surgery to save an officer in a gold uniform. The female human had her uniform legs cut open and the EMH was working on reconnecting the femoral artery before she bled out. There was one problem, he fizzled, or blinked is more accurate. "...It seems the attack may cause me to..." The EMH's sentence was cut off as he was cut off and fizzled out of existence.

The shot of blood that left the woman's artery shot out like a blast from a phaser. Her mind reeled about how unreliable the technology on this new vessel seemed to be. They hadn't really left dock yet and the EMH had bombed out on her.

Viessa rushed to the woman on the bed and grabbed the clamp to immediately stop the bleeding and the pool that was forming on the floor, soaking into the carpet. She began to work on repairing the artery enough to close it and without raising her head raised her voice across the room. "How is everyone coping?" she asked.

Jonathan glanced up briefly as he heard the question and went back to work on the crewman in front of him. " I'm busier than a one-legged man in a butt kicking contest, I'm holding my own for right now." The door opened yet again and there were two others in the hallway near the door that had been dropped off by some unknown crew member who had departed. Jonathan moved the first one in and was in the middle of bringing the second crew member in when a conduit behind him blew. He felt a sharp pain just below his left shoulder and cried out in pain. He got the crewman into Sickbay as he felt some blood trickle down his back. A small, jagged piece of metal about 5cm across stuck out of his back. " Can someone help me please? If it's not too bad, could I get patched up and a little something for the pain, I need to get back in the game. "

"Lt. O'Rourke?" Viessa looked around. "Can you fix Lt. Corwin please?"

"Sorry about this. " Apologized Jonathan. " I know I'm supposed to be working and not taking up bed space."

"Got it," Adalyn replied to the doctor. Turning to face Jonathan, medical scanner in hand, she placed her other hand on his shoulder as she helped ease him onto the bed. "You have nothing to apologize for, silly. You didn't cause that conduit to blow any more than we decided to cause battle. I'm going to fix you right up, but I need to cut away some of your uniform to get a better look at that wound. I'll give you something for the pain just as soon as I get a better look at the wound and can be sure pain medicine won't interfere with understanding where the damage is. Do me a favor and take slow deep breaths for me. I know it's going to sound silly, but I don't want you passing out on me and adrenaline and blood loss can lead to surprises," she added with a smile. The scan thankfully revealed no serious injury beyond tissue damage, but Adalyn was still going to take her time. No matter how small or large, removing any sort of embedded object to quickly could lead to major blood loss.

Putting down the scanner after being confident in her assessment, she reached for the small laser cutting tool that would help cut the uniform away so she could get a better look at the injury. Hoping to lighten the mood, she offered, "You know, normally I require people to buy me dinner first before I agree to help them take their clothes off."

Jonathan leaned over placing his elbows on the bio bed and took several deep breaths and let them out slowly as instructed. Jonathan chuckled at her joke. " Well if dinner is your price for services, then I'll be glad to meet it after this is all over. Besides I'm trying to get to know the people I'll be working with and that seems to be a good way to have a relaxed conversation. Completely your choice, I don't want you to feel pressured in any way. "

Kelly's head spun. She shrugged at the blue-uniformed woman. "I am not a doctor!" Her mother had been a Fleet nurse but she didn't know anything about medicine!! Still, she took the handheld healing device, and started to scan the alien being. Was she doing it right?! The other woman seemed to get annoyed, because she turned to the Lt. and had him start working on the injured patient. Thank God. Kelly might be a good JAG but she was crap at much else. She quickly hurried into the hallway, headed for the command deck. They hadn't even hardly *docked* yet, and there were already disasters. Placing a hand on her temple, she rubbed the headache away. Caffiene was needed, and she'd be right as rain. Oh, and a shower and clean uniform but she'd work on that later. She found herself on the Command deck. "What's going on?" the woman asked.


Marc's head swirled to the newcomer as she emerged from the turbolift. Before he spoke the ship rocked with another barrage of fire. "Welcome to the bridge Commander. Poseidon Station is under attack from Breen forces and so are we. Care to assist Lieutenant Benson?"

Kelly stared. "Are you serious? We are under attack?!" She moved quickly to the Lieutenant's console. "What do you need me to do?" She wished she was in her office, safe. She wasn't especially skilled at tactical things; what she *did* know, she'd picked up from carefully listening. Obviously, the Captain wasn't kidding, but she had meant it more or less rhetorically. "Benson?"

The Artemis rocked from yet another barrage of fire. "Lieutenant R'nosin evasive pattern delta nine."

Sick Bay

Viessa rolled her eyes and looked down at the unconscious patient. "All I asked was for a little dermal regeneration. You'd do that right?" she asked the unmoving person. "Knew I could count on you." Sometimes she had a morbid sense of humour. "Little bit of dermal love." she said to herself.

She looked over at Jonathan and Adalyn, "Stop flirting you two." she half joked. "People to heal!"

" Understood Doctor. " Responded Jonathan. Jonathan chuckled and shook his head. " Last time I was called out for something like that was back in high school. And here I thought that I was inviting a new crew mate to a casual sit down meal to talk..... " His face went pale as he saw the Captain being brought in. " Uh.. We can finish conversation later, Right now I believe we have more pressing issues at hand. "

Viessa smirked a little, but it was cut short by a massive jolt. The ship shook violently and Viessa almost lost her footing but thankfully managed to remain upright. A shiver went down her spine, almost a sense of foreboding, something had happened. Moments later a quick beam in of bodies and there in the middle almost surrounded injured was the captain!

Rushing over towards him in a blur, one could say she left the outline of herself by her previous patient... who was now healing on his own. He had burns over his body, shrapnel and debris that looked much like what used to be a console over his uniform and body, and he was unconscious.

"Biobed, now!" she pointed at two of her nurses. Her patient was now the most important one in the room and she would not let him down!

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