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Why is it always Tuesday?

Posted on Thu Sep 8th, 2022 @ 7:45am by Captain Marc Kidd & Lieutenant Faith Benson
Edited on on Thu Sep 8th, 2022 @ 7:47am

Mission: The Hunt Begins
Location: Chief's Office
Timeline: MD002 0330 hrs


Faith was more than a little flustered. Now sitting at her desk for the moment. This was unacceptable. The state of not just her department concerns for the ship, but the state of the ship itself. They weren't even ready build wise. Reaching for the console to send a priority one message to a Lieutenant Daynah Ral. Not to call her when she got the chance but right now.

Daynah had been knee deep in the station's defense message when she was informed of the priority message from the Artemis. "Morning. This is Lieutenant Ral. What can I do for you?" Despite business pleasantries should never be dispersed with. That was something that Norah always thought and after the joining so did Daynah.

"Well, it has to do with the state of the ship. I would expect more department heads to possibly be calling you. We are tasked with an important mission, if you are not aware." Faith leaned forwards a little bit, "If you also are not aware, my department requirements are completely lacking and I blame the station for it. A number of phaser emitters are not installed, we have next to no compliment of the torpedoes we are suppose to have. Half of the cell force field emitters aren't working. This is extremely unacceptable, Lieutenant and we are to be underway in less than thirty minutes."

"Lieutenant I am well aware of your ship's status. The Artemis is in the state that it is because it was not due to launch for another few weeks. However, the imminent Breen attack has pushed everything forward. None of which is the fault of myself or this station. The station's armory will have 143 photon torpedoes, 95 quantum torpedoes, and 5 polaron torpedoes loaded into your bay within the next fifteen minutes. I believe they are going to transport them in to save time. As to the phaser emitters unfortunately there is nothing I can do to help there." Daynah did not enjoy being spoken to in such a manner. However, she chalked it up to nerves.

There actually wasn't any nerves involved, it was whom she was told to go to, without much context. So it had to be Daynah's fault or those under her right? "Thank you, I was unaware we were getting Polaron torpedoes, though that will help." Faith gave a sigh. She just wanted to get done and prepared. "If it was not your fault, or the station's fault, then who's? As I previously stated, this is unacceptable. I believe we both should file a complaint over it. Particularly given, it put you in a bad light that wasn't warranted." Leaning back a little, "Is there nothing you can have done to help get those four emitters done? The cell fields can wait or I'll do those myself."

"If you are looking to blame anyone, blame the Breen for attacking this station and causing your vessel to be brought to service sooner than scheduled." Daynah began and her voice was a little more curt that she would have liked. "As to the emitters I believe that Commander Jezkah can have a team aboard the Artemis to assist in the installation..." Daynah's voice trailed off as she sipped her umpteenth rachtijino. She exhaled sharply through her nose and looked back at the communication screen. "Listen I am going to level with you. This attack caught us all with our pants down. What makes it worse is a large portion of the station's command staff is away on a mission. So this is an all hands on deck situation. We know that the Artemis is no where near ready and yet she is all we have at the moment."

"I'm not entirely sure why the Breen are even still bothering, but I guess that is for them to know. If I sounded harsh before, I apologize." Faith reached for a cup, it had kool-aid in it. Taking a drink also when there was the pause. "I appreciate that there will be the attempt to get us running. That's all I can expect. I'll certainly put forth a commendation for you and those working on this issue. Even if you, they, aren't looking for one. It's deserved." Leaning to tap on a PADD a moment, "Since you've been here, do you have any information that has been flowing around that may not have been exactly put forth on official reports? Maybe something to give us a leg up."

"Unfortunately no there is no information that can help us. The station's Intelligence teams only managed to get the information they did through whatever contacts that they have. All we know is that a full attack force will be here, and they are bent on taking this station or destroying it. We also know that this is not a Dominion action. The Breen are working alone on this attack. I am confident that we should be able to hold out as a wing of Marine pilots from Empok Nor will be responding. The Romulans and the Klingons have each pledged a ship to assist in the defense of the system." Daynah relaxed a bit as she spoke, well as much as she could. Ral had been constantly generating battle plans in the woman's head. So much so that she was constantly writing them down.

Faith nodded, "Sounds about right then. We'll let you, or I'll let you, or someone will let you know when we get the shield frequencies of the other ships. That's part of my plan for us to get survivors off the ships. Matching those, while being able to beam them off, or teams over. At the same time, being able to defend from the Breen attacks. Considering the mass number of transporters on the station, hot swapping using those would greatly decrease casualties."

"Indeed it would. That is something that our Romulan friends would be greatly appreciative of. I am sure your Captain has made you aware that their Sick Bay is not up to snuff so their injured will be coming your way. As for most of the civilians and diplomatic corps on the station they will most likely being going down to the planet Aquil for safety." Daynah replied and then glanced down at an incoming report from General Sobel. It seemed he would be sending his Corps of Engineers as well. Well that will be a big help in the rebuilding. Daynah thought.

"Yes, Lieutenant. I already mentioned that with our crew and we're going to pass that on once we get in contact with the Romulans. now we're all on a better page for that aspect. I suppose we've got this covered now. So I should probably go. Let you get back to things you need to deal with also."

"You know as a member of the crew of the Artemis this is going to be more appropriate than normal. Happy hunting Lieutenant. Poseidon out." When the screen went black Daynah breathed a sigh of relieve and pulled her already tight ponytail tighter. At least the Artemis had a competent tactical officer. That was one less stressor Daynah had to worry about.

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