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First Impressions Tend To Last

Posted on Wed Oct 5th, 2022 @ 7:25am by Lieutenant Faith Benson & Cassandra Frost
Edited on on Wed Oct 5th, 2022 @ 7:37am

Mission: The Hunt Begins
Location: Chief Security/Tactical Officer's Office - Deck 10 - USS Artemis
Timeline: MD001 1630 hrs


Making her way down to the security offices, Cassie wanted to make sure to meet her new direct superior, one Lieutenant Faith Benson. From what little information she was able to get ahold of, Lieutenant Benson was a no nonsense kind of person with 200+ years under her belt so she should know her job well. Stopping once she’d found the door she was looking for, Cassie took a deep breath in before moving her hand towards the door chime, pausing just before actually tapping it, then instead choosing to knock.

Or perhaps that was the purpose of what information Faith had wanted to have be known? That or it was all true? One would have to find out of course. Faith still hadn't gotten a chance to move anything personal into her office, if she was going to. Because of the lack of the ship being completely ready. Glancing up from the three PADDs she had in hands, desk. Switching between the two of them. "Come in."

Stepping inside after hearing the reply, Cassie moved to the opposite side of Faith’s desk and gave her a nod of acknowledgment, “Lieutenant Benson, Cassie Frost, I’ve been told I’m to be your Criminal Apprehension Officer on this rather interesting ship” she said, holding out her hand to the Lieutenant. She figured she’d treat this the same way she treated meeting any other local law enforcement and while she had no official rank or authority here, becoming acquainted with the chief of security was never a bad idea.

At least that was one of the things that was on the PADDS, aside of other things. Setting them down and standing up. The violet eyes falling on the almost full Andorian. Not that Faith particularly cared after all whom she'd meet over her time. Taking the outstretched hand for a shake. "Miss Frost. It's nice to meet you. What can I do for you?"

“Well how about we get me up to speed on what cases we have active and go from there?” Cassie suggested.

Faith motioned to one of the two chairs on the other side of the desk. Sitting down, "Well, nothing really to much at the moment other than. It's almost sorta not a case per say. Have you not heard anything of the bustlings going around on the ship about an Ambassador and the Breen?"

Cassie shook her head, “unfortunately not, you don’t get a great deal of outside news in prison.”

"Since you're going to find out anyway. A possible rescue and/or recover mission. The opposition potentially Breen." Faith leaving out a lot of the details for not, not from a lack of trust. She wasn't sure how much was suppose to be devulged as of yet.

Taking a deep breath in, Cassie let this new info process before saying anything, “Breen? Well that’s going to be interesting to say the least. May I assume our target for rescue is this ambassador?”

There was a bit of a nod given, "That's at least the idea anyway. Which we have to try and find the ship first."

“So we’re still looking for the ship?” Cassie asked rhetorically, getting her brain back into gear. “I could put out some feelers, talk to my old contacts and see what I can come up with”

Faith thought about it a minute, "Actually that might not be a bad idea, Cassie. Something to work with at least to help. Keep me informed though about it."

“I will, hopefully my old contacts are still out there. Do we know what kind of ship we’re looking for?”

"Well in a manner, yeah. Also get Romulans off of a Warbird that's been damaged. It's all over the place." Faith snorted a little bit.

“Romulans? How did they get involved?” Cassie asked.

There was a bit of a shrug given, "No idea, didn't ask."

Cassie started to get a little confused, “so we’re looking for two ships now? The ambassadors ship and this Romulan one?”

"Well sort of, not really. Same ship. It's a mess. Save Romulan injured , fight the Breen." Faith just gave a sigh.

Cassie nodded, “ah ok I think I get it. I’ll try to dig up some specifics. Oh and the CO told me that I need to go through you for basically any access above basic civilian levels, so would you mind if I set up shop in here somewhere or is there somewhere else that would be better?”

"I suppose..." Faith gave a thoughtful look a moment and then another. "They'd probably feel better if it were in here. If I'm not in here there usually always is someone about."

“Alright then. I’ll send a message to Starfleet Security on Earth and see if they’ve still got all my old gear stored away somewhere. Now that I think of it, I wonder what they did with my ship”

There was an odd look given across Faith's face, "What do you mean ship?"

“Hmm? Oh I’m talking about the ship I used while I was playing bounty hunter in Orion space. She is, or was, an old courier ship converted by the Maquis into quite the aggressive fighter. I managed to recover her from a scrap yard before she was melted down. Took me a few months to get her fully repaired but even with my shoddy repairs the old girl carried me through a lot”

"Uh..huh...We'll just have to see about that part."

“Oh don’t worry, she’s probably been scrapped by now. Not that Starfleet would allow me to take her back at any rate” Cassie said, feeling a little sad that she probably would never see that small ship again.

Faith gave a little bit of a shrug, "I don't know. Well see. Maybe if it's put in my name and given a reason why to have it here. Why don't you at the least send me everything you have on it. We'll go from there."

“If you want sure, but I’m not sure where exactly we could dock her, she’s a little bigger then a Runabout so I don’t think she’ll fit in the shuttle bay” Cassie said with a non-committal shrug.

"Just what kind of ship are we talking about? I mean, sure you said old courier ship but that could be anything," Faith's right eyebrow raised.

Giving the question a little thought, Cassie glanced over at Faiths console, “Could I get you to bring up Starfleet’s files on the Maquis? I’m sure I can find an appropriate image in there for you.”

Faith pursed her lips for a moment, "I may not need to. Are you talking about a kitbashed Maquis Raider?" Brings them up anyway for Cassie to look through.

“Yea that’s her, geeze she’s a little bigger then I remember.” Cassie said, looking at the display of a Maquis Raider, “yea she definitely isn’t going to fit in the shuttle bay. Believe me, getting that thing automated wasn’t easy though I did have a V.I. Installed to help out.”

"It might. I don't know, we'll have to see. There's no promise anyway. Again, it'd have to be turned over to me, and the command codes. I'm pretty sure you having free reign with it would be a no go. Choices, choices." Faith pulled up the specs.

Taking a deep breath, Cassie nodded, “true enough, might just be better to let her be scrapped. She’s seen more than her fair share. I mean, I pulled her from a scrap yard in the first place anyway. Those Zacdon weren’t happy”

"Well that's entirely up to you of course." Faith gave a little shrug.

“I’ll give it some thought” Cassie said before taking a deep breath, “well, unless there is anything else, I better get to work getting my station set up in here”

She shook her head and reached for one of those PADDS, "No, I think that's about it for the moment." Faith watched as Cassie stood up and moved away to go start on getting set up.

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