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A ball of yarn?

Posted on Thu Apr 20th, 2023 @ 3:43pm by Lieutenant Commander Faith Benson & Lieutenant Siadra Molaur
Edited on on Thu Apr 20th, 2023 @ 9:04pm

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Mission: The Hunt Begins
Location: Deck 10 - USS Artemis
Timeline: MD003 1000 hrs

She finally made it on her new ship, and Siadra Molaur breathed a contented sigh. Looped over her arm, was a bag which was stuffed with balls of rolled up yarn and other items with which she could utilize to occupy her time. Over her other shoulder was a shoulder bag which held some books and some fabric and some scissors. These she had just bought on Poseidon station.

The bag on her shoulder slipped down and Siadra reflexively moved to stop it, which caused the other bag she had over her other arm go sideways, and several balls of yarn dropped out. A rambunctious ball of yarn a rich color of purple, went bouncing down the corridor.

"Good heavens, you get back here!" Siadra growled out, hastily getting the other yarn back into the bag, then chasing down the errant ball of yarn.

Faith was doing this that or another while walking down the corridor, the ball of yarn stopping against her foot. Leaning to pick it up and giving it a look over. At least it matched her eyes, so there was that already liking it. Glancing up to where it came from.

Siadra came up, huffing just a little bit. "Oh hello, might I have my ball of yarn back?" taking a look at the woman in front of her. "I'm Lieutenant Siadra Molaur. And you are?"

There was a little bounce of the ball in her hand, then holding it out, "Lieutenant Faith Benson. Nice to meet you."

Siadra accepted the ball of yarn from Faith, noting that the woman had purple eyes. "You have a rare color of eyes, much like Elizabeth Taylor. A classic and classy movie star. Very pretty." she commented. "Tell me something were you involved in the Breen battle that had happened?"

"Thank you. I'm not sure why I have them but I do. I like them, besides, it's also my favorite color." Faith tilted her head a little, "Why I was. Why do you ask?"

"Well you see I was on a ship that was heading towards the station and it was caught up in the battle with the Breen. I recorded my perceptions as to what went on during that battle but I am also wanting to get your story and as to what you experienced. I am a little bit of a historian and just have this need to make a record of what I and others have experienced during this particular event." Siadra replied.

"I suppose I don't mind talking to you about it in that context," Faith looked around them and then back. "However, the corridor is probably not the best place for that. Also," pointing at Siadra's full arms, "You've obviously not even settled in yet."

Siadra laughed, her laughter almost a quality like silver bells. "Oh these? I ended up going shopping on the Station before arriving here I couldn't help myself, the softness of the yarn will make for a pretty scarf for someone. Or even a pair of mittens. I tend to like crafting things on my free time. I could make you a scarf that would match your eyes. But we can discuss that on the way to my quarters?"

Faith chuckled a little, "Fair enough, and yes, if you should like." Motioning her hand out for Siadra to lead the way.

Siadra gave a nod, and proceeded down the corridor towards her quarters. "Okay so, the battle with the Breen where were you at when the fight broke out? On the bridge, in your quarters?" Siadra having an easy gait. "I've got a bit of a historian nagging at me to find out people's stories."

"I was on the Bridge where I generally am at. Bit of a work-aholic."

Siadra gave a nod, "Out of curiosity, what brought you to serve on this ship? Was it the specialization of this vessel? I was a bit excited to have gotten assigned to here. And wasn't certain if they were going to let me serve here."

"After skipping around from place to place I decided I wanted to do more to help others like I was helped a long time ago."

"What sort of help were you given that inspired you to join this unique ship?" the two women finally getting to Siadra's quarters. "Come on in, if you don't mind sitting for a spell and do some chit chatting?"

"Oh, thank you." Moving in and looking around it a little for a moment. "I was saved by the Enterprise and her crew in 2293."

"That was about 104 years ago. I was looking much different than I am now." Siadra answering, "Care for some tea?" as she pulled out some tea and went to get some hot water. "Back then I was an antique dealer, the antiques I had were gained legally and not stolen. Plus was an historian as well."

"No, thank you actually. I'm fine for now." Faith smiled lightly. "I also was not questioning your previous job, legal or otherwise. That's in the past. I do appreciate you mentioning that fact however."

"I didn't think you were questioning me. Though someday that might come up in a bit of questioning at some point in time." Siadra giving a light laugh. "Its happened before." turning around to face Faith after she fixed her tea.

In Siadra's quarters besides the bags that had her most recent purchases. Upon another chair would be some blankets that had been woven, and on another chair a dress of a rich purple in color. Also there was a tailor's mannequin in a corner with a half finished dress, this one being a dark rich green. Also seated upon a bin were some other fabric.

Since she'd already been looking, like she always does when coming into someone's quarters, or any room actually she hasn't been in. The theme was noticed. "The ball, the color, the other things here with that color scheme. You don't just do quilts you're an actual seamstress. I've not see that in awhile actually." Moving over closer to look. "These are beautiful."

Siadra chuckled, "Thank you and yes I am an actual seamstress. Something I learned from my previous host. And I just love the stress relief that creating something of beauty can give." Taking a sip of her tea then placing it down upon a near by counter. She walked over to where Faith was at. Taking a good look at Faith, Siadra pursed her lips deep in thought then picked up the purple dress from off the chair.

"I am wondering something." she held the dress up to herself, then Siadra held it up to Faith, "Would you like to try this on? I am thinking that it will fit you."

"Um.." Faith tilted her head a little. "Well I suppose I could. Have you actually had any able body to try all of these creations on and check or just the bust model?"

"Not for a little bit. When I had to change hosts and I went into another profession, I had just the tailor's mannequin. I've had to sort of keep secret as to what I know how to do now." she looked at the dress once more then back at Faith. "I think all I need to do is maybe make an adjustment or two and it would fit you just nicely." Siadra remarked musingly.

"I've no problem with helping with that." Giving a light shrug, she completely disrobed from her uniform to just the sports bra and panties. Holding her arms out parallel with the deck. "Have at it."

Siadra without blinking an eye, got out her tailor's measuring tape and started to take Faith's measurements. She also muttered "Quiet Jomod." as she quickly finished. "now for you to try the dress on." giving a smile.

Faith tilted her head a little bit, "Jomod?" She felt like she should know that word but it wasn't coming to her. Looking to the dress again, "Alright." Moving to work into it.

"Oh sorry" Siadra giving a rueful chuckle. "I was telling the voice of one of my hosts to be quiet. Jomod was someone who was very much into theater both on screen and off screen. He was just admiring your physique. He was an actor, a writer and a director of films and plays. And he said you were beautiful." Siadra stepping back to scrutinize Faith and the dress she now wore. "That looks like it fits you perfectly. And you look very lovely in it."

"Oh..right. I'm sorry. I forgot you are joined. So that makes sense." Smiling light. Giving a look in the mirror at the dress and her in it. "Well thank you, Jomod, and Siadra."

"if you would like I can make some other clothing for you. Another dress or something else. " Siadra was just thrilled that something she made was going to someone. "You can have that dress if you'd like. It looks superb and, you are beautiful." a huge grin.

"I um...I'm not sure." Looking down at the dress she was still wearing. "If you're sure. I'd love to keep it."

"Yes, most definitely, would give me great pleasure if you would keep it." Siadra just beaming with delight. She gave a sigh of contentment, "It does look beautiful on you."

Faith almost giggled in delight. "Thank you so much! I'd love to have another one as well." Making no move to take it off and change back into her uniform.

"Let me know what color you would like and I'll make it for you. Especially now that I know your measurements a bit more precise." Siadra feeling rather happy about this.

"Hmm..." her hands were down towards the bottom of the skirt. Kinda of holding it and moving her hips back and forth. Obviously excited. "Something Black and Red I think."

Siadra nodded, "Oh, most definitely, I will work on it." Feeling rather pleased. "I will let you know when it is finished, and ready for a fitting. Just need to know what length you would like it?"

Faith pursed her lips a little bit, looking thoughtful, "I don't usually dress out much, how about something..pleasing and sexy but not slutty."

"No very low neck, hem three inches above the knee if you want sexy or even four inches. You do have nice legs. Or if you would like the hem just a bit lower. Maybe the skirt with a little bit of a swish meaning enough cloth to swirl out when you walk. Hmmnn, maybe have it just to the top of the knees.." Siadra hmmning to herself as she picked up a notebook and made some notes.

" about..slightly low neck, four inches above the knee. Two of them that way, one red and black, one purple and black, the purple and black one with a bit of a swish, the other a little more form fitting."

Siadra nodded, "That sounds great. I am looking forward to getting those made and seeing you wear them. They will look beautiful." she did some quick jottings into her notebook, then showed Faith her quick sketch of the possible design. "How about this?"

Reaching up Faith scratched one of her brows a moment as she leaned to look. "I love it."

Siadra beamed, "Fantastic. I am just thriled about this." impulsively giving Faith an embrace. "Whoops sorry about that." letting Faith go. "I am just excited to see some of my works of art being worn."

"I'm gla.." whoa okay. Though the hug was fine, returning it. "That's fine Siadra. It didn't bug me," Faith gave her a smile.

"Okay good." Siadra giggled. "Well, I will let you know when I have the dresses done, and we'll go from there." Siadra turning to put her notebook down upon a nearby table.

"Okay, so, what do you like to do in your time away from work? You already know what some of the stuff I do. How about you?"

"Actually, I could have sworn I mentioned some of those today, other than brooding and making people fear me." Faith gave Siadra a wink.

Siadra blinked, "Well hmmmnn who could you be talking about. And why would I fear you, you are not a brooding person, I wouldn't have thought you as such. Gosh, you are a really lovely person. However, I don't know what you like to do on your off times, except for being a wonderful person, stopping my errant ball of yarn from escaping."

"I could have always stolen it instead. I mean, it is my favorite color. Which, has nothing to do with my eyes. That's a coincidence." Reaching for a PADD and pulling up a blank page. Writing into it. Cook and eat food. Playing the Violin and singing. Mysteries, be it real or holo-novels. Writing them are also a large interest, as well as writing on real paper and trying to publish books. Building things as well. Taking them apart, putting them back together. Improving on the designs. Doesn't always work out. Archery is another, as are ballistic weapons, or any weapons for that matter, as well as Martial Arts. Law is another still. Holding the PADD out. "Which that last, given...I kind of passed the BAR and all..well."

Siadra nodded after she read what Faith had brought up. "Well then I can hear the voice of glee coming from the first host. He was an author. I am sure he would love to talk with you. And well this is the first time I really read the manifest as to who was on the ship. I was more thinking of getting to know the people before reading up on them." Siadra giving a slight apologetic smile. "I like to get to know someone like that. Well then, guess I should get back to getting my quarters in order, then my lab. I can hardly wait to see it."

"Since you mentioned hosts. I never completely understood how that works. Granted, how old I am, all of that blah blah, advanced knowledge. Trill are weird. No offense intended. I didn't think you could have the host fully come out. You only get snippets, or memories, or maybe lean towards something maybe a previous host enjoyed."

"There are those that the former hosts are more active. Others that have only snippets and then there are those that are quiet. And yes I can see your perceptions of Trills being weird. And I take no offense at all." Siadra giving a shrug.

"Well...most people find my perception of space and time weird and have accused me of being Q, so there's that."

Siadra tilted her head slightly. "Why? Well then again there are those who can't even picture living for quite sometime in one form or other, and the pairing of one life form with another. So nothing wrong with your perception of time and space. I get it. Its like my having strange perceptions of life as well. I get it"

"What way do you mean your type of perception?"

"I think I am meaning, viewpoints from the other hosts. They all had their own perceptions of how life went for them. Their philosophies, their points of interest." Siadra wondering if she was making any sense, going over what she had just said. She gave a slight sigh, "that is probably neither here nor there. For now I am going to stick with the here and the now working on science projects, and doing things I like, for instance. Making dresses and other art projects."

Faith nodded, "Perhaps that's for the best. I try not to dwell in my perceptions most times."

"Most definitely a wise part on both our accounts." Siadra remarked. As is I have a mind of my own as well, and shall live the utmost for this life." she paused and gave a grin, "And I get to make clothing!"

"That you do get to do," Faith smiled. "Thank you again for this, and the other one you're going to make."

"You are very welcome. Well, we'll see each other again most definitely. And thank you for stopping my runaway ball of yarn." Siadra giving a chuckle.

"I'm glad I did," Faith turned and moved to skip out of the room into the corridor.

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