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Rear Admiral Declan Ford

Name Declan Walker Ford

Position Director SCIU

Rank Rear Admiral

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 65

Physical Appearance

Height 6'
Weight 175 lbs
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Left Eye: Blue / Right Eye: Hazel
Physical Description Declan is tall and slim, some thing he may be emaciated. He has a tattoo of Lady Justice on his right forearm. He has a condition known as heterochromia where the color of his eyes are different. His voice is unique, this owning to a cadence in his method of speech.


Spouse Georgianne Ford (Singer)
Children None
Father Paul Ford (Baker)
Mother Rosalie Ford (Apothecary)
Brother(s) Kenneth Ford (older) - Engineer
Glenn Ford (younger) - Starfleet Officer
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Declan is a genial person although people take a moment to warm up to him. He is determined to see the Federation succeed, and justice done when it needs to. He can be a littler overzealous at times and he has been known to bend a law or two in the interest of justice. Declan is extremely charismatic, a trait that he uses to his benefit in interrogations. He is known as a seeker of truth before justice.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Charismatic
+ Deductive Reasoning
+ Fair Minded

- Aloof
- Stubborn
- Racist
Ambitions Declan wants to see the Federation succeed as he believes it to be the only way for humans to survive in the galaxy. He has achieved all he wanted as he is now the Commanding Officer of the Criminal Investigations Unit. His driving goal now is mete out law and order whenever and where ever he can.
Hobbies & Interests He is an avid reader and lover of all things medieval. He is exceptionally fond of traditions, especially the ones that involve legal systems. Declan is a poker player, and a player of a Vulcan game known as Kalto.

Personal History Declan was born in the year 2097 on a farm in Dundee, Scotland, United Kingdom, Earth. He was the son of a Baker father and his mother was an apothecary, healing people with natural medicine. Declan’s Dad wanted him to take over the farm and bakery, but something about the stars called to Declan. Declan has an older brother that is two years older than him. When Declan was five years old his mother gave birth to his younger brother Glenn. The fact that Paul Ford had realized that none of his children wanted to be a farmer led him to make a change. He sold the farm and opened a bakery.

Growing up with two siblings Declan, and his brothers had your typical rivalry. He excelled at things technical rebuilding machines and figuring out not just how they work, but why they work. Like his older brother, his younger brother however, excelled at languages. He simply had a knack for picking them up and memorizing them. Declan got into trouble fairly often. First with his parents as he took apart the home electronics to figure out how they worked. Then later at school when he would get into fights with other children. They would call him names and tease him for his bookish ways and he would not take it. He quickly became known as a hothead. His parents were called to his school on more than one occasion for a fight that he got into or because he took something apart that he was not supposed to. He made a few close friends and cherished the few that he had. Very often counting them among his family. His reputation with his friends was that if you messed with any one of them you messed with Declan.

Declan’s largest aptitude seemed to be not so much with how things functioned but it was more why they functioned. How things operated, was what came easy to him. It was at this time that he realized two things. One he would join the United Earth Fleet, what better place would there be to learn how things work, and keep them working. This aptitude cemented Declan’s path into what would later become Starfleet. The other thing that he realized as he grew up was that this aptitude for knowing how things worked also extended to situations. He was quickly able to develop his deductive reasoning skills and found that he rather liked figuring out why people did things.

Declan’s general schooling went by basically uneventful. He experienced all that a normal boy experienced, the same trials and tribulations. He graduated High School as the salutatorian. His girlfriend at the time Emma was the valedictorian. His grades earned him a spot at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Before Declan would take to the stars he would learn about the law and psychology. His years at the college would be simple academically, but would reveal a lot about the man he was to become. Declan would graduate the College with a Bachelor's of Arts in Criminal Justice, and a Minor in Human Psychology. His mother wanted him to become a lawyer, however, the stars still beckoned to Declan so he enlisted in the United Earth Fleet.

The next four years saw Declan training with the United Earth Fleet. Due to his college degree the fleet decided to have him trained as a peace officer, and a security officer. For Declan this was the best of both worlds he was going to be able to enforce the law which he loved all the while going to space. Ford did not find the training to be difficult and managed to graduate at the top of his class.

Upon Graduation he was assigned to the SS Triton as Security Officer with the rank of Ensign. While aboard the the Triton Declan developed his penchant for poker games. It was the weekly game that he ran that allowed him to make friends on the ship. The sound of his voice and the cadence of his speech made it difficult at times for him to make friends.

In 2127 Declan was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade. The promotion came as a decoration for meritorious service. It was at this time that he was reassigned as a member of the Security Detal attached to the Vulcan embassy on Earth. Declan found the Vulcans to be likeable, which was distinct difference than most other humans. He found their logical path to be in sync with his deductive reasoning. It was his liking of the Vulcans that allowed him to excell there in in 2132 he is assigned to the security detail for the Vulcan Ambassador himself.

In early 2133 Declan threw himself on an explosive device which allowed the Ambassador to escape harm. Declan received a bionic leg, a promotion to the rank of Full Lieutenant and a transfer. He was sent to serve as the Chief Security Officer aboard the SS Lilly's Eye. Declan did not want this transfer however, serving as Chief would further his career. He would later state that leaving the Vulcans was perhaps his greatest regret.

Declan's time on the Lilly's Eye helped shape him into the commanding officer he would become. Here he learned how to temper his deductions, and how to be forgiving, less rigid even. In 2134 the Lilly's Eye is requested to go to the Taurean Sector to investigate the disappearance of another one of Earth's ships. It was Declan who was able to not only find the ship, but ascertain that the ship's commander had gone into hiding on purpose. A year later Declan would be promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander and transferred again, this time back to Earth to serve as the Deputy Inspector of Earth's Police Force.

The winter of 2140 was an eventful one for Declan, and one that passed in a blur. First a series of serial killings broke out all over the planet. Declan followed the path of blood until he found a man who had been abused by his familty and became disturbed. Declan was able to see the man brought to justice. Immediately after he was promoted to the rank of Commander and given the position of Executive Officer aboard the HMS New Zealand.

The Captain of the New Zealand was a ragged man, one who had been serving in the fleet for some time. While Declan did not want to learn the older man's demeanor, he would benefit from the advice and counsel. This Captain is one in a long line that would groom Declan to become the officer that he is. A short two years later the Earth fleet finds themselves at a loss for Captains so to honor his distinguished service Declan is given his own ship the SS Yenolen.

Eight years into his command Declan would experience the defining moment of his career to date. He would assist in the capture of Dr Arik Soong. The doctor had been raising augments and evaded capture for some time. That was until the fleet put Declan on the case. Declan was able to use forensics to follow every move that the Doctor made and tracked him to the planet that he hid on. Against Declan's suggestion the augments were allowed to not only live, but remain on the planet that they were found.

After the capture of Soong the fleet saw the potential in Declan Ford and promoted him to the rank of Commodore. They allowed him to retain command of the Yenolen. However, his duties doubled. Nine more years passed while he sat in the center seat of the Yenolen. Declan hatched an idea during this time. It seemed to him that Earth and the fleet could do with some criminal investigators. Perhaps if they had some then Soong would not have been in hiding for so long. Declan proposes the idea for the Starfleet Criminal Investigations Unit.

In 2161 the idea is approved and Declan is promoted to Rear Admiral and given command of the unit. He is given a few ships at his disposal to prove that the unit is needed. He assembles a team and together they set out to solve the unsolvable. While most of the fleet is out exploring the unknown, Declan and the SFCIU is making it safe for them to do so.
Service Record 2161 - Present
Commanding Officer Starfleet Criminal Investigations Unit

2142 - 2161
Commanding Officer of the SS Yenolen
- Assisted in the capture of Dr Arik Soong in 2150
- Promoted to Commodore in 2151

2140 - 2142
Executive Officer of the HMS New Zealand
-Promoted to Captain in 2142

2135 - 2140
Deputy Inspector Earth's Police Force
- Promoted to Commander in 2140

2133 - 2135
Chief Security Officer SS Lily's Eye
- Investigated the disappearance of a Earth Ship in 2134
- Promoted to Lieutenant in 2133

2127 - 2133
Security Officer Vulcan Ambassador Detail
- 2128 Promoted to Lieutenant

2123 - 2127
Served in Earth Defense Fleet
- Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade in 2127

2119 - 2123
United Earth Fleet Training
- Granted Rank of Ensign in 2123

2115 - 2119
Student John Jay College of Criminal Justice