The Sim

We are a proud member of Zodiac Fleet and Task Group Phoenix. Our Sim takes place 1 year after the creation of the Federation and takes place on the borders of Klingon Space. Where most of Starfleet explores and secures its new borders, we will be pursuing those who would do harm from within and without.

The Artemis is the first ship assigned to Starfleet’s new Criminal Investigations Unit. This crew is a group of highly trained individuals who have resigned themselves to make sure that justice prevails. They just have to remember that everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

The Artemis is an NX Class ship and is ready to take part in its very own story. If you are interested in joining or have any questions, please reach out to the Executive Officer or myself. Thank you for stopping by.

Captain Marc Kidd
Commanding Officer
Artemis NX-14

Commander Kayleigh Harper
Executive Officer
Artemis NX-14