The Sins of History

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The USS Artemis is sent to Bajor at the request of Minister Taro Holmes. It seems that the Bajoran government has picked up the trail of the last war criminal Gul Yorr Vamcet. Vamcent was the administrator for Porchet Forced labor Camp. He is allegedly responsible for numerous deaths, too numerous to list. Captain Kidd and the team aboard the Artemis must follow the decades cold trail. Can the Artemis find the Gul and bring him to justice or will his sins just be lost to history.

Part of The Case Files

Cold Cases

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A mission where you can tell stories of your characters before their assignment to the USS Artemis.

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The Hunt Begins

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Admiral Declan Ford and Captain Marc Kidd assemble the first crew of its kind at Poseidon Station in the Aquil Sector. The Starfleet Criminal Investigative Service is a new program created by Admiral Ford. This elite group of experts have been assembled to solve the cases that no one else wants to deal with. The aptly named USS Artemis a Luna Class ship is given to the Service to hunt down those who would be fugitives of justice. As the teams come together they must get to know each other and learn to work together if they are to solve the unsolvable.