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Zodiac Fleet: Task Force Titan

The following vessels join the USS Artemis as members of Task Force Titan

Commanding Officer: Commodore Tyler Malbrooke
Executive Officer: Major Cornelius Tremble
Task Group Flagship
Commanding Officer: Captain Willian Targaryen
Executive Officer: Commander Nathan Hawkins
Commanding Officer: Colonel Sehan t'Varis
Executive Officer: Major Ashley Rogers
Commanding Officer: Captain Linda Wilson
Executive Officer: Commander Junix Qetzal
Commanding Officer: Captain Hastios Patton
Executive Officer: Commander Emko Xasx

Zodiac Fleet: The Federation's 16th Fleet

The following ships join the USS Pioneer as members of Zodiac Fleet
Commanding Officer: Captain Elijah Rutherford
Executive Officer: Lieutenant Commander Dominic Aldrich
Commanding Officer: Captain Melody Jones
Executive Officer: Lieutenant Commander Mathias McPhee
Commanding Officer: Captain Maxwell Culver
Executive Officer: Colonel Galen s'Khev

Banner Exchange

The USS Artemis recognizes the following non Zodiac Fleet sims
Commanding Officer: Commodore Yoshi Minawara
Executive Officer: Captain Ewan Darrow

Commanding Officer: Captain Jacob Kane
Executive Officer: Commander N'Garzi Zora

Commanding Officer: Captain David Hawkins
Executive Officer: Lieutenant Commander Raiden Kosugi

Commanding Officer: Captain Henry Crow
Executive Officer: Commander Edra Crow

Commanding Officer: Commander Rupert Tyree
Executive Officer: Commander Daynah Ral
Commanding Officer: Captain Cornelius Harrington III
Poseidon Strategic Command: Lieutenant Colonel Jack Patton
Poseidon Operations Command: Commander Cara Letsul

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