Sister Ships

Created by Rear Admiral Declan Ford on Sun Feb 28th, 2021 @ 10:58am

Task Group Phoenix

The following vessels join the Artemis as members of Task Group Phoenix:

Commanding Officer: Captain Indrala Xerix
Executive Officer: Commander Cirila Ylvor
Commanding Officer: Captain Elena Lightwood
Executive Officer: Commander Miles Williams
Commanding Officer: Colonel Sehan t'Varis
Executive Officer: Major Ashley Rogers
Commanding Officer: Captain Felix Rollins
Executive Officer: Lieutenant Commander David Arbroath

Banner Exchange

The Artemis recognizes the following non Zodiac Fleet sims

Commanding Officer: Captain Malcom Llwyedd
Executive Officer: Commander Hansel Friedrech

Commanding Officer: Rear Admiral Domingo Martinez
Executive Officer: Commodore Hadir Prenar
Commanding Officer: Captain Thomas Winter
Executive Officer: Commander Harrison Wade

Commanding Officer: Commander Aranis T'San
Executive Officer: Commander Daynah Ral

Commanding Officer: Captain Steven Bond
Executive Officer: Lieutenant Commander T'sal

Commanding Officer: Captain Henry Crow
Executive Officer: Commander Edra Crow

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