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"Each time a man stands up for an ideal or acts to improve the lot of others or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope."-Robert Kennedy-
(As inscribed on the dedication plaque of the USS Artemis NCC-80103)


In the Federation any crime is considered especially heinous. In Starfleet the dedicated personnel who investigate the most vicious felonies are members of an elite crew known as the Criminal Investigations Unit. THESE ARE THEIR STORIES…

The year is 2397. The Federation is a peaceful utopia where all cultures live in harmony for the betterment of each other, or is it. The Federation and by extention Starfleet would have you believe that there is little to no crime in the utopia that is the Federation. However, crime does indeed run rampant so a unit was created to keep these most vicious criminals under the rug and out of site. This unit known as the Starfleet Criminal Investigations Service (SFCIS) is tasked with pursuing offenders of all kinds and bringing them to justice. As well as making sure that the Federation's image is maintained

Rear Admiral Declan Ford, an old veteran of space by this point is given the command of the unit and brings in Captain Marc Kidd to command the ship. This ship, a Luna Class vessel aptly named the USS Artemis after the Goddess of the hunt will be used to hunt down enemies to justice wherever they may be.

This intrepid crew will stop at nothing to see justice done. While they accomplish this great feat they will learn about themselves and what their limits are. Exploration will build Starfleet, diplomacy will build the Federation, but justice will prevail when Artemis completes the hunt. This crew will have to prove that where there is justice there is hope. Can their tiny ripple become a giant wave? In short, their mission echoes their dedication plaque.

Marc and his crew will prove that leading by example is the best way to make friends. If you think you have what it takes to investigate the vicious crimes, and prosecute the offenders the join the Artemis as it takes up the hunt for justice.


Browse the manifest to see what open positions interest you. Take a read of the crew posts and logs to see what we are made of. If this sounds like something, you might be interested in being part of, feel free to submit an application or alternative contacting Command through the 'Contact Us' button with any questions or queries you may have.

We welcome all writers. It doesn't matter if you have been role-playing in the Star Trek universe for less than a day or you are a veteran. All are welcome!

Artemis is a Star Trek role-playing SIM that is played using Nova, a role-playing system developed by Anodyne Productions. You must be 16 or older to join this SIM!


Latest News Items

» Case Closed - The Hunt Begins Wrap Up - Episode 1

Posted on Fri Mar 31st, 2023 @ 3:39am by Captain Marc Kidd in General News

Well my friends that is the first mission in the bag as it were. A good crew came aboard and began to bond. It takes time for a crew to bond into a family and only time will tell if that can happen with our dysfunctional family. After all we come complete with a grumpy Aunt Miller. ;-)

Our ragtag group of scientists and investigators were tested by the Breen and we have come through that stronger than when we went in. Not only that but we assisted in saving a Federation station from being overrun by the Breen. I would say that is not bad for a group of brainiacs. lol

Suffice to say that you are all great writers and if this first mission is any indication we are on the road to do great things.

So without any gilding the lily and no further ado I give you the one, the only, awards... taps mic... Is thing on?

Lieutenant Commander Kelly Miller - Captain's Personal Merit -"During this first mission of ours Kelly really went for it with the character development. Through the character's posts we can see someone really wrestling with issues from the past and present. Someone who now has to deal with the scum of the Federation while healing. Really great writing, and a great beginning to what seems to be a phenomenal character driven story arch. This is exactly the kind of storytelling we want on the Artemis. Brava!!!"
-Captain Marc Kidd-

Lieutenant Sorine Kaida - Crew's Choice Award -"I really like how she’s played; a great contrast to the interesting collection of characters we have (especially a certain awful JAG) and she’s kinda hot, ngl."
-Lieutenant Commander Kelly Miller-

Lieutenant Christopher Blake - Library Excellence Ribbon -"When I read posts that Blake has written or joint posts that they have participated in they flow as if a novel. There is no seams when they pass the writing off to another and not only is the story interesting, but I find myself wanting more. Really wonderful writing. Keep up the great work!"
-Captain Marc Kidd-

Lieutenant Siadra Molaur - Professional Merit Award -"I feel like we have only scraped the tip of the iceberg with Siadra. However, I am already in love with the character. All of the at times befuddling professor types mulling about in the Science Officer's head is a real treat to read. Writing posts with them are always interesting, funny, and a pleasure."
-Captain Marc Kidd-

Commander Abernathy Rice - Service Citation 2+ Years -"At this point making it two years on this ship is quite the long stretch lol. I know that this ship would not be where it is today without my friend Abe. He is Number One in every sense of the word. Thank you for keeping me on the right path and here is to many many more."
-Captain Marc Kidd-

I see this as a great start to the wonderful stories that we can tell on this sim. Thank you all for being a part of this community.

For Now
All Rise,
Captain Marc Kidd
Commanding Officer, USS Artemis
Starfleet Criminal Investigations Unit

» One File Closed and Another Opens - End of Year 2022

Posted on Tue Jan 3rd, 2023 @ 4:37am by Captain Marc Kidd in General News

Well here we are and we made it through, 2022 comes to close. Another year over and a new one begins. As always lets hope that the next one is better than the last. As I look back at the last year I see a world coming out of the darkness that was quarantine. I see relationships born and reborn. I credit this community to helping us get through these doldrums. Your creative stories have always kept my mind looking to a better tomorrow.

As the year comes to close we look at the great things that we have all accomplished. I am blessed to have a baby on the way. I know that the rest of our community is doing great as the world gets back together. As for myself this year started out difficult and finishes with greatness. It is my greatest hope that 2023 is better than the last year. The we continue to grow and learn.

So that is enough of the misty eyed adoration. Suffice to say 2022 had its ups and its downs. But the Artemis is always one of the ups...

So without any gilding the lily and no further ado I would like to present a few end of year/beginning of year awards.

Lieutenant Viessa Kenobi - Captain's Personal Merit Award -"Viessa has been an asset to me since the reformatting of this sim. They are always open to any post that anyone would like. Add to that their ability to step up and fill an open position with an NPC for the sake of the mission. Thank you for all that you do and keep up the great work."
-Captain Marc Kidd-

Lieutenant Faith Benson - Executive Officer's Merit Award -"I have truly enjoyed seeing Faith grow into their role, and develop their character. I am impressed with their ability to roll with the punches and weave Faith into what is needed. They are active in discord and involved in our larger community. Their writing is easy to follow and a joy to read. Thank you for all you bring to the community and the Artemis."
-Commander Abernathy Rice-

Ensign Nala Rider - DeForest Kelly Humor Award -"Since the Ensign has joined the ship there has never been a dull moment. Their posts have the unique distinction of being both serious and full of humor at the same time. From falling off of an obstacle on the holodeck to missing part of their console on the bridge their light-heartedness fills the sim with some levity that it often needs. Thank you for making us all smile."
-Captain Marc Kidd-

This sim was on the verge of being shut down due to lack of interest. However, with your help it has been reborn and is steamrolling into the next year. I await with baited breath to see the cases that we will handle in the next year. Thank you for your creativity and your friendship. But most of all thank you for being a part of this great community.

For Now
All Rise,
Captain Marc Kidd
Commanding Officer, USS Artemis

» Welcome to the Case Files of the Starfleet Criminal Investigations Unit

Posted on Thu Jul 7th, 2022 @ 9:14am by Captain Marc Kidd in General News

Greetings Everyone...

Just wanted to say welcome aboard the USS Artemis NCC-80103 and to the Starfleet Criminal Investigations Unit. The first mission is open for posting. This mission is for the crew to gather and get to know each other as well as what this sim will be about. It will be a nice lead in for our second mission.

Start posting away, I am always available for joint posts. Just a couple of things about posting. First dates... You should be arriving at Poseidon Station on MD001 which is July 7 2397. Remember the date for your own character timelines, but please put MDXXX and the time of your post in the timeline section. For the location box please put in the following format, room where post is occurring, deck, and location. If the deck is not applicable then skip it. For example: Captain's Ready Room - Deck 1 - USS Artemis or Forensic Lab - Andorra. Any back post that you may want to do such as character backstory before arriving at the station. Put the date that the post is occurring in the timeline box. Both Admiral Ford and Captain Kidd will be on the Artemis and the station as of MD001, although the Admiral will not be launching with the ship. You do not have to arrive on MD001, you can arrive whenever you want your character to.

Second, ending your posts. In the ooc section of the Wiki you will find a signature page. Please copy and paste the html code for your signature and place it at the bottom of your post. This is especially important on joint posts as it tells the other writers that you are done with the post and ready to send it up.

Take a look around the site, it is expanding every day. Thank you for joining the sim and I look forward to writing with you all.

In the Federation any crime is considered especially heinous. In Starfleet the dedicated personnel who investigate the most vicious felonies are members of an elite crew known as the Criminal Investigations Unit. THESE ARE THEIR STORIES…

For Now,
Steady As She Goes,
Captain Marc Kidd
Commanding Officer, USS Artemis NCC-80103
Starfleet Criminal Investigations Unit

Latest Mission Posts

» Biting Irony

Mission: The Sins of History
Posted on Tue Sep 19th, 2023 @ 11:08am by Lieutenant Commander Viessa Kenobi & Lieutenant Siadra Molaur & Lt JG Ansel Lund

Finally a space of her own to dig through the box that had accompanied Molaur and his hosts, since the curator had died. Siadra breathed a sigh of happiness, finally she could start to examine what was inside. It had been sitting for a bit. With gentle hands Siadra opened…

» All for my father

Mission: The Sins of History
Posted on Sat Sep 16th, 2023 @ 7:49pm by Captain Marc Kidd & Lieutenant JG Andrew Griffin

If anyone had looked his way they would have seen just an old Bajoran man walking along. But if they scanned him they would find something else that would be the last thing their eyes ever saw. Tamar Vamcet had already killed plenty of times to protect his father even…

» The Past Comes Full Circle Part II

Mission: The Sins of History
Posted on Tue Sep 5th, 2023 @ 11:24pm by Captain Marc Kidd & Commander Abernathy Rice PhD & Lieutenant Commander Faith Benson & Lieutenant Commander Viessa Kenobi & Lieutenant Jonathan Corwin & Lieutenant Christopher Blake & Lieutenant Claire Fisher & Lieutenant Sorine Kaida & Lieutenant Siadra Molaur & Lieutenant JG Andrew Griffin & Lt JG Adalyn O'Rourke Ph.D. & Ensign Cihl Theidi & Ensign Nala Rider

Last Time on The Past Comes Full Circle Part I
With a sigh of relief, Siadra stepped inside the building. The memories that were racing around in her mind, quieted down. She took in a deep breath and let it out slowly, cleansing herself from the negative thoughts that cascaded…

» Lunch Date

Mission: The Sins of History
Posted on Mon Sep 4th, 2023 @ 1:27pm by Lieutenant Commander Viessa Kenobi & Lieutenant Claire Fisher & Lieutenant Siadra Molaur & Lt JG Adalyn O'Rourke Ph.D. & Lt JG Ansel Lund & Ensign Nala Rider

Claire smiled at the crewman who put the last of her lunch on her tray, giving a quiet thank you. She wasn’t exactly sure what it was. It looked like some sort of soup, but grey and it smelled like cabbages but didn’t look to have any. Regardless, she went…

» His Fathers Son

Mission: The Sins of History
Posted on Sat Aug 26th, 2023 @ 3:12pm by Lieutenant Sorine Kaida & Lieutenant JG Andrew Griffin

-Mess Hall-

Andrew sat down and placed his mug of tea in front of him. So now the emphasis was on Gul Vancets son. Captain Kidd had asked them to look into this. Griffin had found a few problems even at getting the guy's name. All the files on Gul…

Latest Personal Logs

» Home Again

Posted on Mon Jul 25th, 2022 @ 9:55pm by Lieutenant Jonathan Corwin

MD 001 0930Hrs.

Well I checked in with the security officer at the boarding portal and have had my gear beamed directly to my quarters. I've got my bed and bathroom set up and I'll unpack the rest of my gear later this evening.

I've taken my law gear with…