Home Again

Posted on Mon Jul 25th, 2022 @ 9:55pm by Lieutenant Jonathan Corwin

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MD 001 0930Hrs.

Well I checked in with the security officer at the boarding portal and have had my gear beamed directly to my quarters. I've got my bed and bathroom set up and I'll unpack the rest of my gear later this evening.

I've taken my law gear with the exception of my briefcase to my office and have got that set up to my satisfaction.

When I told JAG HQ about my divorce and said that I wanted to get away as far as I could from her, I had no idea that this was what they had in mind. I haven't been fully briefed on the mission details as of yet, But i was assured that there would be no way in hell that that psycho bitch of an Ex Wife of mine would be ever able to find me. And from what I've heard if it's true, Is the ship really doesn't know where it's going to until it receives it's orders.

Well I've to check in with the CMO and get my welcome aboard physical and then check in with the Captain and receive my mission briefing and see if he has anything for me as of yet or to see if my docket is clear for now.

Lieutenant Jonathan Corwin. Close personal log.


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