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Lieutenant Jonathan Corwin

Name Jonathan Bryce Corwin

Position Defense Council

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 5ft 11in ( 1.803 Meters )
Weight 195lbs 88.451Kg
Hair Color Black ( Short Military Crew Cut )
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Jonathan has a regular workout routine that he does four times a week, One could describe him as having a well toned beach body. His hair is always short and professional looking, Jonathan always has on a freshly pressed uniform and spit shined boots. He will always carry a black keather sachel with no less then a dozen PaDD's in it at any given time and a court recorder kit should it ever be needed in a pich.


Spouse Karen Whittfield-Corwin. Age:35. ( Divorced. ) Jonathan discovered about six months of marriage that Karen had been having an affair since before they were married. Not with just one man, but with five! And she was taking money from them all, She only married Jonathan figuring she could get the most prestige from him. As soon as Jonathan had evidence enough he divorced her and filed a permenant restraining order against her and transferred as far away from earth as he could get.
Children N/A
Father M/GnSgt Thomas Corwin. Age:62. ( Medical Retirement ) Spent forty years in starfleet marines, numberous decorations for the conflicts that he had fought in and has received the Starfleet MoH award.
Mother Sabrina Corwin. Age:59. Met Thomas when she was working as a club hostess aboard the casino ship SS Dragon Palace, after it had been taken over by pirates. Thomas's group liberated the ship, not only had the pirates been captured, but Sabrina's heart as well.
Brother(s) Wayne Corwin. Age:29. Works for Rothwell Corporation in Geneva Switzerland, Selling Precious gems and metals. Came back from a business trip with an Orion bride named Mar'lana. They have two children
Sister(s) Elanore Corwin. Age:23. Currently attending a private all women's university in Oxford England
Other Family Mar'lana Corwin. Age:27. was won in a tongo game and Wayne married her a month afterward. She is happy with her treatment and loves the man she now calls husband.

Fredrick Corwin. Age:3. Typical three year old and gets into everything, will be a spitting image of his father one day.

Ta'shalla Corwin. Age:1. Just beginning to walk. Has her mother's shade of skin.

Patrick & Elsa Corwin. Both Age:87. Patrick is a retired Lawyer from the Anders & Anders law firm. Elsa is a retired Teacher.

Saa'la T'rombin. Orion, Age 78. Freighter Captain of the Maltor's Reach. A freightor capable of hauling 20,000 tons of cargo. She still hasn't found her Daughter as of yet and still is searching. ( Sister in laws Grandmother. )

Pets: Buttercup: She is a north american Skunk ( Musk sacks have been removed. ) She is very affectionate and acts more like a cat at time, except for the climbing ability. She has a one square meter home that has been devided into several chambers. ( The roof in hinged so Jonathan can check on her bed and auto feeder and water station.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Off Duty: Jonathan is friendly and easy going. Fits well into most social groups, he will do his best to avoid being the center of attention at gatherings, unless it's job related.

On Duty: Has a tennacious and dogged determination and study all the aspects of a case and spend hours in review. He is a fighter that won't quit.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Athletic + Determined + Dedicated + Leadership Quaility + Disciplined Mind + Well Versed & Studied + Personal Code of Ethics & Conduct

- Stubborn - Honest to a Fault - Loyal to Starfleet Will Honor Commitments given by Word of Honor
Ambitions 1. To be appointed to the Federation Supreme Court. 2. To serve an honorable career in Starfleet and work his way through the ranks as far as he can go. 3. To help bring about new laws that would benefit all citizens of the federation.
Hobbies & Interests 1. Musical Insterment: Trumpet( Intermediate Level. ) 2. Reading. 3. Fencing: Sabre( Intermediate Level ) 4. Chess & Go ( Expert Level. ) 5. Horsemanship( Polo. Intermediate Level. ) 6. Boxing( Intermediate Level. )

Langauges: 1. Federation Standard 2. Latin 3. Andorian 4. Klingon 5. Romulan

Personal History Jonathan was born in the family home while his father was on leave and visiting his parents and introducing his bride to his parents for the first time. During that time, his father was recalled to duty After Wolf 359 and shortly thereafter the dominion war.

Jonathan was three years old when he finally got to meet his father for the first time, and it was after his fifth birthday when he, his mother and nearly two year old brother Wayne went to join their father at Star Base 74 in the Titus sector, Which was near the south end of the Beta Quadrant.

For the next six years they moved three more times to different Star Bases. It was almost like clockwork, every two years pack up and move. Sabrina wanted the children to have a stable home life and location, and after discussing things over with Thomas, it was decided that she would take the children and return to earth to Mama and Papa Corwin.

During the next six years Jonathan spent his time going to school and spending a lot of his time with Papa Corwin. He learned about the letter of the law and all about the legal system and it sparked his interest to where he decided that he wanted to be a lawyer and put his efforts into that direction in his life.

But Jonathan also admired the way his father selflessly served others by defending their freedom. He was torn on what he should do. One day he was reading over the course listings for the Academy and noticed the JAG Officer position, He had found a compromise and balance. Shortly thereafter he informed Papa Corwin of what he wanted to do.

Patrick Corwin was a little disappointed that Jonathan wasn't going to go to the Anders & Anders law firm, but it was still a legal profession, and it's what he wanted to do. So Patrick called a few friends and set up testing and early admitance at age seventeen for the academy. Jonathan passed the exams and was accepted, and entered the acamedy in 2382.
Service Record Starfleet Academy: 2382-2386.

The Academy was a fun amd exhilarating time for Jonathan. It was a lot of hard work and studying. Exploring and expanding personal horizons and his first taste of love. He made life long friends and grew as a person.


Jonathan's first assignment after graduating from the academy was at Star Base 1 in orbit around Earth.He spent the next three years learning the in's and out's of being a JAG Officer and was sent out to assist with minor investigations and trails.


Spent the next three years at Star Base 57. Recieved promotion from Ensign to Lieutenant JG. Tried seventeen cases his first year with a record of 16 wins and 1 loss and earned a reputation as a hard working and dogged JAG Officer who wouldn't quit.


Spent the next four years working from Star Base Yorktown. He and the JAG Officers kept busy during those years and were in and out of court cases so much that they had a room with eight bunk beds and lockers for fresh uniforms and briefcases. Received Promotion to Lieutenant prior to his transfer.


Has just arrived on station at USS Artemis. He has currently just arrived and still has to unpack his gear and find out what this new mission has to offer

Medical Records:


In the past Jonathan has had his nose broken three times, His left collar bone fractured and four ribs broken. All Injuries were received during boxing matches.

Mental Health:

Solid as a brick. Jonathan has been blessed with a Disciplined Mind, Emotional abuse and insults mean nothing to him when he is negotiating or arguing a case.