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Lieutenant Vincent 'Ghost' Zandrell

Name Vincent 'Ghost' Orion Zandrell

Position XO ESU/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Half Human/Half Betazoid
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 224lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Black
Physical Description He has short brown hair and black irises like most Betazoids. Vincent has an average built figure which he likes to keep. He’s kept it like that since he began training in the art of parkour. He has several scars on his body and some tattoos. He spends a lot of time at the gym, trying to stay fit and time, so he never has to feel like he has stepped off his game.

He has a Flight Squad Tattoo on his right bicep which has the Federation Symbol and in between is a knight's gauntlet, holding a chain thats wrapped around it. Around the symbol it reads "Starfleet Academy Omega Squad Knight Unit. On the left side of his chest is tattoo with the word "Ghost" and a sword going down through the "O" and bleeding. On his right wrist he has the tattoo of a barb-wire that wraps around it.


Spouse Cordelia Zandrell [Human, Deceased]
Children Cassie James Zandrell [8 years old] [Human/Betazoid]
Father Admiral Orion Zandrell, Former Captain of the Arthurian [Deceased, Human]
Mother Cassandra Zandrell, Daughter of the 10th House of Betazed [Betazoid]
Brother(s) Older: Commander Duncan Zandrell [Human/Betazoid, Mental Asylum/Escapee]
Sister(s) Older: Jianna Zandrell [Human/Betazoid, Betazoid Diplomat]

Personality & Traits

General Overview Vincent is a bit of a complex and intriguing man, although the more someone gets to know him, the more they get to see of him. He comes off with an understated charm and dry sense of humor. Normally, you can catch him with a cup of coffee, a habit he picked up from his father. He is a devoted member of the Federation, but even more devoted to his family and friends. Vincent became a investigator to ensure the world his daughter grew up in was safe. He has seen and felt too much bad things in his life and would rather keep his daughter from the same thing. When push comes to shove, he is always someone you can rely on to get something done.
Strengths & Weaknesses While working he prefers to use his Starfleet Intelligence training and Betazoid abilities to his advantage. Using his telepathy to pick up stray surface thoughts and his empathy to help him determine if someone is being deceitful. Although using these abilities can’t be used as evidence to convict someone, he always relies on actual evidence. Due to his Infiltration training he knows how to move silently, often using it to catch people off guard. He felt that learning and training in the art of parkour would help him better as a Security Officer. This skill taught him how to jump over obstacles, move faster, react quicker, and control his breathing so he it took him longer to get out of breath.

He will do anything for his friend and family, often going above and beyond or breaking a few rules. He only breaks the rules when he feels he has no choice, but he does own up to his defying the rules, however on occasion this has been overlooked because it got the job done and other times he has been reprimanded. Although he seems calm on the surface, he does have a bit of an anger problem. Often he needs time to himself to relax his mind and remain calm. If left unchecked, he will get violent and physical with someone.
Ambitions When he was young, he wanted to serve in Starfleet and be a Starship Captain, like his father. He still wants to be a Captain, but more importantly try to be in command of the USS Arthurian, his fathers old ship and the one he grew up on.
Hobbies & Interests When not in the office or out on the field, he usually seen playing with his daughter and trying to be a better father. He loves to teach her things he knows, often taking her to places where she and him can both learn something new. Vincent loves to teach her about her Betazoid culture, more so about her abilities. He is usually helping Cassie hone her Betazoid abilities, teaching her the right ways to use them and helping her understand the wrong ways to use them.

His favorite things to do on his own usually are meant as a way to keep himself relaxed and calm. He spends time practicing his martial arts technics as well as weapons training. Vincent mostly likes to work with his hands, often inventing things.

Since the passing of his wife, Cordelia, he has taken a bit of a down spiral. Getting involved in gambling and drinking, but managing to keep it restrained during his duties.

Personal History Vincent was the second son born to Orion and Cassandra Zandrell. Growing up on Earth with an older brother and sister, as well as being half Betazoid, was tough for him. More so then usual, Vincent would find himself being picked on by neighborhood kids and even his brother Duncan, which would send him running to his older sister Jianna for protection. Duncan loved to pick on his brother, but when someone else decided to pick on him, he had no problems coming to his defense. Vincent knew his brother loved him, because he felt, but his brother would always deny it. He just accepted his brothers bullying as a means of toughening him up, and Duncan wanting to show his brother who is boss.

When his mother was suddenly called back to Betazed, the family went with her. Transitioning from Earth to Betazed was different for him. Not knowing how most of his kind tended to come off as stuck up and highly opinionated. For a short while, he and his siblings, spent a lot of time wanting to go back home. Both he, Jianna, and Duncan began their schooling in the Federation Colony on Betazed and spent time with an instructor to help them improve and master their Betazoid psionic abilities. The colony school was equally as difficult, but Vincent was able to make it through when he met Cordelia, who was born on the colony. As time and they grew, so did their affection for each other.

Eventually Cordelia and Vincent both made it into Starfleet Academy. During the course of their Starfleet Training, they both helped each other with their courses. Along the way, he began to gravitate more towards Tactical/Intelligence. Upon the end of their 4 year semester, Vincent was offered to take Advanced Tactical Training, while Cordelia was offered a position in teaching. After completing his one year in Advanced Tactical Training he was assigned to the USS Archangel, this of course would take him away from Cordelia. They vowed to stay in contact and once they reunited they would get married.

After a few more years of serving in Security/Tactical on board various ships, advancing in rank, he managed to secure a position on the USS Ares as her Chief of Security. He transferred to the ship to surprise Cordelia, who was serving on board as the school teacher. Soon they were married and toward the end of their service, having their first child Cassie. After a few landing on board the USS Vigilant, he was promoted to Chief of Intelligence and giving the rank of Lieutenant Commander, due to his outstanding service and ability to go above and beyond the call of duty.

While on vacation with his family, tragedy struck. Cordelia was killed. Vincent spent most, if not all his time, looking for the man who did it. He began to lose himself in the search. Pulling away from his Starfleet training and becoming more aggressive. Using his psionic ability in ways he never thought of before. Finally, after a long time of searching, he found her killer. Against everything he was trained to do be killed him and faced a Court Martial. However, given the circumstances and the amount of people who came to his defense, Vincent was demoted. He was sent to Earth and ordered to go through psychological counseling with no promise he would return to active duty.
Service Record Starfleet Academy - Cadet
Advanced Tactical Training - Cadet to Ensign
USS Archangel - Ensign
USS Griffin - Ensign to Lt. JG
USS Haven - Lt. JG
USS Ares - Lt. JG to Lt. [Cassie is Born]
USS Vigilant - Lt. to Lt Cmdr.

Took time away from his service on the USS Vigilant to track down his wife's killer. After the conclusion of the hunt he was demoted - Lt Cmdr. to Lt.