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Cassandra Frost

Name Cassandra Frost

Position Criminal Apprehension Officer/CO ESU

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Andorian/Human Hybrid
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 5’2” - 157cm
Weight 115lbs - 52kg
Hair Color Off white
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Standing slightly below average height for either an Andorian or a Human, Cassandra keeps herself physically fit through a daily fitness routine she picked up from a classmate at the Academy.

Cassandra has fairly length white hair that hangs down to the middle of her back while untied. To keep it out of her way while on duty, she tends to either tie it back into a ponytail or if she’s got more time, tied it into braids for a little more flare.

Being only half Andorian, Cassandra doesn’t have the antenna her people are known for and her skin is a more pale blue then what if common for Andorians.


Father John Frost
Mother Tarah Frost

Personality & Traits

General Overview Cassandra, or Cass or Cassie as the case may be, is very self confident almost to the point of arrogance. At the academy she was accused by her classmates as having a Napoleon Complex, though she never bothered to find out what they meant. Instead Cassie simply chose to out preform those who told her she couldn’t or told her she was being over-confident.

To her friends, while she can be aggressive in her opinions, they would say that you would never find a more loyal companion, for if you manage to earn her trust, Cassie would move planets to help you.

Cassie has a bit of a chip on her shoulder for how she was treated by Starfleet after being arrested.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strong willed
Ambitions To make the Galaxy a safer place so no one will go through what her family did.

Personal History Born on Andoria, Cassandra was raised on starships, stations and practically every kind of Starfleet instillation they had. As a result of her constant bouncing from ship to ship to station to ship as parents were transferred, Cassie never managed to form any strong friendships with those of her own age. Of course this didn’t stop her from trying. As she grew. Cassie found that she had a rather unique skill that was common to her mothers species. When she was playing hide and seek with the other kids, Cassie found that she could ‘detect’ the body heat of the other kids. At first, this ability proved quite fun to use but as she used it, she found the other kids preferred for Cassie to hide rather then seek as they though she must have been cheating some how as she found them a lot quicker then any of the others.

At the age of 18, Cassie applied to Starfleet Academy in an attempt to follow in her mothers footsteps. Although it took her a couple of tries, Cassie eventually made it into the Academy by the smallest of margins.

Now at the Academy, Cassie found the workload initially quite daunting and struggled her way through her first year without focusing on any one particular career path, but by the time her second year started, Cassie had chosen to go into security. While the Criminal Investigations department caught her eye at first, she figured that could be something for her to build up to after spending a few years as a regular security officer first.

After graduation, Cassia was assigned to a planet based Starbase on Deneb IV called Farpoint Station. While she had heard of the station as it was covered in her exobiology classes, she’d never given it a great deal of thought as it was one of the more secure, and as such one of the more boring posts to be assigned to.

While it was rather boring, Farpoint turned out to be a great place for Cassie to learn the ropes of Starfleet Security as there was still just enough crime to give her some experience while the rest of her time she would often find herself talking to any non-human species she came across. To her, life in Starfleet was a wonderful adventure.

This illusion was shattered dramatically when her the transport carrying her parents was attacked en route from Earth to Farpoint. While no one was seriously hurt and the pirates cause little damage to the ship itself, they did succeed in absconding with several crates of supplies that were meant to help the station in its next phase of expansion.

In spite of the efforts of the local authorities, the pirates were never identified and the case was left to go cold. Discouraged by this seeming lack of interest from Starfleet or the Federation to keep its citizens safe, Cassie doubled her efforts to keep the station she was assigned to as safe as possible by taking in more patrols and spending less of her free time on her studies into Criminal Investigations. However, all this did for Cassie was show her the cracks in the ‘facade’ of Starfleet Security as they often let the local authorities deal with more petty crimes and only stepped in when either a Starfleet officer was involved and even then the worst punishment she saw was to have the officer in question transferred to another post.

After four years of this, Cassie finally decided that she’d had enough of Starfleet’s inaction and figured she could do a better job by herself. Turing in her uniform, Cassie took a shuttle to the nearest Starbase and from there spent the next year putting things in place for her new career.

Purchasing an old Maquis Raider from a Zacdorn scrap merchant, Cassie set a course for Orion space, the region of space known for its high levels of crime.

Over the next five years, Cassie slowly worked her into the good books of the local independent authorities, taking any little job that paid well enough. Starting out with cargo runs and low level prisoner escorts, Cassie built up a bit of a reputation for reliability and her rather straight forward method of handling potentially explosive situations. Rather then trying to negotiate, Cassie would give the suspect or target one chance to come quietly then if they didn’t, she would kick down the door and subdue the suspect with what she likes to call ‘aggressive negotiations’.

Eventually building up enough latinum, Cassie bought her own small ship, and old Marquis fighter which she retrofitted with a cryo-pod for transporting a single prisoner.

Cassie’s last job turned out to be more trouble then it was worth, and it was due to the involvement of Starfleet.

Given some intel that a large meeting of local spice smugglers was going down in a nearby system, Cassie felt she couldn’t pass this opportunity for a huge pay day up. Traveling to the location of the meeting, Cassie parked her fighter in orbit and transported down to the surface. Quickly working her way to warehouse, she figured the element of surprise was her best option this time.

Kicking in one of the side doors, Cassie quickly picked out the big boss and stunned him with her modified Klingon disruptor. Unfortunately this didn’t have the effect she had expected. Moments later, the meeting quickly devolved into an all out firefight. Determined to get her payday, Cassie fought her way towards the boss she had stunned but was caught short when the warehouse was suddenly flooded with local security and Starfleet Officers who started stunning or arresting everyone there.

As it turned out, Cassie had crashed a Starfleet Intelligence sting that had been in the works for almost 2 years and due to her interference, one of the undercover officers had been killed.

Pinning the blame on her, Cassie was charged by Starfleet with several crimes ranging from breaking and entering to manslaughter.

After finding that Cassie was once in Starfleet, the officer in charge of the sting operation decided to recall Cassie to Starfleet so she could face a court martial rather then a civilian court.

Convicted of most of the charges, Cassie was officially discharged from Starfleet and sent to the penal colony in New Zealand on Earth.