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Trying to be a Shadow

Posted on Sun Mar 17th, 2024 @ 7:07pm by Captain Marc Kidd & Lieutenant Siadra Molaur & Lieutenant JG Andrew Griffin

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Mission: The Sins of History
Location: Just outside the local bar - Freecloud
Timeline: MD007 1215 hrs

Siadra hadn't bothered to take a look over her shoulder towards the others. She was very intent on finding out where this person of interest was heading. Could he be the relation of the man they sought? All she was doing was following a hunch, and once she got her information she'll let the other know. All was still in her mind, Siadra feeling the other voices quietly urging her on.

Tamar swore under his breath as he left the bar. Star bloody Fleet. Plus he had just missed his father who had been in the bar minutes before. He had done so much to keep his father out of the clutches of the Bajorians even though the man seemed Fire Caves bent , on given himself to them on an open platter.

Walking into the only cafe that seemed to be open. Tamar picked a secluded seat at the back and ordered a mug of Cardassian Coffee extra steamed. Pulling his hood up over his head he sat there Sipping his drink and consulted a small padd concealed in his sleeve. He needed to know where these Starfleeters had come from if only the padd had a sensor, he could track them.

The door soon opened, and a trill woman stepped inside. She shivered, feeling slightly cold. Siadra hadn't partaken of any food at the establishment, the others were at, nor even had a drink. Now though she was hungry and was craving some hot tea. She gave her order, it consisting of stew, a slice of buttered bread and some tea. Once the food items were acquired Siadra gratefully accepted them and sat down sort of to where she could see things but not be obvious she was keeping watch. She didn't even glance around, though she did catch sight of her quarry from the corner of her eyes. Shivering once again, Siadra wrapped her hands around the cup of tea, enjoying the warmth of it.

Tamar watched the Trill women closely for a few seconds under his hood. But dismissed her almost at once , if she had been Bajoran. Then that would have been a very different story but a quick look eased his mind. At least for now , as he had a bigger problem with the actions of his father. He could blow up the bar kill everybody who saw his father. But then he remembered the Ferengi who ran the bar , had some extremely powerful friends. Tamar would be hung drawn and quartered before the sun set of this pit of sleaze , masquerading as a civilised planet.

“ Is this seat taken?” Asked a women holding a mug.

“ Go try to fleece some other person. Unless you wish to have an extra opening in your throat.” Tamar warned.

With her nose in the air she stomped away.

Siadra's attention was drawn towards the woman who stomped off in a huff from her own quarry, she drew in a breath and took up her spoon once more to partake of her soup when she was rudely interrupted.

"Hi there, mind if I sit with you?" a rather large man asked plopping himself across from her.

"I do mind, thank you very much please move now." Siadra huffed. " I was waiting for someone and it wasn't you." she stated firmly. Her eyes scanning around then her gaze landed upon Tamar.

"Oh I see him now, if you'll just excuse me." she quickly rose from her seat grabbed her food and moved to where Tamar was and slid into a chair to one side. In a quiet tone she said to Vamcet, "The only thing I want is to finish my food in peace then I'll be on my way. Sorry for the disturbance"

Tamar at first was going to ask this woman to leave. But then again that other woman had gone back to the counter and was speaking with the guy behind it. So maybe this woman could be a good cover after all the Trills were not after him. So long as he kept his hood over his face and amount if conversation to a bare minimum that should be exceptable.

“ If you must but let this be the last of our conversation.” Tamar whispered.

"i see, I will do my best not to hold much of a conversation." Siadra shivered slightly. Then went back to work on her soup, after a few quiet spoonful's, Siadra looked around those in the cafe, then back to her tablemate. "Is there something troubling you? You seem to be someone who has a little bit of a worry upon your shoulders. Perhaps I can help? After all you are helping me."

A figure in a cloak came in and Tamar turned his head slightly. But they did not look his way and went up to the counter ordering to go. He turned his head back to the Trill women.

“ You can help by leaving me alone. You do not want to delve into my troubles believe me.” Tamar said.

"You- are having some troubles? I am no one, a nobody however I can be a listening ear? " Siadra stated, then looked towards the door which opened once more, she shifting herself as if to hide from whomever could be looking for her.

“ Who are you trying to avoid?” Tamar asked.

"I am not certain, I do know that I have been followed by some unknown people following me where-ever I go so I've been trying to avoid confrontation." Siadra remarked.

“ You know the Bajoran puppet masters Starfleet are here looking……… for someone.” Tamar said.

He pressed his left foot into his right , for nearly saying his father.

"I don't think they are looking for me, hopefully not. However one thing for certain I have to keep a watchful eye, you never know, right? That feeling of always looking over your shoulder. Never comfortable. Any idea who they are looking for? Just in case I am wrong and they are looking for me." raising her shoulders to an almost hunch, then lowering them.

" The Bajorans believe that a war criminal is on this planet. They stupidly think that he is still alive when everyone knows he died ages ago. All of Cardassia knows he died just after the Dominion war. But they cant except that oh no. Steps have been taken." Tamar took a deep breath.

"What sort of steps have been taken, is it on your part or on the Bajoran parts?" Siadra queried. "The person who you are speaking of, who is he or was he?"

"We dealt with him in the Cardassian way. But as usual Bajorans are too righteous to accept that..." Tamar began and then swigged the last of kanar that was in front of him. He turned to face Siadra it was his way of trying to take control of the conversation. "You listen and listen closely. The only thing I am going to tell you is what I have already told you. I suggest you tell whoever you are working for that this criminal has been dealt with." Tamar signaled the barkeep to come over and when he did Tamar simply scanned his thumbprint to pay the bill.

Siadra gave a quiet nod, at this moment she wasn't going to press any further. It was time for her to get back with the others, having had this opportunity to get an insight of the one who is protective of Vamcet, almost like a son would for a loved one. "Thank you." she said softly, When the barkeeper came over she paid her tab and rose from the table. She didn't scan with her thumbprint, Siadra paid in a few strips of gold pressed latinum. "I've been in one place to long, you take care, and thank you once more." With that, Siadra after taking a careful look around, moved to leave the place to rejoin her team.

Tamar did not acknowledge what the woman had said. He had to find his father and make sure that the old man did not screw anything up. His look and his walk reflected the determination that he had within him. He would allow the old man to ruin everything.

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