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Captain Marc Kidd

Name Marc James Kidd

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 45

Physical Appearance

Height 6'3"
Weight 229 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Marc is an imposing man mainly due to his height. However, he is a very gentle man. He is thin and keeps himself fit. Marc keeps a beard neat and trim on his face. Very often it appears that there is something else behind his eyes. His personality has been known to be intense.


Spouse None
Children None
Father John Kearsley Kidd
Mother Michelle Kidd
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None

Personality & Traits

General Overview A very intense individual, Marc does know how to have a good time. Marc has fallen into the trap that many fall into. He has seen and done too much. Due to this he is rather nonchalant about a lot of situations. He can seem to be uncaring. In fact this is a facade he cares too much about the ever changing nature of the universe. While on duty he is ultra professional, bending his professionalism to fit the command style of his superiors. While off duty he is a social butterfly known to let his hair down.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Level Headed
+ Egalitarian
+ His general pleasant disposition

- Unwavering
- Single Minded
- Questions Everything
Ambitions He would like to lead Starfleet out from under the wing of the the Vulcans. Declan would also like to prove that the fleet requires a unit like the SFCIU.
Hobbies & Interests Horseback Rides, Plays Poker, Plays Kalto, Recites Shakespeare, Trained in bladed weapons, including the longsword, the battle-axe.

Personal History Marc was born in the year 2352 on a dairy farm in Warwick, New York, United States, Earth. He was the son of a Dairy farmer father and his mother was a home maker. Marc’s Dad wanted him to take over the farm, but Marc’s interests lay elsewhere. Like his grandfather before him Marc was interested in Law Enforcement. Marc is an only child, and as such his parents doted on him. It wasn’t until his senior year of High School that Marc would have to fend for himself.

Marc’s general schooling went by basically uneventful. He experienced all that a normal boy experienced, the same trials and tribulations. He graduated High School in the middle of his class, and he joked that was because he discovered girls. Marc enlisted in Starfleet Academy as soon as he graduated. This was against his parent’s wishes but it was something that Marc felt he had to do, he felt it was his duty to do so.

The next four years saw Marc training at Starfleet Academy. He majored in weapons engineering and criminal justice. The more that Marc studied at the Academy the more that he became enamored with space exploration. He made a promise to himself that if he was ever to get a command of his own he would explore as much space as his orders would allow.

Upon graduation Marc was assigned to the USS Elizabeth as the Brig Officer with the rank of Ensign. While aboard the Discovery Marc spent most of his duty alone in the Brig. However, this time was not wasted on him. He used it to study forensic science. Marc was interested in particular in profiling, the why criminals did what they did.

In 2378 Marc was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade. The promotion came as a decoration for meritorious service. He was also granted a new duty station, no longer banished to the Brig Marc was now the Elizabeth's Junior Weapons Officer. Marc continued to work aboard the Elizabeth and although he loved the exploration that the ship did. He missed the investigation, the detection, he missed criminology. However, there did not seem to be much use for it on this ship.

Marc continued on the Elizabeth as a Weapons Officer and in early 2382 Marc finally was given a chance to show everyone what he could do. A Klingon vessel had come into their sector and was looking for a fight. Marc was able to reprogram a torpedo to find the Klingon vessel. Without this minor upgrade to the torpedoes the Elizabeth would have been lost. Marc is promoted to the rank of Lieutenant for his efforts.

Shortly after the incident with the Klingons Starfleet transferred Marc back to Earth. In late 2382 he found himself on the Security Detail at the Andorian Embassy on Earth. Unlike most humans Marc found the Adorians to be fairly likable. They seemed to be a species who liked it when people pulled their weight of sorts. Marc admired their honor and dignity. Not much exciting happened here however, he did get chances to exercise those forensic skills. It seemed that a fair number of crimes occurred in and around the embassy. Marc enjoyed solving them all.

2387 saw Marc promoted to Lieutenant Commander and reassigned as the Chief Security Officer aboard the newly commissioned USS Ticonderoga. The position was not what Marc had expected as there was not much to investigate. So he spent his days safeguarding the vessel from enemies. What he did learn from his time on the Ticonderoga was how to command. How to organize people by their strengths. It was here that he discovered his desire to command a starship.

In 2391 he was promoted to Commander for saving the lives of the Captain and XO of the Ticonderoga. One year later would see Marc transferred to the USS Beowulf where he would serve under Captain Thasehr Ch'kyvath as their Executive Officer. The Captain liked Marc and the two of them developed a mentor/student relationship rather quickly. Marc could see that he was being groomed for command and in 2397 Rear Admiral Declan Ford contacted Marc and offered him the command of Artemis. Marc leapt at the chance not just to command but for the special mission that the Artemis would be assigned. This was indeed a dream come true for Marc Kidd, now he hoped that he did not squander it.
Service Record 2397 - Present
Commanding Officer USS Artemis

2392 - 2397
Executive Officer USS Beowulf
- 2396 Promoted to Captain

2387 - 2392
Chief Security Officer USS Ticonderoga
- 2391 Promoted to Commander

2382 - 2387
Security Officer Andorian Embassy Earth
- 2387 Promoted to Lieutenant Commander

2379 - 2382
Weapons Officer USS Elizabeht
-Promoted to Lieutenant 2382

2374 - 2379
Weapons Officer USS Elizabeth
-Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade 2378

2372 - 2374
Brig Officer USS Elizabeth

2368 - 2372
- Starfleet Academy graduated 2374 with the rank of Ensign