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Ensign Nala Rider

Name Nala Reef Rider

Position Facial Reconstruction Specialist

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species human
Age 24

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 8"
Weight 170
Hair Color Red
Eye Color blue/gray
Physical Description brown skin (South African mother Cherokee father), wavy hair, three white scars on her left cheek from a bear attack when she was six, a red dragon tattoo on her left ankle, and a rose and thorn tattoo around her right wrist, she likes the skirted uniform for when she is off duty and wandering the ship, (unless she's going to workout or had a specific destination in mind) but wears the pant version on duty to insure no one would become distracted by her


Spouse none
Children none
Father Kevin Rider
Mother Ria Rider
Brother(s) James older brother
Sister(s) Sophia oldest sibling
Other Family lots of Aunts and Uncles on BOTH sides

Personality & Traits

General Overview mission focused, reliable, honest, high energy
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: steady, focused, warm, honest. Weaknesses: sometimes overly emotional.
Ambitions Command a starship and travel from one side of the universe to the other insuring that every species receives justice.
Hobbies & Interests puzzles, crossword puzzles, word searches, swimming, horseback riding, hiking, reading, art, gymnastics, science, parkour

Personal History Nala was born and raised in Colorado, becoming captain of her swim, gymnastics, and science clubs throughout Elementary, Middle, and Highschool.
When Nala was six years old, she and her family went to Mesa Verde, National Park. While there, Nala wandered off and encountered a black bear and her cubs. As she was trying to back away, Nala tripped over some branches, the bear heard her, and came after her. Nala made it to some trees before the bear caught her and slashed her face with three of it's claws, but then it got scared off by a group of horseback riders with noise makers. When they got Nala to the hospital, she surprised them all by asking them if she could keep the scars as a reminder to be more aware of what was going on around her. Because of her bear experience, Nala wanted to become some sort of Doctor, but because she was slightly impatient and didn't want to spend all the time it took to become one, (NOT that she wasn't grateful to Doctors and Nurses and such!), but she wanted to help people SOONER that the five, eight, or more years after Highschool it would take to get through Medical School. To that end, Nala started taking extra curricular classes on things pertaining to being a doctor.
Nala moved to San Francisco to enroll in Starfleet Academy when she turned seventeen, graduating in the top 20 out of 100 students in her class. Nala's first assignment was aboard the USS Appomattox for three years then joined the Artemis on her twenty-fourth birthday, who were starting on a new type of mission that peaked her interest.
Service Record USS Appomattox NCC 75001 for three years