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Lieutenant Commander Viessa Kenobi

Name Viessa Nuala Amelie Kenobi

Position Forensic Pathologist

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

PNPC By (Tao)
Gender Female
Species El Aurian
Age 446

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 5"
Weight 115 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description She has light brown eyes and a slim athletic build. Has tattoos on her upper left shoulder blade of an intricate design known to her people and on her hip sits a butterfly.


Children Orrian von Doon (31)
Folre von Doon (25)
Father TBD
Mother TBD
Brother(s) TBD
Sister(s) TBD
Other Family Ex-partner, Corym von Doon

Personality & Traits

General Overview Viessa can be a force of nature at times when it comes to how passionate she can be. She is very caring and loving which leads her to be both an excellent doctor due to her thoroughness and devotion to her patients but can also be her downfall if she gets too attached to them. She will always stand up and make her point, her voice heard if she feels it is truly needed and has a habit of speaking before thinking. Sometimes she can forget about rank and file and put her foot down, or take it out of her mouth on occasion.

She is a loyal and true friend to those she calls just that, friends.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Very intelligent/academic
+ Caring/Loving personality
+ Superb memory

+/- Family/Species attachment

- Speaks before she thinks
- Sometimes overattachment to patients
Ambitions Further medical science.
Hobbies & Interests Likes to keep in good shape and is quite a fitness fanatic. She can be seen in the gym quite often doing anything from weights to cardio.

She knows several forms of martial arts from dangerous ones to more defensive ones. Likes a bit of meditation and yoga.

Loves to read, especially old styles books with real paper.

Personal History Nuala Kenobi was the incarnation of herself during the late 1900’s to around 2235. She had always changed her name every so often over those centuries but has always been a Kenobi and wouldn’t dare break her namesake. Nuala had been on Earth for a while, a few hundred years to be exact but you would never know that to look at her.

Her species, the El Aurians, were during that time, unknown to all but a few space faring races in the quadrant and that was probably being generous. She arrived on Earth in the year 1971 at the sprightly age of 105 then. Leaving El Auria had been difficult but she knew she would return home one day and see the beautiful lakes of La’ersa, the rolling hills of Tululan and the velvet skies of the moon Gousan’i. However, she was sent to collect information of the ‘Human’ race as they had been highlighted as a species of potential. She was not to interact in any real way, nor affect change in their path but be a fly on the wall so to speak and watch them grow.

She liked the 70’s, and met a man called George Lucas with whom she became quite close. He saw an actress in her, but she didn’t want the limelight and chose to make a mark on his life but not be in it for too long. Attachments were not what she was there for, but her name would be marked down and used in feature films as someone wise and caring, a mentor and old soul for years, decades to come.

Where she liked the 70’s, she LOVED the 80’s. The boom in advancement of Human tech, the clothing took a different turn and the music was so cheesy she was sure the world would turn into a triangle of cheddar if it wasn’t careful. Everyone had started to become a little more serious in the world but still, people cared for each other and she began to see the potential her superiors spoke.

Humans had such a capacity for love, caring, generousity and growth, but also had such strong emotions… hatred of those different from themselves had littered decades before her arrival and still things were not as comfortable as she had previously felt.

Over the next few decades wars popped up, the Falklands, Iraq and Afghanistan… even the Ukraine/Russia conflict to name a few and Nuala’s heart began to falter. It felt like they were moving in a direction that only led one way. Her superiors decided the same and recalled her home, for safety and final sign off on her time there.

Unfortunately her ship had been destroyed. A sinkhole had developed randomly and her ship devoured into the depths of the planet Earth. It seemed she was destined to stay, at least for a little while longer.

Nuala entered the medical field. Thankfully she had managed to keep some of her technology and was able to forge herself an identity when required quite easily and back then she became Amelie Kenobi, with a whole nice backstory and everything.

This went against her standing orders to not get involved, to not help steer the species of Earth… saving lives that could otherwise be lost in other hands did kind of stand out like a sore thumbs. A slap in the face to the orders she had lived by for nearly 60 years.

However, it felt like the right thing to do.

More decades passed, she chose to age with the Humans so as not to draw suspicion and every so often reinvent herself as her own daughter, granddaughter etc. Naturally near the end of old lifespans she would play the recluse card and say how her ‘mother’ went peacefully with her by her own side. It was a strange thing to have to repeat over several lifetimes.

One of Nuala’s toughest times was during World War III. The death toll was exponential, the injuries she saw, the people she tried to save. Again in the aftermath of that she saw that potential again. With no real governments to speak of left to help people banded together and forged communities, fought to survive and protect each other.

It truly showed Humanity’s capabilities in their will to survive, their compassion to each other and their determination to rise again. These were of course the good sides of the coin. There were negatives of course, as there is with everything most of the time but they were not important.

Vulcans. It had to be Vulcans.

That was all Nuala could think, and as far as first contact meetings go she accepted they could have met a worse species. Emotionless automatons, but with the technology and most importantly the patience to help Humans move out of the dark ages and back towards a civilisation to be proud of.

She watched the birth of Starfleet in the 2100’s, the creation, or better described as the furtherment of the warp drive and chose to enter Starfleet’s Academy in 2144 but was fast tracked through the ‘Academy’ due to her civilian training as a medical doctor.

So, in 2147 she graduated and was assigned a post within the Vulcan Embassy.

As years progressed she moved to the NX-05 Atlantis, the NX-06 Defiant before being placed on the newly minted NX-14 Artemis as its Chief Medical Officer.

She remained as a Chief Medical Officer for many decades and eventually ended up as Director of Starfleet Medical for the latter half of her career. Retiring from Starfleet service as Director of Starfleet Medical and Professor at the Academy at the ‘age’ of ‘105’ in 2217.

Choosing to ‘age up’ was an easy choice and when she was eventually recalled back to El Auria she took a ship and began her journey home. Her nom de guerre of Nuala was put to rest as the stars called her back.

She resumed her given name of Viessa.

The recall was rushed and somewhat anxious. Viessa had been told the menace that was The Borg was encroaching on their territory and they were recalling all ‘agents’ from the field in the hope their information would provide them with a way to defeat them.

They were not successful.

Viessa felt as if her recall had no effect on anything and that she’d been recalled simply to watch her planet burn. She managed to help evacuate a hospital onto a nearby ship and they got off El Auria by the skin of their teeth and limped with the evacuation fleet. Her ship became the ‘hospital ship’ as it housed the most medical doctors and she’d already set it up for that kind of purpose.

70 years later, in 2345, she helped found Kaitos with the Grand Council and was offered a role due to her service to their people, in caring for the fleet and showing true leadership under pressure and strain.

She declined. It was not in her nature to desire the power to govern, not yet.

During her time on Kaitos she gave birth to two children, both boys, Orrian and Folre.

Viessa and her partner Corym enjoyed a relationship for many decades but grew apart and went their own ways with no bad feelings. They still remain good friends on great terms. Corym is on Kaitos with their boys.

In 2385 requested a position in Starfleet Academy. Having passed the entrance exam and having a background in medicine (she helped write some of the material still in use today) she only had to do standard cadet training and pass her medical boards to prove she was fit to serve in that capacity.

It was strange, at Starfleet Medical there was a portrait of her, of ‘Nuala’ standing in a rather soft but still stoic pose. She would often comment that was one of her ancestors not wanting to explain that she’d been on Earth a long time ago.

She began a new journey as the woman and name she had always been, Viessa. It was nice to use that name again and even though it took a bit of getting used to she knew she wouldn’t have to change it again. Her species was now well known to Stafleet.

She served as a Medical Officer on board the USS Obelisk, before quickly moving on to become the Assistant Chief Medical Officer on the USS Earhart.

It was on the Earhart she managed, with the help of her team, to discover and put an end to a series of killings on Cly’de IV. Through medical examinations and her knowledge of medicine from past to present they tracked down their killer.

A disgruntled Rigellian.

From there she moved to the USS Clydesdale as CMO before being requested for the USS Artemis as its CMO and Medical Examiner.

This ship was a different kind of beast, one that was not all that well known but once she was read in on what was expected on board she grabbed it with both hands.