Case Closed - The Hunt Begins Wrap Up - Episode 1

Posted on Fri Mar 31st, 2023 @ 3:39am by Captain Marc Kidd

Well my friends that is the first mission in the bag as it were. A good crew came aboard and began to bond. It takes time for a crew to bond into a family and only time will tell if that can happen with our dysfunctional family. After all we come complete with a grumpy Aunt Miller. ;-)

Our ragtag group of scientists and investigators were tested by the Breen and we have come through that stronger than when we went in. Not only that but we assisted in saving a Federation station from being overrun by the Breen. I would say that is not bad for a group of brainiacs. lol

Suffice to say that you are all great writers and if this first mission is any indication we are on the road to do great things.

So without any gilding the lily and no further ado I give you the one, the only, awards... taps mic... Is thing on?

Lieutenant Commander Kelly Miller - Captain's Personal Merit -"During this first mission of ours Kelly really went for it with the character development. Through the character's posts we can see someone really wrestling with issues from the past and present. Someone who now has to deal with the scum of the Federation while healing. Really great writing, and a great beginning to what seems to be a phenomenal character driven story arch. This is exactly the kind of storytelling we want on the Artemis. Brava!!!"
-Captain Marc Kidd-

Lieutenant Sorine Kaida - Crew's Choice Award -"I really like how she’s played; a great contrast to the interesting collection of characters we have (especially a certain awful JAG) and she’s kinda hot, ngl."
-Lieutenant Commander Kelly Miller-

Lieutenant Christopher Blake - Library Excellence Ribbon -"When I read posts that Blake has written or joint posts that they have participated in they flow as if a novel. There is no seams when they pass the writing off to another and not only is the story interesting, but I find myself wanting more. Really wonderful writing. Keep up the great work!"
-Captain Marc Kidd-

Lieutenant Siadra Molaur - Professional Merit Award -"I feel like we have only scraped the tip of the iceberg with Siadra. However, I am already in love with the character. All of the at times befuddling professor types mulling about in the Science Officer's head is a real treat to read. Writing posts with them are always interesting, funny, and a pleasure."
-Captain Marc Kidd-

Commander Abernathy Rice - Service Citation 2+ Years -"At this point making it two years on this ship is quite the long stretch lol. I know that this ship would not be where it is today without my friend Abe. He is Number One in every sense of the word. Thank you for keeping me on the right path and here is to many many more."
-Captain Marc Kidd-

I see this as a great start to the wonderful stories that we can tell on this sim. Thank you all for being a part of this community.

For Now
All Rise,
Captain Marc Kidd
Commanding Officer, USS Artemis
Starfleet Criminal Investigations Unit



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