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Lt JG Ansel Lund

Name Ansel Lund

Position Forensic Entomolgist

Rank Lt JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human | Romulan
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0"
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Slender and tall looking with Human features, Ansel has curly dark brown hair and pale gray-blue eyes that look like ovular pieces of slate though his warm expressional face is far from cold or rocky. Always quick to laugh at a good joke and smile even when he doesn’t know you. Ansel E. Lund is six feet tall though he’s been known to slouch a bit. His hair has texture and length to it, often leaving it to grow not quite shoulder length albeit enough that he can often feel it resting along the back of his neck and when it is being unruly, obscuring his vision until he sweeps it away from his eyes.


Father Lieutenant Becker Lund
Mother Annelise Lund
Other Family Romulan ancestor

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ansel Lund is a fair-minded individual who believes that everyone is innocent until proven guilty and he adheres to that even when dealing with individuals accused of the most heinous of crimes because he knows how easy it can be to jump to conclusions or for good honest people to be swept up into being a suspect. He is diplomatic and tactful with a calm demeanor and the aura of being a true peacekeeper, listening to all sides and remaining as neutral as possible until rendering an informed decision.

He does have the tendency to be a bit too idealistic as he prefers to see the best in people and gives them plenty of room to grow, mature, change, and do better; however, this leaves him vulnerable to feel hurt when he gives them all the opportunity in the universe, and they betray his faith in them. This could even be viewed as being a bit naïve to the darker parts and pieces of the universe and the people in it.

Ansel enjoys being around people as the extrovert that he is and much like his maternal grandparents, he likes to show off that he’s well-read and a bit of a renaissance individual with a plethora of hobbies and interests, and of course, always willing to dive into something completely new. He is an excellent conversationalist and has an uncanny ability to defuse a tense situation and to lower someone’s guard.

Unfortunately, Ansel has a tendency to be a bit unreliable when it comes to commitments and plans. Though he makes a fine friend or companion, he might cancel dinner plans abruptly or show up running well behind time because he either forgot or prioritized someone or something else. He also can give off a sense of entitlement and be pompous or vain. He always looks put together on the outside even when he is falling apart on the inside. Some may even say he would not look out of place at a dinner with some royal family on a far-off world given how he chooses to dress which is contradictory to the years he spent of Kazar living far from lavish. It is possible that now that he has comfort again, he’s unlikely to part with it as easily.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
Relationship builder

Toxic positivity
Ambitions He is eager to learn more and continue his academic pursuits. Though solving crime and make the galaxy the little bit safer is an added bonus for him.
Hobbies & Interests Ansel enjoys preserving and studying insects.

Personal History A child of the Dominion War, Ansel was born at the dawn of the war to parents who were brilliant, bold, and brazen. His father was a lieutenant in Starfleet serving during the Federation-Klingon War and the subsequent Dominion War but would not live to see the conflict come to an end nor be there for the formulative years of Ansel’s life. Lieutenant Becker Lund was killed in action at the Second Battle of Chin’toka serving as a tactical officer aboard the USS Yōkai, an Akira class starship.

His grief-stricken mother knew that she could not raise Ansel alone. Annelise Lund did her best as a mother and as a Starfleet widow to give Ansel all the love and support she could but had moved from their home in Horsens on Earth to the Federation colony of Caldos where her parents had settled. Raised in the Northern coastal region of Caldos, Ansel was accustomed to agriculture and animal life. His grandparents were ’renaissance folk’, they knew a little bit about everything as was the need when it came to colonial life especially on Caldos which had been terraformed and had a weather control network and a seismic suppressor.

Unlike his father’s side of the family which were of Germanic and Danish ancestry, his mother’s side of the family were heavily rooted with Scottish lineage. Though it wasn’t until he was a young teenager on Caldos and had contracted a viral infection that was only known to affect Vulcanoids. This led to some further genetic testing and presented the family with a new discovery, Ansel had markers of being part Romulan from an ancestor.

This did not hinder the young man one bit as the viral infection was easy enough to treat with modern Federation medicine though it had thrown a bit of a wrench into his plans after finishing school. He would need to be fully transparent about the Romulan heritage when applying to Starfleet down the road. They were still a bit peculiar when it came to things of this nature albeit Starfleet was a long-term goal of Ansel’s and he did not want to go the traditional route. He knew Starfleet would give him a wonderful education, but it was not the robust one he was searching for himself.

Starfleet would be put on the back burner for now. Ansel had applied to several places during his senior year of high school, but his dream place was not nearly as prestigious nor well known – the remote little University of Kazar a trinary star system within Federation space, Kazar was the Federation homeworld of the Kazarites. The Kazarites were a peaceful species known for their cognitive abilities and a deep compassion for wild beasts and animal life. They were shepherds, herbalists, and a few could even be regarded as shamanic.

Class sizes were small and though Kazar welcomed students of all species, only a few dozen non-Kazarites ever attended. Ansel was determined to be one of those few dozens, an exception to the status quo. When he received his acceptance letter, he packed lightly and arranged for transport from Caldos to Kazar. The trip from the Beta Quadrant to Alpha Quadrant was a lengthy one. This was especially true when your transport did not travel at high warp speeds for very long. The transport alone was several weeks of life altering experience. He got to meet some interesting individuals from some faraway worlds, both Federation and not.

An Antican Archeologist was his cabinmate during the voyage, and Ansel learned quite a bit from the carnivore which was a bit ironic given he was going to be studying on Kazar where the Kazarites were exclusively and vehemently herbivores. Ansel knew he would need to adapt and adjust to a strict vegetarian diet because Kazar was what the Federation would consider a ’low tech’ world. It had all the capabilities, but the Kazarites had chosen to dismiss a lot of the modern Federation technology and luxuries. Replicators were a luxury.

At The University of Kazar, Ansel E. Lund majored in Biology and minored in Communication. He had found himself included in a circle of friends, some Kazarite, others not, and he was generally well liked though he had his share of academic rivals. Disciplined and studious, Ansel maintained high grades and an overall respectable performance as an undergraduate student. He came to have a greater appreciation for the Kazarite culture and a very enlightened approach to handling animals. Though one aspect of his studies that had taken him by surprise was his unique passion for insects and other ‘bugs’ on Kazar and how vital they were to the ecosystems.

Furthering his academic pursuits after his time on Kazar, Ansel attended the Vulcan Science Academy. He chose to pursue an advanced degree as a graduate student in the academy’s Behavioral Sciences division. There, he took up studying Ethology and Entomology. Ansel was fascinated by animals and by insects, and more specifically how they acted and behaved in certain ways and under certain conditions. He had broadened his studies a bit by taking some additional extracurricular courses in forensics. He completed his program of studying graduating Cum laude form the Vulcan Science Academy in 2396.

Ansel E. Lund would take his education and experience to Starfleet seeking a commission by going through Starfleet’s Officer Candidate School. After several weeks of basic training and an additional nine weeks of OCS he earned his Starfleet commission and his first assignment aboard an aging Ambassador class starship, USS Lansing. He was eager to start his Starfleet career and had no idea that the trajectory of his life and service career were about to take a whirlwind of a turn. He was merely a science officer aboard Lansing several months into his first posting and had been assigned to the starship’s biological sciences division under the observation of the Assistant Chief Science Officer.

In a strange twist of events when on a goodwill diplomatic mission, the ship’s Captain and First Officer were charged of murder. After an extensive investigation the authorities on the world could not clear either officer, and it was becoming a diplomatic nightmare. Evidence was amounting against their innocence, and it was all hands on deck to race against time and clear the names of the Captain and First Officer. It had actually been Ansel’s work that cleared their names. He was able to determine that the victim had been deceased longer than suggested because of the development of the larva of a particular flying insect on the world. This gained him more than just gratitude as he would find himself recommended for a different assignment altogether. That was what would result in his joining Starfleet’s Criminal Investigation’s Unit aboard the USS Artemis.
Service Record USS Lansing
USS Artemis