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Lt JG Fenora

Name Fenora

Position Forensic Anthropologist

Rank Lt JG

Character Information

PNPC By Canak
Gender Female
Species Vulcan
Age 47

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 7"
Weight 147
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Fenora’s dress is usually conservative and neat in appearance. She likes lab coats so she can use the pockets.
Off-duty she prefers to dress in gem-colored blouses and slacks as they are comfortable. Her hair is long and worn loose whenever possible—although she will pull it back into a pony tail to keep it out of her way.
She has light green skin and pointed ears, although her personality does not always align with her Vulcan appearance.
When at work, however, she is generally focused and prone to tune out the world around her.


Father Stral (estranged)
Mother Falima (estranged)
Brother(s) Tmaas (estranged)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Fenora is at peace with her choices and her current outlook on life. She believes in logic and in being cheerful. However, she is a bit introverted and is often more comfortable working on a computer or in a lab than at social gatherings.

She enjoys quiet evenings reading or listening to music. While on Earth she developed a love of ice cream. She also likes to laugh and enjoys puns.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:

Skilled computer programmer and researcher.

Fascinated with history, civilizations, and their development.

Enjoys intellectual pursuits and learning new things.
Often looks at things from different angles and occasionally comes up with unorthodox solutions.

Curious. Continually learning.
Does not like to leave a problem unsolved.


Not comfortable in large social gatherings.

Can get involved in her work to the exclusion of all else.
Ice cream. Specifically vanilla with hot fudge and whipped cream. Or just plain vanilla ice cream.
Has empathy for the underdog because of her parents.
Does not like to leave a problem unsolved.
Ambitions She values scientific achievement and discovery. Exploring cultures and their history is her greatest ambition. 

To Fen, the phrase "to seek out new life and new civilizations" means uncovering the past and finding new connections through bones.

Because of her past, she's afraid to really love someone, even though she secretly hopes she might get there one day.
Hobbies & Interests Computers. Mostly to do research or to use 3D programs to flesh out skeletons.
Ancient history and its evolution
Books (especially old books). History, ancient civilizations, and fantasies.
Spending time with a small circle of friends.
Bones. When she was on Earth, she had a collection of skulls.
Painting nebulae, ancient buildings, and mountains.
She plays the Vulcan lyre.
She enjoys puzzles.

Besides Standard, she is fluent in Vulcan, Romulan, Cardassian, Bajoran.
Reads a number of ancient languages and dialects.

Personal History Fenora was born on the outskirts of ShiKahr on Vulcan. Her parents were followers of Surak and instilled in her a love of learning and peaceful co-existence. They also espoused logic as the highest form of existence. Her father, Stral, was a theoretical mathematician and her mother, Falima, a botanist. She knew from an early age she was expected to study some form of science. They hoped her love of other cultures would turn into an acceptable field of science and introduced her to a wide variety of books as she grew up.
Fenora did not always follow the same path. She loved puzzles, ancient history, and learning why different species looked and acted differently from Vulcans, and why there were so many similarities. She would often befriend non-Vulcan children to gain a greater understanding of their cultures. Her parents tried to discourage such friendships. In order to keep peace at home, Fenora stopped telling her parents about her non-Vulcan friends.
Shortly after she was born, Fenora's parents entered into a contract for their daughter to become bonded with Smarn, the son of a neighboring family. The bonding was to take place after Fenora completed her studies. Smarn was seven years her senior, but as Vulcans have a long lifespan both parents felt he would be a good influence on the child as she grew up.
When Fenora turned twelve and showed signs of entering her first pon farr, her parents felt the most logical choice to take her through her first experience was Smarn, now a student of mathematics. It was so traumatic she swore she'd never be forced to go through that again. She was convinced it was the suppression of emotion that made pon farr so violent and determined to stop following the path of Surak.
Her parents believed she would grow out of it, and that her next pon farr would convince her they were correct. But when it came time for her next pon farr, she chose to take up martial arts and fight off the urge--literally. Her parents were mortified by her behavior, as was her future bond mate. The contract was broken.
Fenora could not continue to live with her parents, so she moved into an apartment near the Vulcan Science Academy and became a tutor while she finished up her last year at the institution. She graduated with honors to prove to her parents that she could do so without using pure logic.
She couldn't stay on Vulcan after her graduation where her parents were so close and could continue to pressure her to stop her fruitless rebellion, so she packed what little she had and moved to Earth to continue studying. there was more she wanted to learn and the home of the Federation was, for her, the best place to make a new start.
She went first to Cambridge where she studied history, sociology and psychology. When she had time, she visited a number of ancient sites to get a hands-on understanding of the early inhabitants of Britain. It helped her gain a greater appreciation for the history and archaeology of the area and its people.

She loved learning and wasn't content with her studies so far. The city of Edinburgh fascinated her, so she enrolled in classes at the university and began another course of studies in archaeology and anthropology with advanced studies in history and xeno-ethnology.Scotland gave her more opportunities to study the ancient world around her. She completed two more undergraduate degrees and two graduate degrees and visited most of Europe's ancient sites.
By this time her drive to learn was an obsession. Martial arts were not enough to keep her logic and emotions in check so she pushed herself to learn more and achieve more. She moved to California and enrolled in Pepperdine University.
This time, she received an undergraduate degree in osteology and PhDs in forensic psychology and forensic science. She loved the past, its history, culture, and society. She loved how people from all worlds and societies developed and how they died. Old bones, old buildings, and old civilizations fascinated her.
Because of her own experience with Smarn, she was also interested in what made good people turn violent. She found patterns through history and through civilizations that made her curious to continue seeking more knowledge.
Her Vulcan ability to see patterns and solve puzzles and her own determination helped her get scholarships and later to teach undergraduate classes while she worked on her advanced degrees. This left her little time for friends and no time for relationships.
When she completed her studies at Pepperdine, one of her professors recommended her for a job in Mexico City working in a museum to study and archive old bones. She was able to visit several ancient cities and use her years of study to examine ancient burial sites to learn how the people lived and died. She spent her free time visiting the ancient ruins of the Americas and reading about their cultures.
After several years, she wanted more. An associate talked her into joining Starfleet as there was a need for scientists in a variety of fields and she would have a chance to travel and serve on different ships to satisfy her need to learn and gain new experiences.
Because of her years of study and her multiple degrees, she passed the exams and was sent to Starfleet Officer Training where she learned to be a Starfleet Officer. She graduated with the rank of Lieutenant JG.
Since leaving Vulcan, Fenora spoke to her parents seven times. Each left its mark and widened the distance between them. The first three times corresponded with each of the universities she attended and consisted of her parents asking her if she was going to give up her illogical desire to get an inferior degree at a human university. Each time she said no and her parents ended the communication.
The fourth time they informed her that she had further shamed them because Smarn had taken another woman as his mate. A Vulcan physicist. She was pleased that he had chosen well—and that it wasn't her. They did not appreciate her response.
The fifth was actually pleasant—at first. Her parents informed her that her brother's wife had given birth to a son. She was delighted—until her parents added that if she did not return to Vulcan she would further disgrace them by  marrying a human. She did talk to her brother and wished him and his wife well.
The sixth time her parents informed her that Smarn's mate had given birth, adding that it should have been her. She was glad it wasn't.
The last time she spoke to them was to inform them that she'd joined Starfleet. They informed her that she was no longer their daughter.
After her years studying and learning about the various people of the Federation, she was at a point in her life where she no longer felt resentful or bitter about what her parents tried to do. While her family has severed all ties with her, she has grown to appreciate what her life has become because of their choices. She also learned that while most Vulcans still followed the ancient teachings, not all were as strict as her parents. She was born Vulcan, but she feels more a citizen of the Federation and she hopes she can one day truly find peace with her past.

Service Record Graduated from the Vulcan Science Academy
Undergraduate degrees from Cambridge in history, sociology and psychology
Undergraduate degrees from the University of Edinburgh in archaeology and anthropology and advanced degrees in history and ethnology
Graduated from Pepperdine with a degree in osteology. Received PhDs in forensic psychology and forensic science
Graduated from Starfleet Officer Training
Historian/archaeologist - USS Titicaca
Osteologist & xeno-archaeologist - USS Thunderbird
Forensic Scientist & Forensic Psychologist - USS Cartagena
Forensic Scientist & Forensic Psychologist - USS Artemis