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Name Pepper

Position Private Investigator

Character Information

PNPC By Canak
Gender Female
Species Carennian/Betazoid
Age Around 30

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 5"
Weight 121 lbs.
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Pepper is slim, but still curvaceous enough to look like a woman. Something she despised when she was in her early teens because it made it harder for her to disguise herself as a boy.

Now, she is happier in her own skin, but she still tends to minimize her looks by wearing dark colors and simple clothes -- more out of a lifetime of needing to be unnoticed than anything else. She likes to wear blouses and vests whenever possible.

When the occasion calls for it, Pepper can dress up to fit in any society, but she generally prefers to be an observer – outside of work.


Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Brother(s) Unknown
Sister(s) Unknown

Personality & Traits

General Overview Because of how and where she grew up, Pepper does not trust most people. She prefers to work alone or with small groups. She is quiet and keeps to herself for the most part.

She has a sense of humor and likes to laugh, but only around people she trusts, or when she’s alone. 

She cares for orphans and people who can’t fight for themselves. However, she has seen too many people who use that to take advantage of others. Those people she will generally avoid. Or if they've done anything illegal, turn them in.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:

Intelligent, empathetic, cautious, often finds unorthodox solutions to problems.
Adept with computers and gathering information. 

She has a knack for locks and getting into and out of places that others cannot. She has an excellent eye for art, jewelry, and books/manuscripts. She can generally recognize a forgery.

Has excellent street smarts and knows how to "disappear" when necessary. 

Picks up accents and languages easily.

She has studied legerdemain and is an escape artist and magician. She can get out of ropes and handcuffs and is adept at close-up magic like card tricks and sleight-of-hand.

Continually learning.


Doesn't trust easily, introverted at times, doesn't always respect authority, has been known to bend the rules to get something done.

She can come across as unfeeling (more out of self-preservation).
Will occasionally use her ability to pick locks and get into places she shouldn't.
Does not like to leave a problem unsolved.

Growing up, she had a habit of "borrowing" things that were left around. Unless it is someone she works with or trusts. She doesn't take unnecessary risks, but prefers to go with a "safe bet." For her, however, a "safe bet" is based on her own experience and abilities.

She doesn't steal an ymore, but the temptation is still there.
Ambitions Stability. To live someplace where she doesn't have to worry about someone coming after her for one reason or another.

To belong somewhere or with someone who isn't interested in what she can do for them.
Hobbies & Interests Legerdemain, mostly up-close magic like card tricks, coin tricks, making things appear and disappear, picking pockets. Can escape from ropes and wrist bindings.

Woodcarving, chess, games of skill.

Games of chance (although she never bets what she can't afford to lose)
Good at appraising the value of an item.
Lock picking, computer hacking/programming.
She's an adept second story person.

She loves studying about other cultures and how they developed.

 Standard, Carennian, Vulcan, Romulan, Orion, Bajoran, Betazoid.
Has a knack for picking up languages. (Assisted by her Betazoid heritage.)

Personal History Pepper does not know where she was born or who her parents were. When she was two, she was orphaned on Carenna III. She was put in a foster home, but the couple complained that she was too difficult because she cried, so she was sent to another home, and then another. By the age of six, she'd been in four foster homes and ran away three times. Her last foster family decided that she was their made and made her do all the cleaning. Pepper didn't like that, so she ran away again.

This time, she met up with a gang of kids who lived in various places around Serenity the capitol city of Carenna III. and stole to stay alive. They took her in and taught her how to read, how to live on the streets, how to pick pockets and steal without getting caught, how to beg and then, when she got older, how to be a thief. She chose to call herself "Pepper," while she was with the gang, choosing not to use any of the names given her by her foster parents.

Once she was established with the gang and felt safe, she began to spend her days at different libraries, learning all she could. She fell in love with history, computers, art, literature, and criminology. She read as much as she could on the subjects. That led to her learning how to break into computers to gain information. She became quite adept at getting into secure servers and computer databases without being caught, and to cover her tracks.

When she turned 16 and "graduated" from the gang, she tried to get a job, but no one would hire her without a permanent residence. After doing what she could for a year to survive, Pepper began to do very well for herself as a thief. She would never steal from people who didn't have more than they could afford to lose, and she never went after people who shared what they had with others. Little by little, she gained a reputation for her skill and finesse.

For the first few years, she used the money to go to school and get a degree in history and literature. Art and computers were of secondary interest and they kept her busy while also giving her the appearance of normalcy.

Pepper never used her real name, which allowed her to live a very private life. She trusted few people and would hire her services to others only after she was sure she could trust them not to turn on her. She never worked for governments, but she did do an occasional "favor" for members of rebellions--if their motives were to gain liberty from an oppressive regime.

Pepper -- or Veronique, her professional name--lived on her own, working independently, or for a select few clients, for seven years and was considered one of the best in her field.

Until Starfleet arrived. At first she didn't know what to think of the newcomers, but after observing them and then seeing how they reacted to the corruption on the planet, she realized there was more for her beyond the one world she knew.

Pepper selected one of the officers and sought her out, telling the woman of her past and asking for help to get to another planet. The woman, an intelligence officer, decided that she might be an asset if she could go straight. Pepper promised to do so and was dropped off on Starbase 42 where she began to work with the station's security as an investigator. She had to check in with Starfleet Intelligence to tell them how she was doing and to let them know she was still on the station. Finally, after two years, she passed whatever she had to and was deemed "rehabilitated."

She liked helping with security investigations, but she also liked the work intelligence did with gathering information, so she studied both, adding more skills to her repertoire.

Because she liked the freedom of working for herself, she became a private investigator, often working with defense attorneys to help those who, like her, deserved a second chance. Or those who needed someone to help prove their innocence. This allowed her to work with police, or with other branches of the law and still be able to pick and choose her clients. And sometimes she can still pick a lock or use the other skills she honed growing up.

Service Record Was a thief and pickpocket on her homeworld
Starbase 42 - security investigations
Starbase 42 - private investigation
Self-Employed private investigator