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Lieutenant Loktor

Name Loktor

Position Criminal Investigations Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

PNPC By Zandrell
Gender Male
Species Ferengi
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 8"
Weight 197lbs
Hair Color None
Physical Description Loktor looked like a typical Ferengi with the orange-brown looking skin, blue finger nails, and enlarged head complete with wrinkled nose, sharp teeth, and large ears. However, at a second glance, he doesn't carry himself like a typical Ferengi. His teeth a sharp but cleaner than most. His nails and skin are well maintained. Despite being shorter than most humans, he keeps himself fit and healthy. Out of uniform, he may on occasion put on something you would see from a normal Ferengi, he prefers buttoned shirts, slacks, and the occasional suit vest.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Drelok
Mother Nianni
Brother(s) Dranzo (Older Brother: Liquidator for the FCA), Brunzo (Older Brother: Arms Dealer and Alleged Eliminator), and Bedor: (Younger Brother: Ferengi Entrepreneur)
Sister(s) Livena (Younger Sister: Secretly dresses up as a Ferengi Businessman named Zaxon)
Other Family DaiMon Boss (Uncle: Captain of the D'Kora-class Marauder Divine Star), Vincent Zandrell (Close Friend/Brother), and Cassie James Zandrell (Niece)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Loktor, sometimes referred to as Loktor Jones, appears to be a typical Ferengi but in a Starfleet Uniform. However, he is far from it, which has turned him into a pariah when it comes to other Ferengi who've heard of his name and reputation. He is kind and helpful, willing to go the extra mile for a friend or colleague. While others of his kind would demand compensation for the trouble, he asks for nothing in return. Loktor would even go as far as saying doing good is its own form of profit for him.

While, he may not act as a typical Ferengi, he has been known to become one when the need calls for it. Loktor has been asked, from time to time by Starfleet Intelligence, to play the role of a sleezy Ferengi in order to obtain information or to participate in a sting operation for Security. When the need calls for it, he takes on an alias, which comes with solid backgrounds. For a Marauder/Pirate, he is Mokar; A deceptive and dangerous Ferengi Pirate who has a reputation for attacking freighters and smuggling for profit. For a Ferengi Alliance Officer, he is DaiMon Lobo; A reputable business man known by the Ferengi Alliance and FCA.

Often in his time, working undercover or during a mission, Loktor has accumulated some kind of profit. However, he never keeps it for himself. Instead, the profit he gains, is sent to a charity or given away to those in need of it. He often used his own name, but when giving away his profit has gotten him in trouble with the FCA, he's resulted in using a pseudonym named Iman Vangelis; A Former Betazoid Diplomat and Socialite who is known for his charity and for being a recluse.

Loktor isn't a typical Ferengi, but a proud Starfleet officer. He is well trained in weapons and hand to hand combat. While he is trained in using a standard phaser weapons, Loktor prefers a Ferengi Energy whip, which came from his love of Marauder Mo Comics as a child. His love of using a whip is what earned him the nickname of Loktor Jones, which is a reference to an old Earth Movie franchise Indiana Jones, where the character was sometimes referred to a Doctor Jones due to his doctorate in anthropology.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Well Trained in Hand to Hand & Weapons Combat
+ Proficient in the use of an Energy Whip
+ Skilled at deception (Sleight of Hand, Lockpicking, Pickpocketing, and the art of the Silver Tongue)
+ Highly Intuitive
+ Trained in reading people
+ Network of Intelligence Contacts
+ Protective of his Friends

- Bit of a Robin Hood Complex
- Hated by most Ferengi who know of him
- Known to take risks to help his family/friends
- Has a bad habit of bring hyper fixated on a problem when solving it becomes important
- A bit of a prankster
- Can sometimes be self-sacrificing
Ambitions To become a Ferengi Captain in Starfleet and help bring more Ferengi into his way of thinking
Hobbies & Interests Magic Tricks, Sleight of Hand, Gambling, Holosuite recreation and maintenance, Holo-programming, Marauder Mo memorabilia.