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Lieutenant Logan Burnett

Name Logan Burnett

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species human
Age 37

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2
Weight 195
Hair Color light brown
Eye Color green
Physical Description Logan keeps his hair well groomed, has no tattoos or body piercings. He appears friendly with expressive eyes


Spouse none
Children none
Father Howard
Mother Elizabeth
Brother(s) Joseph
Sister(s) Rhonda

Personality & Traits

General Overview Logan is friendly and outgoing. He likes to meet new people and form friendships. He was born and raised in California where he had a love for surfboarding. He has a great relationship with his family. He hope to one day settle down if he ever meets "the one".
Strengths & Weaknesses Logan takes his position as chief medical seriously. He has little patience for those who put off physicals or try to avoid treatment when injured. He has a good bedside manner, knowing when to be tough and when to be sympathetic.

He can be stubborn when he feels he is right and is very thorough and precise with each case.
Ambitions To be the best doctor he can be.
Hobbies & Interests He likes sports, surfing, reads medical books and plays board games on occasion.

Personal History Logan was born and raised in California. He is the youngest of three children and knew at a young age that he wanted to be a doctor. His parents had their own practice and for the longest time he wanted to join them once he graduated from medical school.

Logan studied hard when he was going to school. When he was on a break he would be found surfing, something he found calm and relaxing. He was a sophomore in high school when he met Monica Shepherd at a party. They fast became friends and before long it became more and they were dating. Logan listened to her as she told him of her dreams to go to Starfleet and serve on a starship one day.. His focus started to shift from joining his parents practice to serving as a medical doctor on a starship.

Logan knew in order to get into the best schools he would have to work hard and he dedicated himself to studying hard and getting the best grades possible. He graduated the top of his class with scholarships and was accepted at Harvard Medical School.

Logan and Monica were determined to make their relationship work. While she headed off to the academy, he went to Boston and began his medial studies. Logan found the studies hard but as with everything he did he put his all into it. Logan interned at a local hospital until his graduation. Logan felt his relationship with Monica drifting away but they still kept in contact.

Upon graduation from Harvard, Logan attended medical Starfleet Academy Medical to get the required training to serve on a Starship. Logan had signed up for the necessary classes and on a whim decided on studying for medical examiner to fill out his schedule, having already graduated from medical school.

Logan didn't think he would have a real interest in it or find it very useful but he couldn't have been more wrong. Logan dived into the class and discovered he was drawn to the forensics side of medicine. Having to do an autopsy and find the true cause of death, looking for evidence and running tests. It was more than just a coroner. He made the decision to stay at Starfleet Medical School until he got a dual degree as a Medical Examiner, even though he knew he would be serving as a doctor. Logan knew that it would be useful serving on a starship as he would be both positions rolled into one. His last year at the Academy he worked part time for a coroner and Logan felt a passion for the work.

After graduation, Logan was assigned to the USS Brighton. He went on board with rose colored glasses, planning to climb through the ranks and become the chief in no time. It wasn't long before Logan realized he had a lot to learn. He felt fortunate to serve under a gifted doctor who mentored him. While there, Logan gained hands on experience in both medical and the autopsy side of things. There was only so much medical school could teach a person but with the experience his chief had, Logan developed a skill for looking for things such as cause of death or if there appeared to be inconsistencies.

After five years, Logan accepted a transfer to the USS Davison where he served as a Assistant Chief Medical Officer. Logan missed his former chief but that soon passed as he accepted the responsibility and excelled as assistant on board the USS Ludington. Logan was pleased with where his career was heading and kept in contact with his family back home. He missed them but felt this was where he belonged.

Finally, he was promoted to Chief Medical and transferred to NX-14 Artemis where Logan looked forward to using his skills as both a doctor and a medical examiner.
Service Record 2162- Present
Chief Medical Officer
NX-14 Artemis
Promoted to Lieutenant

Assistant Chief Medical Officer
USS Ludington
Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade

Medical officer/Examiner
USS Brighton

Starfleet Medical Hospital

Starfleet Medical Academy
Medical Examiner

Harvard Medical School