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Ensign Sophia Tremane

Name Sophia Lynn Tremane

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 5 ft 7 in
Weight 132 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Tremane is slight above the female average in her height with the physique of a triathlete, she maintains her demure figure through regiment of keeping with her athletic pursuits. Her long black hair is just past the shoulders with soft piercing blue eyes like the sky on a frosty day. She has a self confidence rather than being than vain. She is comfortable in her own skin. She is known to wear well tailored outfits that allow her better movement than the sultry style that she does get more complements from.

She often has her uniform neat but by end of a processing day their can be a black tinge to the coloring from the dust used in her processing of Fingerprint collection. Her face sometimes has a dirty cheeek or once a ‘Raccoon eyes’ as the powder bulb broke and she was working a wall at eye level.

She smiles more than she frowns with expressions of contentment.


Father James (Detective)
Mother Luann (Nurse)
Brother(s) Justin Montane (Cousin 2 years older)
Jason Montane (Cousin 3 months Older)
Other Family Aunt Marge & Uncles Cecile Montain (Guardians)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Sophia was more negatively motivated as a young girl; living on a farm with her Uncle and aunt with Their two boys, she tended to do what the boys told her ‘Girls can’t do’ and she wished prove wrong. Putting a drive in her that no one really expected. She was not a Tom Boy by any means; she wore skirts with bloomers sewn in (Called Skorts) by some, or shorts under her skirts as she did her bit. Her Family finally made short Over-all mandatory for her to keep up with the boys. She had a fire in doing things to porove to herself she could.

This drive lead to her being very competitive in herself and challenges. She had a fire to ‘Prove things and had keen observation skills. These skills became how she would access her universe and base her decisions upon with evidence to prove herself.

This self-assurance was in her professional and Private life; she is very confidant in her own skin but not vain. She liked to be feminine but not alluring; she is her own self and not one to follow fad or fashion. She has learned her own style of life and hold to it.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Tenacious Investigator
+ Deductive reasoning
+ Keen observation skills.

+/- Strong Investigative Skills

- Very organized with her lab and work
- First time in Deep Space
- Judges all things on accumulated Observations/ Evidence
Ambitions To command a Crime Lab
Hobbies & Interests Geometry and Trigonometery
Triathalon (Biking , Swimming, Running)
Tai Chi Practitioner
Fencing and Knife combat
Figure Skating

Foreign/ Alien Cultures (Study)
Evidence Technology
Historical crimes (Xeno-Historical)
Writes for Crime and Evidence Journals upon occasion.

She dabbles in writing about historical crimes and the investigation by a humble female protagonist.

Personal History Sophia is the only child of her Parents; her Father a Detective Sargent and mother a Highly skilled nurse, did not leave much time to rasie a daughter. Her Uncle and aunt took most of her care upon themselves to a point Sophia credits her Uncle and Aunt as her Parents in many ways. This left her with a cousin Boy 2 years older and another just Three Months older. The two would grow up in the same grade level throughout school through High School. Growing up the Boys teased and taunted her like a ‘baby Girl Sibling who got all Mama's attention. Thus they really took every taunt about her not being able to do what boys can. Sophia did not take it well; she pushed herself to beat them on bicycles and could out swim them. As she got older she was fast on her feet. Then she discovered Ice skating early. Her father and mother could give the resources for her to compete; where she did very well to the point at 12 needed tutor as she was a fierce competitor. Fate did not allow her to be the best; trying a quadruple- Axel she missed the landing and broke her ankle.

Life is not one to keep her down; her Father could not sit by letting his girl sit around so he put her with him ; well in the Labs for evidence as an intern; if she had not been injured she might have experianced a ride-along. However she did learn the processing of evidence; hobbling about she even learn how to work Fingerprints. After her ankle healed Sophia compete in more local events and did internships through high school and college. Getting a free ride to college as there are few females doing the job and her recommendations from Police departments she interned with.

The added volunteer work counted as ‘Field Time’ on her application Work Experiance and gave her 7 years of working; she could process evidence like a pro taking what she volunteered to do and then taught the philosophy behind it. With her drive and work experience she landed ‘Criminalist Duty’ early on after graduation.

The Vulcan were involved with ‘guiding’ arth and humans to reach out to Space; the whole Warp Engines and initial probes were really not her concern. The Human low burning resentment of the Haughty Vulcans did cause some unrest, just as Robbery, Thieving , assault and even Murder kept Sophia in a job.

Sophia became very adept in her skills; her scans from far, medium and close up for evidence presentation were text book execution. Her processing of evidence flawless on the 89 Percentile and her Conclusions of each piece and how it related to the scene gave a 78% conviction by evidence. If only it were not human nature to believe the witness more than evidence; people did not understand how evidence is procured so they judge more on the stories and conflicting accounts than the fact of the evidence.

Sophia worked the evidence to show relations between scene and highlight point of a scene. Her skills came to note as some thefts from Vulcan Embassy had to have Earth Security investigators aid the Vulcan Security Resources. Sophia met Te’Matt the Vulcan Investigator. She was allowed to aid in the processing of Evidence and in fact over-shadowed her Vulcan counter-part and was logically given lead of the collection. With the collected evidence the Security forces did catch the criminal.

Sophia was on a team that had the rare overlap with the Vulcans in a loss of a shipment of crystals used primarily in the Phase Pistols. The shipment was in route to Earth and Mars Station a transfer point. The shipment was intercepted and stolen. Sophia was the Technician Level I and team lead for that shift. She and her kit arrived after the Vulcans; being an Earth station the Human technician was allowed access to the crime scene. while making her initial measurements she noted several impact from energy weapons. Taking their location and placing a number to them she logged it, also the rewired Access Panel, the damaged scanner and the empty space where the paperwork had the shipment as being placed. A missing Hover lift was also logged in. Once Sohia had taken her shots, measurements and other evidence processing she logged her report and would wait for the impact points to be removed from the wall and properly processed. When reviewing the reports she noted all her measurements were there except the height and location of the blast marks, the wall was repaired upon a second trip to the scene and the evidence did not make it to the crime Lab and all the submitted data was missing.

Later the serial number of the hover lift was routed to a lower cargo area and having resided there several months prior to the crime she had processed.

Finding a promotion she had assignment to Mars Station as it was off Earth but still in system she kept up with her ‘Brothers and all four of her guardians.’ The Mars station was where many of the ships resupplied and the rotation of merchants coming through also had more cases that needed quick evidence collection for processing as merchants are always in a hurry.

Sophia was involved in a case of supplies not arriving to their final destination. The area of the Star Base in question was declared a Crime Scene. Sophia was to have her first taste of travel on a star ship; the confining feelings soon passed with further travel. It was a short ‘hop’ to the processing station. She rode out on the NX-09 Avenger to the Keplar Outpost. Upon arrival Sophia had a bout with Space sickness and was readily seen to and the bout was not to interfere with her processing the crime scene.

After processing the Crime scene; her mobile lab equipment occupying a small office, she took the images, dusted for prints and collected all the evidence to her lab. Fighting the effects of the Space Sickness the processing of the evidence was connected to the paperwork; in truth after reviewing scans and holo images it was concluded the supplies were never delivered but the receipts delivered to Records and subsequent recordings show the ‘smoke screen of false routing paperwork. The crew also had done smaller operations of a similar nature. Sophia spent another year as a Criminalist on the Keplar staton to clean up the mess and train the replacement Technician before she could transfer.

Her natural ability work along side even the Vulcans aided her career on those rare occasions required to work in tangent with Vulcans.

The NX-09 Avenger came back to station for repairs, the Warp nacelle damaged; the repairs would take it back to Earth. While routed through Keplar for badly wounded crew and the Captain offered Sophia a ride back to Earth as she was due for a rotation in a few weeks and the ship was there. Sophia was hesitant as it was space travel when her transfer back to Mars arrived and an interim assignment to the Avenger. As it turned out the Engine damage was suspect and the Captain had request an inquery, Sophia being the closest worked with the Engineer and Damage control crew to process the ‘Accident Evaluation; seeming to be a standard report. Reconstruction of the accident scene was not alll that different and Sophia processed the evidence for review. The flow transistor had been damaged; upon reconstruction for evidence sabotage was detected. The ensuing investigation by Security found the culprit and Sophia was give more accolades in her performance.

Upon return to Earth Sophia transferred to the NX-14 USS Artemis.
Service Record Present Crime Scene Investigator USS Artemis
2159 -2161 Crime Scene Technician III Outpost Keplar
2158 -2159 Crime Scene Technician II NX-09 Avenger
2156- 2158 Crime scene Technician I Mars Station.
2154-2156 Crime Scene Trainee earth
2150-2154 Star Fleet Academy