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Lieutenant Quinton Sarratt

Name Quinton Andrew Sarratt PhD

Position Executive Officer

Second Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 131#
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Quin Sarratt is a rather average human male; nothing honestly really stands out. Over the years he’s given up on the clean-shaven appearance and gone for more of a scruffy five o’clock shadow look. Perhaps his only feature that would stand out, if noticed, is a small scar under his left ear.


Father Cmdre Andrew Nash Sarrat (79) Starfleet Intelligence, Earth
Mother Lindsay Marie Sarrat (D)
Sister(s) Lieutenant JG Megan Sarrat, Communications Officer Starfleet Command

Personality & Traits

General Overview Quin was born with a small birthmark on his left cheek. He suffers from a mild case of asthma, due to his premature birth, making extreme physical exercise not possible, without medication. Quin also has a slight eyesight problem, rather than corrective surgery Quin has opted to wear glasses when needed. Quin is a very confident person, and very determined. He knows what he can do and is always pushing his limits to make himself better.

After hours he can typically be found in the lounge with a good book. While he enjoys being around people, his awkward personality has been interpersonal relationships rather challenging.
Strengths & Weaknesses Quin is a person who must remain in total control over everything. He does not seem to enjoy chaos and struggles daily with his desire to keep everything in order. On paper, Quinn appears very knowledgeable, highly educated, and smart. In practical terms, in the real world, he tends to be rather naïve and struggles with relating to people. He seems to lack the real-world application of his chosen career and perhaps getting out of an office would do him some good.
Ambitions Honestly, Quin has no desire to move up further in the process; he's comfortable where he is. His fear would be that any other career choice would take him out of the lab and the work he enjoys. He enjoys the solitude the lab provides and leaving the lab would take him out of his comfort zone.
Hobbies & Interests Quin likes chocolate, tea, and coffee. In his free time, he reads books, a trait he picked up from his mother, who was an avid reader. He also enjoys chess, and games of chance and games of mental challenge seem to give him a high of sorts when he is winning. Oddly Quin loves Earth Opera. He’s been known to play opera when he is deep in work, it seems to help him stay focused.

Personal History Born on the 28th of March 2352 to Andrew and Lindsay Sarratt, Quin Andrew Sarratt was the son of a distinguished Starfleet Officer and a civilian Doctor. Quin was raised on Earth, with his parents and his sister Megan. Quin attended High School where he excelled at his studies. Quin wasn't a popular student, while active in many activities; including sports, musical art, and drama, Quin was often aloof and struggled to make deep relationships. Many found he to be rather odd. Later in his High School education, Quin became involved in Student Government and learned the skills that he would later use in his future career.

From a young age, Quin took an interest in Science. He enjoyed working in his mother's clinic but found the lab work far more interesting than working with the actual patients. While he could sympathize with the clients, he found it hard to relate to them on a more personal level. In 2146, Quin was accepted into the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he focused on earning his Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology with a minor in Sociology.

After receiving his Bachelor's degree, Quin enrolled and was accepted to Boston University, with a focus on earning his Master's Degree in Physical Anthropology. Opting to stay in the Boston area, Quin continued his education, while working part-time at the University, as a Fellow. While at BostonUniversity, Quin earned his Ph.D., in Physical Anthropology, with a focus on Forensic. After earning his Board Certifications, Quin now focused his attention and sights on Starfleet moving to the California bay area.

Having grown up with a father in the service, Quin was already prepared for the lifestyle and decisions that came with a commission. Enrolling in Starfleet Academy, Quin looked now to the stars. He was certain that in order to further his career he had to look behind Earth, and the planet he had called home for his entire life.

Commissioned as a Lieutenant Junior Grade, due to his education, Quin looks forward to his first assignment and whatever life holds for him in the future.

Medical Notes

* Quin appears to have an allergy to strawberries that causes minor skin irritation and sneezing. He responds well to traditional allergy remedies.
* In addition to strawberries, Quin appears to be allergic to roses. They cause contact irritation.
* Quin’s list of allergies has expanded to include a skin contact allergy to geraniums. They cause his severe rash symptoms.
* Quin can also add peanuts to his growing list of allergy-inducing items. This allergy seems to be him most severe, eating peanuts has caused complete anaphylaxis.
Service Record 2128 - Born
2146-2150 - Massachusetts Institute of Technology, BA: Anthropology Minor: Sociology
2150-2052 - Boston University, MS: Physical Anthropology
2052-2057 - Boston University, Ph.D.: Physical Anthropology Specialization: Forensics
2057-2061 - Starfleet Academy, Science Track
2061 - Commissioned Lieutenant Junior Grade, Chief Science Officer USS Artemis