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Ensign Cihl Theidi

Name Cihl Theidi

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Ventaxian
Age 22

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 150 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blie


Father Caid Theidi
Mother Cirninnih Theidi
Sister(s) Coh Theidi
Other Family Commander Irvac Ryldace, Deep Space Station K-7 Executive Officer

Personality & Traits

General Overview Cihl Theidi is a creative and rational introvert who takes great pleasure in unraveling the mysteries of life. Nonetheless, aside from this fact, he is essentially clueless about the realities of how the galaxy truly work and has limited relationships of value with others.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Curious, Determined, Independent, Informed
Weaknesses: Arrogant, Critical, Dismissive of Emotions, Socially Clueless
Ambitions To represent his race, the Ventaxians, among the galaxy due to their limited involvement in intergalactic politics.
Hobbies & Interests Exercise, Reading, Writing

Personal History Born on Ventax II in 2375, Cihl Theidi was essentially born on the wrong world. A Ventaxian, in the 14th century Cihl's people embraced an agrarian society and eschewed the advanced technology that had defined their civilization. This was accomplished through the Contract of Ardra, a decree that the mythological being known as Ardra would save the Ventaxians in exchange for enslaving the world a millennia later. The theology became a cornerstone of Ventaxian culture, with many Ventaxian's afraid to even mention the name, and the advanced technology of the world shelved.

Cihl Theidi's family were the quintessential Ventaxians, running a large agricultural commune in the planet's southern hemisphere. Cihl grew around the native flora and fauna of Ventax II, but he never was comfortable with the agrarian lifestyle of his people. While he excelled in the scientific fields of study, he never was successful at the more terrestrial sciences. He never quite fit in and her never understood why, until he heard stories of his Uncle, Irvac Ryldace, who had left Ventax II to join Starfleet against the wishes of the family.

Despite the warnings of his family that he would share the same fate as his Uncle, Cihl focused his attentions on developing the skills needed to function amongst the stars as a member of Starfleet and turned his attention to learning about the ancient technologies that his world had forsaken in exchange for Ardra's peace, excelling in studies of Matter/Antimatter Technologies. When he came of age he immediately applied to Starfleet Academy and was accepted at the main campus.
Service Record Starfleet Academy
Accepted as a member of the Starfleet Academy Class of 2397, Cihl Theidi immediately declared his major of study in Matter/Antimatter Reactions with the hope of becoming a Starfleet Engineer like his Uncle Irvac Ryldace. Due to his Ventaxian heritage, Starfleet Command took an immediate interest in Cihl's career and monitored his progress closely. This opened opportunities for Cadet Theidi that were unavailable to other Cadets - including an invitation to join Starfleet Academy's famed Red Squadron.

Cadet Theidi excelled in his studies, scoring top marks in Matter/Antimatter Reactive Theory, Starship Design, and Warp Field Theory. Despite his academic successes, Cadet Theidi struggled with developing interpersonal relationships with many of his fellow Cadets. Some Academic Counselors at the Academy petitioned for further investigation and focus on these deficiencies, but Starfleet Command overruled their concerns and ordered the reports sealed to Starfleet Level IX and above to help secure stronger relationships with the Ventaxians. To further isolate Cadet Theidi from the concerns of the Academic Counselors, Cadet Theidi was assigned to the Interstellar Academic Exchange Program.

Interstellar Academic Exchange Program
Upon assignment to the Interstellar Academic Exchange Program, Cadet Theidi was matched with the Romulan Free State and assigned to training at the Borg Cube Artifact. This offered the unique opportunity for Cadet Theidi to learn concepts related to the technologies of the Borg Collective and an expansive insight into salvage processes. Nonetheless, following an incident with Romulan Supervisors, Theidi was returned to Starfleet Academy and assigned a midshipman cruise on the Starship Nathan Hale.

Midshipman Cruise - U.S.S. Nathan Hale
Assigned to the Inquiry Class U.S.S. Nathan Hale, Cadet Theidi was tasked with assisting the Engineering crew with administration tasks under the direction of his Uncle, Lieutenant Commander Irvac Ryldace on his final cruise aboard the ship before assignment to Deep Space Station K-7. While Cadet Theidi continued to struggle with developing relationships among the crew, the Cadet's knowledge of Engineering blossomed. At the conclusion of his midshipman cruise Cadet Theidi graduated from Starfleet Academy as Salutatorian, having misidentified a Superconducting Magnet SCM model 3 as a Subspace Trajector Matrix. This allowed him preferential selection of his first assignment, and a position as Chief Engineer.