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Lieutenant Claire Fisher

Name Claire Anne Fisher

Position JAG Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5
Weight 130
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Claire doesn't consider herself particularly remarkable. She stays in shape through regular exercise per regulation, but is not the sort for most physical activities.

The one striking feature is that her pale skin is accentuated by her dark hair and bright eyes, a true English rose.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Thomas Fisher-Retired
Mother Julia Fisher-Retired
Sister(s) Beth Fisher-38
Ruth Fisher-35
Kate Fisher-28

Personality & Traits

General Overview Reserved it's easy to forget Claire is in the room as she is more concerned with observing others than interacting with them. Still relatively young, she has so far been focused on her career and has not made much time for her to develop her own personality, focused on others.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Kind-hearted
+Analytical and data focused
+High intelligence

-Career focused
-Does not prioritize her own life and needs
-Driven to succeed and a perfectionist
-New to role of counselor, coming from more of a profiler background
-A notable addiction to coffee since joining Starfleet
Ambitions To further the advancement of study on criminals to prevent future crimes.
Hobbies & Interests Reading, painting, skiing, xeno-psychology, anthropology, philosophy, chess, all sorts of puzzles and riddles

Personal History Claire was born April 2363 as the third of four girls to Thomas and Julia Fisher in the West End of London, where she was raised.

Her mother was a university professor while her father was an executive for an ore processing company. Her parents provided a comfortable life for her and her sisters and exposed them to many aspects of culture such as dance, theater, music and off-world travel.

Unlike her sisters, Claire did not take to most of these activities and instead preferred interests that were more academic in nature less physical. Though reserved, she was not noted as being shy, instead just wanting to watch the room since she young. However, her parents always had an expectation that their children would live up to whatever aspirations they had for them. Seeing Claire's academic potential and prowess at young age, they expected her to become a lawyer as an adult. From the age of ten she was given a private tutor who taught lessons on Federation law and put into an accelerated academic program for young would be law students.

It was when she spent a year in a legal exchange program on Betazed in her teens that Claire found an interest in psychology and the study of others in a more structured way. She was fascinated how empaths could read the emotions of others and how it helped them understand and resolve conflicts. She was determined to achieve this in her own way. Because of the resources her parents poured into her education, Claire managed to finish secondary education at sixteen and began to study law at Oxford university, accepted early due to completing prerequisites while still in secondary school.

Upon graduation, Claire was expected to begin a career in law. However, she went against her parents wishes to join Starfleet in a bit of independent rebellion. After a brief disagreement over her decision, they capitulated with her chosen career as a psychologist. They did feel she could be a psychologist without putting herself in harms way so far away from their family, but she was determined to learn with the best minds in the galaxy.

Claire participated in the debate team at the Academy, but generally gave up on most extracurricular activities while at Starfleet Medical to focus on her studies and to achieve her goals of being admitted into the advanced research facilities regarding psychology.

At the age of 20, was while at Starfleet Medical, she saw a need for psychological profiling being asked for by Starfleet Intelligence in handling crimes within the fleet. Seeing the unique challenges the role would face with access to some of the most top secret information and crimes, Claire was fascinated and immediately joined.

Claire did a two year stint on the USS Mercury when she first left the Academy, helping survivors, or the families of the victims of the attack on Mars, deal with the trauma. While helping the young daughter of one of the victims of the attack process what happened to her mother. Claire had a crisis of conscious and was emotionally scarred as she realized she couldn’t help the little girl understand why the androids attacked. Seeing that level of grief and overwhelming fear in one so young was something that Claire was not prepared for in her training.

This event had such an impact on Fisher, she threw herself in to research and behavioral psychology so that she wouldn’t have to deal directly with victims anymore. Subsequently, she put in a request to return to Starfleet Medical, preferring to handle crimes instead of it’s victims.

Upon her return to Starfleet Medical, Claire spent the following decade working as a liaison and field advisor between Starfleet and local civilian police forces throughout the Federation, acting as a resource to criminal investigations and criminal profiling. One such case that she worked on had her help capture a Vulcan who took part in the Anti-Kolinahr demonstrations on Allison VII and hid amongst the V’tosh ka’tur movement to commit murders on various planets in the sector. This arrest led to her being called on more and more as a prominent voice in the criminal profiling division.

Aside from this event, Claire worked tirelessly to expand the Medical database on alien psychological abnormalities from a behavioral level. She often requested assignments that would take her to prisons to interview the most heinous of criminals of any species and document their experiences and insights.

Fearing that her decision to stay mostly based at Starfleet Medical originated in her own fears of her career, Claire decided it was time to make a change in her life and requested a transfer onto another ship, one that would still predominately allow her to focus on her work as a psychological behaviorist and profile. Because of her reputation in both the division and Starfleet in general, she was allowed transfer to the Artemis to oversee the Counseling and Criminal Profiling Department.
Service Record 2372-2385-Starfleet Academy; Medical and Counseling Division

2385-2387-USS Mercury; Junior Counselor

2387-2397-Starfleet Medical; Psychology and Criminal Profiling Division