Looking her up

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Mission: Episode 2 - Patriot Games
Location: Mess Hall
Timeline: MD001 1700 hrs
1575 words - 3.2 OF Standard Post Measure

Carter stood off to the side in the mess hall, watching as crew came in and got in line to eat dinner. He was hoping to see the woman from lunch time come in so he could be all casual and sit down at her table. Arabella was pretty and he had felt an interest from the moment he had looked over at her table.

He watched as a few more people came in and then, there she was. Carter held back and waited, getting in line behind her. He just had to come up with a way to introduce himself to Arabella.

Arabella was in line, she could tell that Carter, a guy she really did not know was right behind her. She thought he was cute enough to flirt with. "Is the view nice, or something?" Arabella asked, as she assumed, he was checking her ass.

Carter smiled when he realized he was busted. Deciding it was better to be honest he went for it. “Yes it is.” His eyes were still on her. “I definitely like what I am seeing.”

"The Chef has outdone himself for sure." Arabella said, with a big grin on her face. She knew he was checking her out, and he admitted to it. But she was trying not to make it awkward, by interjecting comedy into this first encounter between them.

“It smells really good in here,” Carter replied as he filled his tray. “I heard the food is really good from someone on shift.”

"I have no doubt, most chef's know how to cook." Arabella pointed out to him. She was not to worried, if she would like the food or not.

“That was kind of redundant of me,” Carter said with a smile. “Who hires someone who cooks lousy food.” He paused. “Mind if I join you for dinner?”

"I was hoping you would ask, otherwise it might have been awkward, if I just sat at the same table you did." Arabella suggested with a teasing tone. She was slightly flirting with him.

“I am glad to hear you say that,” Carter admitted. “I was a little nervous about asking but I decided to go for it.” He looked around. “How about over there.” He suggested, over to the left.

"Its just a meal, not like we are going to make out." She said, with a big grin on her face. Arabella, was not sure what she was doing. This was not her typical angle, to flirting with a man. But it was adventurous, and fun.

Carter’s eyes widened and then he smiled at her, liking how she flirted and gave him a sense of how she was feeling. “You’re right, dinner is a good start.”

"Dinner is the only start, I want to make that clear." Arabella said, not wanting him to think she was easy.

“I want to get to know you,” Carter said, honesty in his voice. “Attraction is easy for some but I want more.” He hoped he wasn’t scaring her off, just letting her know he was with her on this.

"Wow." Arabella said, with a shocked look on her face. "That is very aggressive." She said, not really turned on by his directness. She preferred the game of cat and mouse.

"I said that all wrong," Carter shook his head. "I am nervous. I have never been very good when I first meet someone. I didn't mean to infer there would be an us. I was attempting to agree with you." He hoped she could feel his sincerity.

"It was a loaded question, since we are being honest." Arabella said, thinking it was cute of him to be honest, instead of burying himself further.

"Arabella, nice to meet you." She said, with a big grin on her face. At least he handled conflict well, she told herself.

“What department do you work in?” Carter asked her with interest. He always tries to guess from looking at someone but he didn’t have a sense of what she did.

"Random question to ask a lady you just met?" Arabella said, wondering why he wanted to know.

“I was just curious is all,” Carter explained. “I am working in science, you don’t have to tell me, it’s all good.”

"I'm an Engineer." Arabella said, with a big grin on her face. "Just giving you a little grief." Arabella said in a teasing manner.

“I like your sense of humor,” Carter smiled. “I need to be given grief at times, keeps me grounded.”

"Then you met the right girl." Arabella suggested to him, as she walked over to the table. Her plate was still hot, and full of food. She was eager to eat.

Carter followed her over and waited for her to sit down before he did.” He looked at his plate and smiled. “Where to start, it all looks so good!”

"I would suggest starting with the least favorite then, then go clockwise from there." Arabella said, with a grin. it was her strategy.

“Good idea,” Carter grinned. “Then I can eat the favorites a last and savor them.” She was cute and very smart.

"So that begs the question, what is your least favorite item?" Arabella said, as she started with the Green beans on her plate.

“Let’s see,” Carter looked at his plate, “It would be the chicken cordon blue.” He smiled. “I love chicken:”

"I perfer Enchiladas." Arabella said, with a big grin on her face. "But my question, was least favorite item." She said, thinking he probably a little nervous.

Carter laughed. “You did say least favorite.” He looked around his plate. “It would be the broccoli, but it is good for me so I went for it.”

"But you said, you loved chicken. Now I am confused." Arabella said, with a confused look on her face.

“My least favorite is broccoli,” Carter explained with. A smile. “My favorite is chicken. Sorry, I answered backwards.”

"I am not a fan of cauliflower." Arabella admitted to him, with a big grin on her face. She wondered how he felt about them.

“See now I am with you there,” Carter returned. “Cauliflower is on my no list as well.”

"What else is on your no list?" Arbella asked, with a big grin on her face.

“I don’t eat Brussels sprouts,” Carter said. “Or Okra. I am not much into them.” She shuddered.

"Wait, not even fried Okra?" Arabella asked, with a surprised look on her face. That took her by surprise. Who does not like fried okra.

“I have never tried that.” Carter said with a look of interest. “I am willing to try it though.”

"You only have one life to live. Why play it safe, and never experience things or try things?" Arabella asked. She wanted him to see, he needed to be open to new ideas.

“Trying new things is important,” Carter nodded in agreement. “I am up to try it sometime.”

"While that sounds like a promising start, you do realize you have actually promised to do something, without specifically saying what you are trying to say." Arabella pointed out to him. "Does that come natural, or you trying to back out of trying new things?" She asked, with a grin on her face.

Carter blinked. “No, I am not.” He loved her quick comebacks. “I am saying that I would like to try new things.” He smiled at her. “Maybe you can introduce me to fried Okra sometime.”

"Perhaps, next time we have a chance to visit the station or the planetside below, we should do that." Arabella said. She was finding it hard to believe, she was already making plans for a another encounter with Carter.

“That would be fun,” Carter said with a smile. He had hoped she would show some interest, he didn’t want to come across too strong.

"Let's hope the Artemis does not leave port tonight. Perhaps we can go tonight?" Arabella asked, hoping he would say yes.

“I would like that,” Carter said with a smile. “I will see what I can find out and if we can leave the ship for a few hours.”

Arabella grinned, as she wondered what connections he had. In order to get them permission, to leave the ship for a couple of hours. "You do that." Arabella said, as she wondered, how he was going to get the first officer to sign off on it.

“I really don’t have any great pull but I am not afraid to ask,” Carter admitted.

"I will be living vicioursly through your efforts." Arabella said, with a warm smile on her face. She hoped he was able to convince Kayleigh.

“I do have a certain charm,” Carter grinned. “And I really don’t see why we can’t leave for a bit.” He looked at her. “Wish me luck.”

"I will be." Arabella said, as the scene starts to fade away. She hoped he was successful.

Carter as going to do all he could to get them some time off. He had to succeed,.

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