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Teal Colored Teamwork

Posted on Mon May 24th, 2021 @ 3:48pm by Lieutenant Logan Burnett & Lieutenant Quinton Sarratt PhD
Edited on on Tue May 25th, 2021 @ 3:52am

Mission: Episode 2 - Patriot Games
Location: Sarratt Quarters
Timeline: MD002 1130 hrs


Logan had received the news that they had a new science chief, one Lieutenant JG Quinton Sarratt and he was selected to meet with them this morning and bring them up to speed on their current mission and make certain he had settled in and found his department satisfactory. He had decided to meet Sarratt in the science department so that he would feel more comfortable.

He headed down the corridor and into science. Walking over to the science chief's door, he rang the buzzer and waited for him to answer. Logan held a padd to his chest, wanting to make sure Sarratt was up to speed on what they were currently working on. He knew that the chief would be invaluable in this case.

Quin had been reading the latest journal from the Forensic Anthropology Society, it was a fascinating article on Drevin IV, he was midway through the Doctor's findings on the citizen of a recently discovered city when the door chime sounded. "Always in the good spot," he sighed, closing the padd.

Walking over to the door, he pressed the button. "Aww, Lieutenant," he smiled, "I assumed you are my welcoming committee. He took his glasses off and tucked them into his left breast pocket. "Doctor Quinton Sarratt," he offered a hand, "pleasure to make your acquaintance."

"Please come in," he smiled at the man.

“Lieutenant Logan Burnett,” he replied with a smile. “I am the chief medical officer. I am your welcoming committee as well as I am going to get you up to speed on our mission.”

Quin nodded, "thank you, Doctor," he gestured into the room. "I admit, I've read a bit on your, " he paused, "well our mission but I must confess it is not nearly enough to jump right in." He gave the Doctor a subtle look over as he attempted to size up the man. "So, what do I need to know, and where does the good Captain need me first?"

"We found the officer in his office, so far our leads lean towards poisoning," Logan began. "The autopsy showed no natural causes and I found traces of a substance in his system that given over time would have caused him to fall sick and eventually die."

"Poisoning," Quin nodded, "an interesting choice. Many on Earth believe poison was discovered as a hunting tool if you will to quicken the death of one's prey or enemies. It wasn't until around Medieval Europe, that poisoning, in general, became more popular. form of killing something. As civilization expands and develops newer technologies, the forms of the poison tend to get more and more advanced making detection a lot harder."

"What substance was found?" he asked, "have we been able to determine how it was entered into his system?" Quin looked at the Doctor there were so many different methods of poisoning and each one pointing to a different path.

“ Paraquat,” Logan replied with the information. “It attacks the lungs, liver, and kidneys.” He took a deep breath. “It is a painful way to go.”

Quin pulled up information as he read over the list, "this is a rather interesting poison to use," he commented, "first discovered in the middle of the 20th century and widely used as an herbicide. All throughout the late 20th century, Paraquat was commonly used as a method of suicide in many countries." Quin thought for a moment, "do we know how the salt was introduced into the body? Oral, ocular membranes, inhaled?" Quin found it interesting that such an older method of poisoning was used. Certainly, there were more modern and more effective methods to kill someone. Paraquat in modern society wasn't in common use anymore.

“Oral,” Logan said quickly. “My first reaction was that it was a crime of passion but then, the more I think about it, it seems so obvious like maybe they were hoping we would go in that direction. It almost seems too obvious.”

"Poison is very hands-off," Quin responded. "Sure, you have to give the stuff but from there you don't have to watch your victim perish. You can perform the deal without having to look them in the eyes, as you would with a murder or a homicide. Sometimes the easiest solution is simple. Who had the most to gain from our victim's death? Then you work your way out from there. History is full of death that simply was for profit, fame, or notoriety. It doesn't always have to be complicated."

“There is that,” Logan nodded. “I can’t help but think this is too neat, just a feeling.” He continued on. “Our communications officer is tracking down all his messages and calls. My next job is figuring out what it was put in. It would have to be something unique to him or someone in his life enough to slip him the poison.”

"I would be happy to assist in that," Quin offered, "if you need a hand." Physical Anthropology was the study of human biology in the context of its culture and behavior, so physical anthropology was also a social science. "I always like a bit of research and sleuthing," Quin smiled, "sometimes figuring out how it was accomplished can help you figure out why it was accomplished."

“Yes,” Logan said with a nod. “I believe in teamwork. An extra pair of eyes, as well as ideas, should always be welcome.” He smiled then. “I once interned under a doctor who believed he had all the answers and learned a valuable lesson by almost losing a patient. It taught all of us to value working together.”

"Teamwork is always best in situations like this," Quin replied, "people's futures are on the line, therefore another set of eyes ensures that our work is done properly." He looked around his room, "I don't have a lot of work left here, but I do need to get settled in if that is ok. I could meet you in medical in about 30 minutes if that will work?"

Quin nodded as the man replied then turned to leave. He picked up the article he read before the Doctor's arrival, determined to finish his read. He looked at the door, for a second, "definitely going to be an interesting assignment," he muttered to himself.

ieutenant Logan Burnett
Chief Medical Officer, Artemis
Starfleet Criminal Investigations Unit

Lieutenant Junior Grade Quinton Sarratt PhD
Chief Science Officer, Artemis
Starfleet Criminal Investigations Unit


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