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What brings you here?

Posted on Thu Jul 29th, 2021 @ 12:43pm by Ensign Arabella Sandoval & Ensign Reyna Vaquera
Edited on on Thu Jul 29th, 2021 @ 12:45pm

Mission: Episode 2 - Patriot Games
Location: Main Engineering
Timeline: MD002 0815 hrs


"Morning Reyna." Arabella called out in a good mood. She was pretty content with the night before. It made her be in a good mood, when she ran into Reyna in the engineering bay. She wondered what the communications chief, was doing down in engineering.

“Morning,” Reyna replied with a smile. “I have had a frustrating day already and I have been meaning to take a tour around the departments and decided it was as good a time as any to stop here.” She paused. “I hope that is okay?”

"I have no objections, frustrating day already. This early in the day." Arabella said, as she looked over to Reyna, to see if she wanted to talk about it.

“I’m working on something for the commander but I am having an issue getting past a firewall.” Reyna explained. “It’s happened before, I felt like I needed to walk away from the problem and come back with fresh eyes.”

"Can't you just request clearance, through the proper channels?" Arabella asked. Why was she trying to do a cloak and dagger style of approach?

“I have it,” Reyna nodded. “But there is a coded message, even the clearance given won’t get through.”’she smiled at her. “It’s what I do though so I will break it eventually.” She looked around. “What made you want to be an engineer?”

"I thought we were talking about you. But that is strange, a code within a top layer of encryption. What is someone trying to hide?" Arabella asked, wondering why the extra layer of security and protection.

“That is what I am trying to find out.” Reyna admitted. “It is either something hidden from us or possible something they didn’t want someone to get to before we did.”

"Maybe its an extra layer of encryption since this whole case revolves around the president." Arabella suggested Reyna.

“It is highly possible,” Reyna nodded in agreement. “There are a lot of things about this case that are sketchy.”

"If anyone can get to the bottom of it, its you and the first officer." Arabella suggested to Reyna. She had faith in both of them.

“And we will.” Reyna said with conviction. “I won’t give up, I just realized I needed to step away for a bit.”

"We knew the president's encryption was state of the art, it's just gonna take time. You got this." Arabella said, trying to emotionally comforting.

“I’m already feeling like I will be in the file before we know it.” Reyna murmured.

"You will be, lets hope you dont find anything." Arabella said. She did not want the murder being so close to the president. Most personal, were deeply vetted. So how did this happen, she knew that Reyna, would be able to get some answers.

“No one wants the president involved.” Reyna agreed with her. “I am hoping that this file may actually be some way to clear him.”

"I hope you are right, because you are right. No one wants the president to be involved." Arabella said, hoping that Reyna could find concrete proof.

“There are many possibilities.” Reyna agreed. “Let’s hope it is one of the others.” She looked at Arabella. “Do you have an assignment in the case?”

"We all do." Arabella said, as she kept her answer purposly cryptic. She was not sure, if she was allowed to talk about it.

Reyna nodded. “I take it you have similar orders to me. I can’t share details if I find anything specific except with command.”
"You will figure this out, I got faith in you." Arabella suggested to Reyna. She knew she could do it.

“I’m heading back.” Reyna smiled. “I believe I have found the way.” She smiled at Arabella and then headed on her way.

Reyna stopped and turned after a moment. “Do you have time for a cup of coffee? Maybe we can get something to eat?”

"I would love a good cup of coffee." Arabella said, with a big grin on her face. She had a craving for a peppermint mochoa coffee.

“Let’s go then.” Reyna said with a smile. “I think better when I’ve had something to eat or drink.”

"Coffee is now turning into a meal, this keeps getting better." Arabella said, with a big cheesy grin on her face. She was just giving Reyna a little grief, but in a friendly manner. She was seeing how she handled a little teasing.

“I am starving.” Reyna admitted. “Since we’re having coffee I might as well grab a snack.”

Arabella thought to herself, nicely played Reyna. With a big grin on her face, she decided to move the conversation along. "My stomach is growling as well, so lets do it." Arabella said, reassuring Reyna she was not the only one who was hungry.

“I think I get as hungry from mental work as others do physical.” Reyna said with a laugh. “Got to feed the brain.”

"Very true, lead the way." Arabella said, with a big grin on her face. She followed Reyna, as they both went through the line.

Reyna made her choices and then looked around for a table and they sat down to eat. “So I know I am being Nosey, you can tell me to back off but what’s up with you and Carter?”

"That is unexpected." Arabella called out, a little surprised that she just mentioned that randomly. Why did she care? Did she like him too?

“I saw you two together is all.” Reyna said with a sigh. “I have a nosey nature. I am probably out of line I just thought you looked cute together.”

"Well thank you, I mean it." Arabella said, with big grin. It was a little inappropriate, but she liked the comment regardless.

“You can always feel free to tell me when I overstep.” Reyna said with a smile. “I tend to say what I think at times.”

"The same goes for me. I think this is a start to a beautiful friendship." Arabella said, as the scene starts to fade away.

Reyna smiled as she finished up meal. She had made a good friend today. That was something that one always treasured. She looked forward to getting to know her better.

A joint post by;

Ensign Reyna Vaquera
Assistant Chief Communications Officer, Artemis NX-14
Starfleet Criminal Investigations Unit

Ensign Arabella Sandoval
Gamma Shift Engineering Officer, Artemis NX-14
Starfleet Criminal Investigations Unit


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