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Reporting to the Boss

Posted on Tue Nov 10th, 2020 @ 1:51am by Commander Kayleigh Harper & Ensign Sophia Tremane
Edited on on Tue Nov 10th, 2020 @ 4:29am

Mission: Episode 1 - The Hunt Begins
Location: Harper Office
Timeline: MD001 1300 hrs
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Tremane was eager to meet the Commander; the person that Sophie will be working with directly. Being asked aboard this ship was an honor and gaining a Crime Scene Investigator is more than she could have dreamed. Her 'brothers' will be eating their words soon enough, her job is now to pursue and get the evidence to prosecute. She was better than the Vulcans; she did not need that logic that her Brothers said gave Vulcans an edge, they cheated. They logically covered their track better but still cheated and Tremane knew it , had saw it.

Knocking on the door frame Tremane hoped she had not caught the Commander at a bad time?

"Ensign Sophia Tremane, checking in after arriving Commander?" She introduced herself.

Kayleigh was going over last night modification installation list from the corps of engineers. They had managed to complete every task that the Admiral called upon. Which made her a bit nervous. Usually when people rush, they do a poor job. A sloppy job, she hoped that was not the case, but feared it.

Kayleigh barely noticed the young ensign as she walked in. "Have a seat Ensign." Kayleigh eventually said, as she put down the padd from the corps of engineers, and looked at her monitor. She was bringing up the service record of Sopha.

"How was your trip over to the Artemis?" Kayleigh asked, buying herself a little time to pull up the service file, and getting a chance to re familiarize herself with it. She looked at it the other day, but a lot had been going on. So a little sneak peak could not hurt to refresh her memory.

"Maybe someday I will learn how to ride in a Pod with all my scene gear comfortably." Tremane chuckled. "Aside frm that it was nice. Glad to be on steady decking." She shrugged. "It will take me a couple of days at warp to get my stomach calmed."

"You suffer from motion sickness?" Kayleigh asked, as she turned her attention and focus soly on Sophia. If she suffered from motion sickness, in deep space, this may not work out well for her. The Artemis plan was to stay in deep space as much as possible.

"I was assigned to an outpost; takes me a bit to get my Space Legs back." Tremane said. "I admit that having steady gravity was nice but the conversion is not my easiest duty." She smiled. "I will be fine, I did a short tour on the Avenger and was okay after first couple days transition."

"According to your file, you choose this assignment as your first pick out of three, why is that?" Kayleigh asked. The Artemis was not an exploration vessel. Most personal wanted to serve on an exploration vessel. Not some new experimental SFCIS program. Her first reaction, fast track promotion?

"I do not trust the Vulcans; they are not forthcoming as they promised." Tremane said calmly. "I am good at process and Investigations, not logging in tree and plant samples for later review." SHe continued. "Explorers are not the only humans that will be reaching out; Human nature has a dark side and we take that with us. Like the old Manifest Dystany on Earth with the new territories there had to be people to protect the peace and maintain law. Especially with new races there will be new crimes, we cannot let the Vulcans dispense justice fairly and I am to understand that is the job of the Artemis, look into the crimes and see that new space is not a Lawless WIld West, in essence."

Kayleigh processed what she had said. "Do you feel that you are up to the task? You could potentially be dealing with some of the worse criminals in all of Starfleet and the Federation." Kayleight pointed out to Sophia.

"Someone has to keep order ma'am; I come in after the trouble and just make a case." Tremane shrugged. "If there is no evidence there is no case." She did give a grin. "We do have those Phaze pistols right? great equalizer. ANd if I don't do what i know to do, then what good is the uniform, Might as well go private and make money working some Lawyer or Private Investigation Firm." Nodding. "I went through training to prove the Vulcans are not the only ones who can keep law out here ma'am."

Kayleigh had no love loss for the Vulcan's as well. They did have a big smug on their shoulders, thinking they were superior to others, because of their logic. But there was so much they were not able to see. She always felt that logic handicapped a person. She was curious how a race like the Vulcan's could repress all emotions. Why would they want to do that? In her eyes, that was no way to life.

"This is our chance to show the Vulcan's we are up to the task." Kayleigh said to her, sort of agreeing with her statement, but not coming flat out to say it.

"I believe our job in general is to prove humans belong among the stars." Tremane answered. "We are the new; if you excuse the parallel, the new Kids in this playground and need to let everyone know we can play in this Sandbox ma'am."

"That's a good analogy. But I would not suggest using it on the Vulcan's they may try to undermine the importance of what you are saying. I can see them saying we are children. But all know, the only way kids learn is to get out there and learn." Kayleigh suggested to Sophia. She was right about the Vulcans, even Kayleigh could see it.

"Oh I have a formal speech about how with the Mentor-ship we have been given, logically we must show that we are up to the task of reaching out to others and support in our part for the growing community among the stars."Tremane nod. "I can do it straight or with emotion depending on the audience."

Kayleigh saw this as a good opportunity to transition topics. "how long do you need to settle in?" Kayleigh asked, wanting to keep the meeting on task. She knew Captain Kidd would want to get under way as soon as possible, and that all the crew, would have to be ready to go.

"I took opportunity to put my more sensitive chemicals and gear in the lab, any personal adjustments can be made in route." She smiled. "Our job does not keep a schedules from my experience ma'am." Tremane nod to the Officer. "I am quite ready to go if you engaged the engines now and left port. Introductions and lab courtesies are learned and not dependent upon meetings but interactions." She reddened slightly. " I mean to say that working together will take care of any little bumps along the way."

"Sometimes you will find, keeping a schedule is the only way to keep a little peace of mind, in our line of work." Kayleigh pointed out to Sophia, with a big grin on her face.

"I will strive to work on that one as well ma'am." Tremane stifled a grin. "I will leave my schedule open for command to fill in."

Kayleigh could see her eagerness. She appreciated that. "While that is commendable Ensign. Remember to set your limits. Performance is key, if you push yourself to hard, productivity will be affected." Kayleigh pointed out, hoping that Sophia understood.

"It is waiting that I have trouble with; work has dwell times and predicted time scales that are very comforting and calming as it allows planning, purpose. It is without Purpose that I am less myself." She smiled. "I do need to get the lab arranged favorably; that is several days worth of busy work to occupy me ma'am."

Kayleigh started to review her file, and was starting to get to her qualifications. "How is your tactical bridge operations skills?" She asked, wondering if Sophia would need some training or if she was good to go.

"I have been known to hold my own, same as anyone who chooses our line of work and Investigations Cases are not as called upon as A person operating the Tactical Console." Tremane smiled. "I have been quite known to hit what I am told to aim at... enough to have held my own against 'The Guys' on my old commands." She admitted. "I have also been known to shoot well in the repel boarders scenarios Commander."

Kayleigh could imagine what she went through. A lot of people believed that firing the big guns were an all male sport. Which was sad, this is the 22nd century, but in today's society ladies had to be twice as good, to be seen as equals. From what Kayleigh heard, it sounded like Sophia had to prove herself. "I can imagine how frustrating it was, for you to get the reconigition you deserve. On this ship, you will get it. The boys will adapt. I have seen your stats, they are very impressive. And if any of the boys try to give you slack, I'll back ya. Especially since we hold the two highest scores on the ship." Kayleigh said with a big grin on her face.

"Thanks for that, I am more than to be second to the the Boss." She returned the smile. "As for the backing me with the boys, so long as they do not prank my lab I let the boys had their club and they allow my Girl time so we tend to get along." She winked.

"I like your spirit, but don't let them walk over you." Kayleigh said to her, wanting her to hear the seriousness of her tone.

"Trust me Ma'am, being a doormat is farthest from my mind." She smiled. Will there be anything else , I have to keep the boys from trying to play with my toys?"

"Your dismissed." Kayleigh said, having a good feeling about Sophia. Kayleigh had a good feeling she would be able to keep them on their toes, and on track.

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