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Posted on Tue Apr 11th, 2023 @ 4:09am by Lieutenant Siadra Molaur & Lieutenant JG Andrew Griffin
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Mission: The Hunt Begins
Location: Forensic Anthropogy Lab - Deck 11 - USS Artemis
Timeline: MD004 1400 hrs

It had been quite a while since Andy had been on a Starship. Let alone one set up like the Artemis.

During his two years on DS9 Griffin had only been on the Defiant three times. He had been on the runabouts plenty of times. But they were not the same. No a starship was a different thing altogether.

As he was not a duty yet. Andy decided to let his natural curiosity take hold and go exploring. He entered the Forensic Lab first and looked around.

From somewhere in the lab, a female voice can be heard. "All right you rascal, just where do you think you are going?" some rustling, the voice coming even closer. "Now stay right there, I am coming for you." a little bit of growl. A woman with spots on her forehead come stalking out, where Andy was at saying in triumph. "Aha I have found you, you can't get away from me this time!" she bent over to pick up an item off of the floor, she froze realizing that there was someone else in there.

Whoever this person was Andy instantly liked them. They reminded him of a colleague of his parents. Who worked with them on the Kelp farm back home in Great Yarmouth. They had a pet dog that loved the water. It was felt he was part Seal. The little mischief machine was always escape so he could take a dip in the North Sea.

“ Hello Lieutenant Andy Griffin I am new here. Was just having a look around.” Andy explained.

"Well welcome aboard, pleasure is mine."Siadra tucking the escaped small bobbin of thread into her pocket. "I'm Lieutenant Siadra Molaur." She held out her hand to shake his. "I'm right now, just fixing things up for me to be ready for when we start having samples and cases come rolling in." the brunette Trill replied.

“ This is forensic lab is fantastic… that a full spectrum microscope?” Andy said in awe.

"Yes it is." Siadra just beaming. "I had just gotten it unwrapped so to speak." she chuckled at her own joke. "but it is so pretty and the counters are lovely. So much room to do the research and analysis." she picked up a cloth and began polishing another piece of equiment. Walking over to the biosafety cabinet. "I am looking forward in putting these through their paces."

“ Amazing we never had anything like this on DS9. It was mostly the other end of Security. Theft , drunks , bar fights and the occasional fraud.” Andy said.

"Well here it will be digging deeply into the seedy, dark belly of the crime world thaht others don't realize that it exists. Then it pops up with an annoyingly non annoucement of 'Hey someone has died, what happened, who happened.' that sort of event." Siadra giving a slight twirl in place.

“ I have to admit I never actually dealt with a murder case. At the academy I helped to find the Gorn Ambassadors missing Gornling. The child had climb a tree and got stuck. No one could find him due to his natural colouring, blending in with the tress leaves. But I found him from a trail of scratch marks from his claws.” Andy said.

"Nicely done, that means you've got a good eye for details." Siadra exclaimed which may mean you are in the investigative team of the ship." she smiled, "If I am not mistaken that is. If I am mistaken let me know please."

Andy nodded.

“ Yes I am. Quite looking forward to our first case. What is the Artemis clean up rate? Are there any still open cases?” He asked.

Siadra looked around her lab, "With this ship being the first of its kind, I wouldn't know how to answer your question. This vessel is an experimental sort and what our endeavor here is to make certain we take care of cases in order to keep the citizens out there from having to deal with the dark side." Siadra responding.

Andrew considered this and rubbed his left ear in thought.

“ So we could literally go anywhere in Federation space. Even my home world of Earth. Great Yarmouth certainly has many dark areas even in this day and age sadly.” Andy said

"Yes, indeed we could very well go back to Earth and I agree with you, there are still dark areas out there. Even though StarFleet is trying to put out the Utopian vibe. And Earth, I loved being on Earth. Met some fine people there." Siadra responded.

“ There are good people in my home town. But you see the nature of most humanoids is split between good and evil. I once had a friend in university who was considered to be a shoe in for student president. There was another student who was also tipped to be one. Except at the last moment he pulled out after compromising photos of his girlfriend where found. My friend had hired someone to get her drunk and take the photos in shame the girl killed herself. When the truth came out my friend was charged with murder. He never became a JAG officer.” Griffin explained

"Good Heavens, that is awful!" Siadra exclaimed. "And sad about the loss of the girl as well. its never a good thing if someone were to do something like that ll in the name for being something that holds a person's fate in their hands. Whether it be to prove someone of being guilty or to find out what happened so that the ones who didn't have a voice can have someone to speak for them"

“ It a shame about her. She had a very beautiful singing voice I remember she once sang this old English song I vow to thee my country. It brought tears to most of the audience eyes. Ooh is that a sample analysis machine? It must cut investigation time by half?” Andy asked

Siadra watched as Griffin went from one spot to the next, his excitement reminded her of herself when looking at the equipment here. Almost like kids in a candy store. "You certainly are enjoying yourself here. And yes that will cut the investigation time most definitely."

Andrew went a little red faced. When he realised he had been acting like an excited puppy.

“ Sorry. It’s just on DS9 we never had anything like this. I have heard about these machines but never actually seen them. In past all we had was a an old Cardassian scanner and they did more harm then good.We had tricorders of course but they were not as good in an investigation. That is if we had any the Bajorans usually took over those.” Andy said.

"Well this certainly is a state of the arts laboratory. I am loving it, just so beautiful. I can scarcely wait to begin using these." Siadra giving a smile. "I am trying not to gush over what is here." almost giving a bit of a squeal." She did giggle though.

“ Yes there is indeed a lot of exciting goodies in here. Is the Artemis brand new only some of this equipment looks brand new?” Andy asked

"This ship from what I have found out is brandnew.I maybe mistaken but I feel this is a brand new ship with had been brand new equipment after the ship got a pounding from the Breen." Siadra answered. She moved towards her office to set up some images in frames, they were the images of the former hosts, before she got the symbiote.

“ I was stationed before on DS9 and the big question was what does the Breen look like under those helmets. There was a theory that they designed them like that to fool people into thinking they had snouts. When really they were almost human looking in appearance.” Andy said.

"Well now, there could be different species that share the name, as being all lumped together for privacy or security. Just saying. They are rather mysterious and not ones who want to broadcast who they are. So who knows, it is all speculation right? What I have heard is that when the Breen die they melt. And on the station, SB 50 they had an invasion of the Breen. The prisoners died that were captured melting to nothing but goo. Who knows what they truly look like." Siadra giving a slight shrug.

Andy nodded.

“ Well I have taken up enough of your time I must go. It was nice chatting with you.” Andy said

"Likewise, and welcome to the ship." Siadra responded as she watched the young lieutenant leave her lab.

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