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Medical Look Over

Posted on Mon Apr 10th, 2023 @ 2:06pm by Lieutenant Commander Viessa Kenobi & Lieutenant JG Andrew Griffin
Edited on on Mon Apr 10th, 2023 @ 9:18pm

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Mission: The Hunt Begins
Location: Sickbay - Deck 9 - USS Artemis
Timeline: MD004 - 0800 hours


Andy knew his next step was to visit sickbay. He was always a little wary of medical centres. They were bound to start looking into his parents suing Star-fleet medical. Even though his parents won and the red flag was withdrawn. The question still hung over his bio. How could a 12 week old premature baby. With only a 10% chance of survival live on to now be 30 years of age?

Looking around Sickbay Andy spoke with the first person he saw.

“ Excuse me I am new to the Artemis and am here for my physical.” He said.

Viessa turned around to see who was entering her sickbay. It was a tall gentleman in yellow and he came with a question. They always came with a questions, worries and whatnot. Guess that came with being the doctor, or so she thought. "Good morning, Lieutenant." Viessa smiled. "Please take a seat on the nearest bed and I'll be right with you."

Andy did as ordered. At least there was no security guards waiting to pounce. As he sat on the bio bed though he noticed some of the medical staff looking at him. He remembered at his last posting on his first day. How one of the medical staff bore a silly grudge against him. Due to his parents suing Starfleet medical. It turned out their grandfather had been the one who had red flagged him. When Starfleet Medical lost a scape goat was needed and they were it. He had argued with them that he was only six months old. He had no knowledge of what his parents were doing then. Luckly they were posted somewhere else after a month after his arrival. He hoped the Artemis medical staff would be more sensible.

Viessa shooed away the prying eyes of her staff, her glare reminding them that this was a medical bay and not an observation station watching non warp faring species. Moving towards him she pulled out her medical tricorder and gave him a quick once over with her eyes. "Do I have permission to scan you?" She asked.

“ Please go ahead.” Andy said

He wondered why the doctor should ask such a thing.

“ Doctor whatever happened between my parents and Starfleet medical. Happened when I was 6 months old. So it really has nothing to do with me. I won’t cause you any problems. You don’t have to be by the book with me.” Andy said.

"I ask everyone that comes in here if I have their permission." Viessa smiled. "Scans are invasive, they poke and prod at all parts of you. So, I ask permission as I have been around for a VERY long time and know more about Starfleet Medical procedures as I had a hand in writing them."

She began to scan Griffin.

"As to what happened between your parents and Starfleet Medical, I have no issues with that. I was not around Starfleet at that time and if Starfleet courts favoured what your parents case was then who am I to question." she moved lower for her scan. "Now, if you want to talk about it I am happy to listen. If not, then that is okay as well. Sounds like an interesting story for sure and that will make for a much more exciting medical scan." she half joked.

“Well. Could we sideline it? After all the medicals I have had I am quite sure no one thinks I am some kind of Argument out to take over the Federation and enslave the universe. Although I did get cross with a Cardassian Vole who stole my sandwiches .” Andy said.

"They are mischievous creatures, voles." Viessa chuckled. "As for your scan, I am picking up superior data than what I would normally pick up in a Human, but I am quite satisfied that you are not an evil augment with grand schemes to take over the quadrant with them." she smiled. "After all, I do remember a Doctor Julian Bashier of DS9 having similar DNA and him becoming quite important to the war effort back in the 70's." she looked at him with understanding. "People fear the past, the Eugenics Wars caused a lot of that... but it was over 400 years. I like to think we've evolved passed that. I know I am not one for painting someone with a large brush when I know you are what your environment, what your people make you."

Suddenly Andy felt a little sick.

“ You’re picking up Superior Data? But how can that be? The doctors report at the hospital where I was born. Stated I pulled through on my own. They never reported doing anything to assist me living past three days. Doctor this could have bad ramifications on my family. You know how Starfleet Medical never forgets the ones who sued them.” He said alarmed.

"There isn't any need to worry. This would have been picked up by anyone doing a medical scan of you. Most see it as a few extra genetic markers, elevated hormone production levels etc, and move on. They chalk it up to you just being a higher than average Human who's potentially evolved a bit better than others." Viessa closed her scanner.

"I have been a Doctor for over 300 years and have seen Human DNA grow and change... I know what I'm looking at. I see the subtle differences." Viessa explained. "All Starfleet Medical will get from me is that you are fit for duty as you were on your last posting and nothing will flag up or cause any harm." she reassured him.

“ Thanks Doctor it’s a weight off my mind. The last thing I need just as I am starting a new posting. Is Starfleet Medical coming here all stern faced and pulling me off to some secret location for tests.” Andy said

"Ah I wouldn't let them!" Viessa raised a finger and wagged it sternly in the air. "I know a lot of loopholes about Starfleet Medical even the current Director doesn't." she grinned. "And anyway..." she waved her last comment away. "I am happy to put you at ease, Lieutenant. Your time here should be free from outside influence. Just to be able to focus on what your wants and needs are, and the job you have been assigned here to do. I imagine you'll fit in just fine here."

“I hope you're right Doctor. So how does things look do I need to gain or lose weight? I have skipped a few lunches of late. But that was not due to no appetite believe me.” Andy replied.

"I am rarely wrong." Viessa half joked. "As to you within yourself, you are fine. Weight is within the norm for your size, species and gender. You are fit for duty in every sense."

“That’s a relief thanks. So I can go now?” Andy asked.

"Of course." Viessa stepped back to let him rise from the bed. She smiled at him as they bid their goodbyes and Lt. Griffin left.

A Joint Post By

Lieutenant Viessa Kenobi
Chief Medical Officer/Medical Examiner, USS Artemis
Starfleet Criminal Investigations Unit

Lieutenant Junior Grade Andrew Griffin
Criminal Investigations Officer, USS Artemis
Starfleet Criminal Investigations Unit


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