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Powder Keg or Wrong Path

Posted on Sun May 14th, 2023 @ 10:18pm by Lieutenant Commander Faith Benson & Lieutenant JG Andrew Griffin
Edited on on Sun May 14th, 2023 @ 10:47pm

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Mission: The Sins of History
Location: Security Office - Deck 10 - USS Artemis
Timeline: MD001 1000 hrs


Andy knew they had a potential powder keg by the knitted socks. But he was not sure of their discovery. Would the Captain accept what they had found? Or spit it out like a cat being giving a pill it did not like.

He remembered that his department head was also the second officer. Perhaps Andy should run this past them first?

“ Can I have a word please?” Andrew asked

Faith gave a glance up, though it wasn't exactly at any reports. It was more just in thought. "Griffin, what can I do for you?"

Andy held on to the file.

“ As you know the Captain assigned myself and Lieutenant Sorine to go through all the crime files for the last six months. That Holmes had an interest in to give us a clue why he wishes to see us. The thing is we have found something. But I am not sure if it is relevant or as my Great Grandfather used to say a red herring.Could you take a look please?” Andy asked.

"Alright, I see. Well yeah I can look at it. I mean sometimes things need fresh perspectives." Faith made a face a moment, "Did you say Holmes?"

" Yes the minister who contacted the Captain but would not give details over the comm. From what we have learnt he really does have something to be cautious over." Andy said

"Okay, Sorry, I was just thinking of something else. So, hiding things. Well we need more than a guess."

" Over the past few months a few Bajorans have gone missing. None of them where connected in any way except they where all in the same forced labour camp. Porchet run by one of the most brutal Cardassians ever known. Gul Vancet. This guy made Gul Dukat look like a fluffy puppy." Andrew said

Faith leaned back a little. "That's the first lead right there. You even pointed it out. Regardless of if you noticed or not. The same forced labor camp. They are all connected and that's where to start."

“ There is one other thing….according to reports Gul Vancet died during the Dominion siege of Cardassia. But the death certificate was signed by Gul Dukat. Which is odd because at the time he was reportedly going around disguised as a Bajoran on Bajor. Plotting with the Kai to set the Par Wraiths free.” Andy said

"I remember that, yeah. So follow up on those documents and with other officials ones. Even ones that have been proved to be fake. The computer should be able to extrapolate records being real or not."

“ So should I show this to the Captain yet?” Andy asked.

"Run those first and see what comes up. I'm sure the Captain would rather the leg work done first, before being given something uncomplete or viable."

Andrew nodded.” Yes of course.”

Faith gave a light smile with a nod. "Let me know when you get the results."

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Lieutenant Junior Grade Andrew Griffin
Criminal Investigations Officer, USS Artemis
Starfleet Criminal Investigations Unit

Lieutenant Faith Benson
Chief Security/Tactical Officer, USS Artemis
Second Officer, USS Artemis
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